Published in the public Interest.


On Monday August 23 1999 I supplied substantial evidence of the use of perjury, fraud, and actions to pervert the course of justice to Houghton-le-Spring Police for the use of the acting Detective Inspector who is leading the investigations into my allegations. All of the evidence, which was fully listed, was duly signed for by the officer who took receipt of it. Also contained in the pack was a letter to the Detective Inspector requesting that in the light of the evidence of which I have supplied to him, I now expect some early arrests to be made. I  also included in my letter to the Inspector, the date of when ulawful proceedings took place at Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court in 1986. The Inspector had earlier said he would start his investigation from that time. I was concerned though when I telephoned him two weeks ago to learn that he had not been able to find the date of those proceedings. Had he contacted me sometime after June 30, when we had our meeting, with my solicitor in attendance, I would have been able to supply that information to him which would have allowed his investigations to have proceeded further than they are at the present time. On information which I have just received, I do believe that there is now a case for possible high treason against at least one of the persons who has acted corruptly. I briefly discussed that with the Inspector.

My appeal at the Durham Crown Court for alleged harassment of my civil opponent has been taken out of the listing. The Crown Prosecution Service had applied for that after they said some of their witnesses could not appear on that day. It seems that the court say they had previously been made aware of that but had made an error when the case came up for listing? I will be happy to see the prosecution witnesses again because there is now more considerable evidence available to show that they do require a more thorough cross examination than barrister Harle subjected them to at Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court last November. I saw Mr Harle two weeks ago at Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court. When he saw me he did a very hasty retreat down the corridor. I  am now aware of why he may have done that. In time, all will be made public.

I further supplied other evidence to the police last Monday to support my allegations that the Durham County Court has been acting corruptly since as early as 1992. Copies of all of  the evidence which I have supplied to police has of necessity been forwarded on to others for safekeeping. In the event that anything  untoward should happen to me, others are instructed to use that evidence of which I have supplied to them. In due course, all of that evidence will also be published in the public interest.

The Legal Services Ombudsman has now agreed to investigate my complainst that had been submitted to the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors. I now have little doubt that the OFTSOS is infested with Freemasonry. The Law Society too have acted in a manner which leads me also to believe they too are infested with Freemasonry.

I continue to assist William in the publishing of facts to several World Usenet Groups. I do not fear the truth despite receiving a very hostile reception  sometimes accompanied with implied threats from Freemasons who trawl those Newsgroups. The one person who was very close to me eventually gave in to them and opted for the old saying, "if you cannot beat them then join them". I have now got over that and the lessons learned from it could never have been learned by me in any other way. Freemasonry remains as one of the worlds most evil organisations. Maybe God will  eventually allow that person, once close to me, to see that when joining with evil forces, you become part of it. Once you become part of evil, release from it is made very difficult. The devil is a cunning master and does not respect his advocates once they have served their purpose. If God allows me to complete the book that I am writing,  I hope to pass on the lessons that I have learned to others. I have learned those in the hardest way possible and it is because of this, that I believe that I can and do now help others more effectively.

I take this opportunity to give my very sincere thanks to all of those in places worldwide who have and continue to support and help me. To the Christian organisations who have given me spiritual  and other help I give praise because I now know that the boundaries of "true" Christianity are worldwide and no ocean can ever divide them. To my dear Christian friend in London who first showed me the way to Christ, and still shows me other learning paths, I give the biggest praise of all. I truly thank God for the priveledge of meeting that person without whom I may well have crumbled under the pressure of which I  am and have been subject.


In November of 1998 I was charged under the new laws relative to harassment. The complainant to police in this matter was my civil court opponent Miss Shirley Carr, a National Insurance Inspector. Carr claimed during the civil court proceedings that she was in full time employment with the National Contributions Agency. Despite this claim, Carr had been spend