Message to the liars of the American Masonic information web site who monitor this site and then publish bent versions of the facts exposed on it. You are proved to be sick, beetle brained members of society. However you are proved to be good masons by carrying out such evil despicable acts so common with many masons worldwide. You will not inherit the earth but surely an eternal hell which is the price of your evil.

Monday 16th July 2001. (just in today)

The Webmaster of this site is both a member, supporter and contributer to the online community.

Message starts:

From the on line community human-rights org/ for Immediate Release:  

MPs are being asked to introduce a motion into the next session of Parliament to impeach Mrs Justice Rafferty. 

The following letter is being sent to a number of MPs & a similar letter to selected peers & MEPs. The initial list of MPs & peers being approached is attached to the letter.  EU Parliamentarians are also being asked to start hearings into UK human rights violations by the judiciary & Lord Chancellor Irvine.

The letter also accuses Lord Irvine of blocking Police investigations into the judiciary & says of his appointment by Mr Blair as the Government's human rights supremo, that "seems incongruous to us, a bit like appointing Goering to be in charge of a synagogue."


From: William Spring  83 Black Boy Lane London N15 AP           Tel: 02088022144

media chair on line community human-rights org  (founder president Andrew Yiannides) see

To .....................................MP

 House of Commons          London SW1

 16th July 2001

 Dear .....................

 This is an initial letter being sent to a number of MPs & some peers. Unfortunately resources do not permit at the moment circulating all MPs.

We ask though that this letter be posted on the House of Commons notice board, &  the facts related in it communicated among members of both Houses of Parliament.

We are sending a similar letter to selected EU Parliamentarians, asking that hearings commence at Strasbourg into continued violations of human rights by the UK judiciary, & Lord Chancellor Irvine.

The Lord Chancellor, who as an unelected politician,  owes his position entirely to his personal friendship with the Prime Minister, & has no mandate whatsoever to interfere with established constitutional & legal protections afforded to the public has (inter alia)

1. abolished the right of appeal from the High Court to Court of Appeal,

2. raised the price of issuing writs to £500,

3. effectively abolished legal aid,

4. failed to introduce an independent complaints system versus lawyers

5. is thinking of abolishing juries & double jeopardy

6. endorses a system of secret briefings to judges, in cases involving litigants in person, (an increasing work load in the Courts, owing to the cuts in legal aid), and has generally rendered justice inaccessible to the ordinary person, having failed to deliver on a New Labour promise made to us in a letter from Mr Paul Boateng, dated 3rd July 1995, in which he pledged that a future Labour Government would eliminate fraud, waste, delay, & excessive costs within the legal system & refer every aspect of the operations of the legal profession to the Monopolies & MergersCommission.

In addition,

7. contrary to the Police Act,1964, section 53, the Lord Chancellor protects the judiciary from Police investigation, requiring the Police to obtain prior approval from his Department before the judiciary are investigated for any alleged criminal offence.

We have heard too how Lord Irvine is now boasting that he has been put in charge of human rights by the Prime Minister, which seems incongruous to us, a bit like appointing Goering to be in charge of a synagogue.

Generally the judiciary ignore the Human Rights Convention, notwithstanding the enactment of the Human Rights Act (HRA). Its enactment seems some sort of hoax on the public, as article 13, which provides for the Government to establish an effective remedy to human rights violations before a national authority, was omitted from the Convention's incorporation into English law.  Thus there is no redress in the event of executive malpractice & we still have to go to Strasbourg.

A specific concern we have is that one judge, a Mrs Justice Rafferty has effectively removed the protection supposedly afforded to UK citizens by Article Two of the Strasbourg Convention, which guarantees a  right to life. In a recent case she prevented a charge of murder going to a jury in a case involving some Police officers who had entered a house in Hastings & shot dead an unarmed man in the middle of the night. Subsequently she ruled that there was absolutely no misconduct on the part of the Sussex Police.

Responding to public concern the Home Secretary, rightly in our view, pressed for & obtained the early retirement of  Chief Constable Paul Whitehouse of the Sussex Force.

Although we welcome this, as a necessary measure,  in a sense Mr Blunkett too had the wrong target, as the Chief Constable had a point in defending his decision to promote some of the officers involved, in that he could say they had been found not guilty of any criminal charge or misconduct. Thus, the real offence to public morality was committed by Mrs Justice Rafferty in allowing the officers to walk free.

Would she have done the same if it had been an ordinary member of the public who had burst into someone's house & shot a sleeping man dead?

As you know Crown Prosecution Service decisions on prosecution are made on the basis of previous precedents. The Rafferty decision means that the CPS are unlikely in future to prosecute Police involved in fatal shooting incidents. This the public is left without protection & effectively at the mercy of overzealous & /or incompetent police officers,  or even Government death squads, as thanks to Mr Justice Rafferty the security forces now have a license to kill.

Even before Mrs Justice Rafferty's decision there were many other incidents involving the unjustified lethal use of firearms by the Police & security forces, including the shooting of an unarmed man in Hackney, for walking down the road with a chair leg. Nothing has been done about that either.

Then last week a mentally disordered person got shot dead in Liverpool after his mother called the Police.

In addition the judges recently made a decision to indemnify Police drivers who knock over & kill private citizens, when they are speeding in a motor vehicle on their way to an incident. In the view of the judges people just have to get out the way, (not so easy, if you are deaf, or blind or otherwise disabled).

Members of the on line human rights org believe the judges are out of control. The actual decisions of judges are not indictable in the Courts, but judges who make perverse judgements contrary to the public good & the principles of Christian morality can be impeached in the Houses of Parliament. We ask you therefore to support a motion to impeach Mrs Justice Rafferty. Her decision to allow killers to walk free, simply because they are Police, has resulted in a loss of confidence in the administration of justice in the UK.  It needs examination & studied rebuke by Parliament.

Yours sincerely

William Spring

copies to Austen Mitchell MP, Ann Cryer MP, William Hague MP, Lord Alton, Alice Mahon MP, Simon Hughes MP, John Cryer MP, Kerry Pollard MP, Tim Collins MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, George Galloway MP, Lord Longford, Michael Ancram MP, Michael Portillo MP, Master of the Rolls, Lord Irvine, Tam Dalyell MP, Caroline Lucas MEP, Jean Lambert MEP, Liana  Kanelli  MEP, Tony Benn      et al

Saturday 7th July 2001.

Dr. Adoko (Just in)

ED: There follow's a report about a High Court action commenced by Dr Adoko. Dr Adoko was a former Secretary of the Law Society in Uganda. I spoke with him last year and I know him to be a man who follows his conscience. I wish him every success with his purpose which is long overdue in the UK. If we had more barristers like him, then Britain would be much the better for it.


The first, of the many public trials of the "Most Corrupt British Judges" a book by Dr. A Adoko, a barrister and a Papal Knight of St. Gregory the Great, will take place in the High Court on 02/08/2001. It is case number HQ 0100743

The book accuses 8 judges of the offences of perverting the course of justice. The 8 judges are former Chief Justice Bingham, Justice Morrison, Mr. Justice Wright, Mr. Justice Kay, Judge Mitchell, Chairman Donnelly and Chairman Booth. It also accuses the Law Society and the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal of the worst form of fraud.

Before instituting in the High Court, a number of cases based on the content of the book, Dr. Adoko made a formal complaint to both the Lord Chancellor and the Commissioner of Metropolitan Police. He demanded necessary investigations of his accusations.

Besides, he implored the authorities, in case any of his accusation is found to be false, to prosecute him for contempt of court by publishing a book that scandalises the administration of justice. Further, in order to make it easy to prosecute him, he swore an affidavit, which he lodged in court stating that his accusations are true. He accordingly begged the authorities to prosecute him for perjury! . He argued that since Lord Archer and Jonathan Atkin and Oscar Wilde have been prosecuted for perjury for allegations, which compared to his are mere peccadillo, it follows that he could not be allowed to escape scot-free.

The Lord Chancellor at first accepted to carry out the necessary investigations. But when Dr. Adoko laid down the requirements of the rule of natural justice that should govern the enquiry, the Lord Chancellor refused investigations! Nor did he accept the offer to prosecute Dr. Adoko for scandalising justice! Yet a person like Mr. Geoffrey Scriven was prosecuted for scandalising justice because he complained against a judge!

On his part, the Commissioner of Police appointed a senior officer to investigate the complaints. Months passed without investigation being commenced. Dr. Adoko was thus obliged to withdraw his demand for

investigation. He instituted a number of claims in the High Court against the public officials concerned. The officials resorted by sustained efforts to prevent a public hearing and above all, to prevent a jury trial!. But Dr. Adoko who holds that, apart from some corrupt judges, the English system of justice is the best in the world, believes that the system will ultimately weed out the corrupt judges from the bench. For over 10 years he has fought the battle. And the battle continues unabated.

Certainly, the surreptitious response of the judges to the book by Dr. Adoko is a cause for concern. None of them dared bring a libel case against Dr. Adoko! Yet, the papers had reported that the Lord Chancellor had promised judges legal aid for libel! . None of them dared demand a criminal prosecution to be brought against Dr. Adoko. Instead they resorted to sabotage the sale and publicity of the book by secret means!

They secretly threatened DIRCON Internet server with a libel suit if it did not disconnect Dr. Adoko's Internet cite! It was promptly disconnected. They also threatened Bookware House in Holborn, London, with a libel suit if it continued to sell Dr. Adoko's books! It was obliged to discontinue the sale. Yet, the books were sold out.

The case against the Law Society and the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, which is to be, heard in the High Court on Thursday, 02/08/2001 is published in Chapters 2 to 7 and in Chapter 17 of the book, the Most Corrupt British Judges.

The Environmental Law Centre, which represented Dr. Adoko in his complaint to the Lord Chancellor, invites all, in public interest, to attend the hearing of the case. The court is the fountain of justice. We have a duty to ensure that is not muddied. .

Monday 25th June 2001.

I have been contacted by author and publisher Noel O'Gara who has written the book " The Real Yorkshire Ripper". Noel has a web site at

I would suggest that everyone who has Internet access should visit Noel's web site. He says that Peter Sutcliffe was responsible for only four out of the thirteen murders. The man who murdered the rest is still at large but police just donít want to know about it. According to Noel, police knew that two men were involved in the murders. Sutcliffe has blood group O. The Ripper was known to have blood group B. Noel writes that a man by the name of Billy Tracey fits what he calls "the frame" for the real Ripper. He goes on to write that a small group of bent policemen stitched Sutcliffe up. Noel has conducted an 18 year battle against the intransigence of the police all of whom have resigned. I can associate with Noel in these matters. The UK has many bent policemen. I have named some on this web site. A number have since retired. The Chief Constable of North Yorkshire, Mr. Kenworthy, is shown by evidence to be guilty of the crime of misconduct in public office. He is guilty of gross dereliction of duty. A letter I wrote to him in April of this years containing a number of questions still remains without reply. He had previously been supplied with my Statement of Truth detailing crimes committed in the North Yorkshire Police Authority Area. He has failed to act on that information. Is Kenworthy a mason? Circumstances suggest that he is. His failure to act on crime bears all of the hallmarks of Freemasonry. Kenworthy is not above the law and in time he will come to realise that.

Noel says that he has visited this web site and has given me some encouragement and constructive criticism about the layout of it. I know that my web site does need a lot of reconstruction work and if time will allow it, I will be making some changes.

March 10, 2001

My Alleged Harassment of National Insurance Inspector Miss Shirley Carr.

In my conviction for alleged harassment of my civil law opponent Miss Shirley Carr, I was alleged to have approached and threatened her in the Sunderland County Court following a hearing before judge Helen Palin. I had asked for a security guard who was present in the court on that day to be called to give evidence at my trial. My request for this was ignored by my then solicitor Mr A.N. Jackson, a mason, who told me that he belonged to what he called a Judicial Lodge, of Malcolm Smith & Co of Hartlepool, County Cleveland and Horden, County Durham. Indisputable evidence is now in my hands that the security guard had in fact been traced and questioned by Northumbria Police. He told them that his recollection was that he had been asked by the court clerk to enter the court as a precaution but to his knowledge nothing of note occurred. The court clerk was also spoken to by Northumbria Police but was reluctant to become involved. Not only was Mr A.N. Jackson in receipt of the evidence of which I refer, but Senior Crown Prosecutor at Washington, Tyne-Wear, Mr M. Heads, was also in receipt of that evidence. Though it should have formed a very material part of my defence, it was obviously suppressed because I have only just became aware of that evidence within the past forty eight hours. Although solicitor Charles David Hughes did not represent me at the kangaroo Houghton-le-Spring Magistates Court in the matter of my alleged harassment of Carr, he has in fact been in receipt of the evidence for a very long time, but never made me aware of it. An application for leave to appeal my case to the House of Lords has now been lodged by barrister Mr Neil Addison. I have just informed him of the evidence now at hand to seek his opinion of it. In my application for leave to appeal the House of Lords is included the matter of an appeal court bench headed by judge Moir at Newcastle, refused to deny or declare any membership of Freemasonry. Barrister Mr Neil Addison had prior to that appeal informed the bench that I had taken part in the Nolan Enquiry into Freemasonry within the Police and Judiciary and had a web site detailing concerns about Freemasonry. Under Article 6.(1) of the European Convention of European Human Rights our courts are required to be impartial. Masons are being protected from the rights granted under Article 6.(1) of ECHR law of which we are all now subject. The British justice system is not only riddled with masons, but it is also a hotbed of organised corruption.

Had the evidence to which I refer been provided to the court during my trial, then it would have served to show that Carr had again lied in her attempts to cause me harm. No doubt due to me having published on this web site evidence that she had used material perjury during the civil litigation between us. Evidence was provided to Northumbria Police in August of 1999 to show not only her perjury, but that she was assisted in that by former Recorder John Fryer-Spedding. He fled the scene of his crime to pervert the course of justice when I reported his vile acts to former Lord Chancellor Mackay. Mackay, who I understand is also a mason, failed in his duty to act upon what I had reported to him. Northumbria Police, lead by its mason chief constable,  have failed in their duty to act upon that evidence. I made a formal complaint about the conduct of the Chief Constable and other police officers to Northumbria Police Authority at the Civic Centre Gateshead, Tyne-Wear. I lodged those complaints under Section 86 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984. Under the Act Northumbria Police Authority were required to have my complaints investigated by another police force. Instead, they informed me by letter that my allegations were to have been investigated by the Deputy Chief Constable of Northumbria. This is a clear breach of the Act under which I made my complaints. Can a Deputy Chief Constable really investigate his boss the Chief Constable?  In fact, now more than one and a half years on from my having supplied Northumbria Police with the evidence I refer to, I have never heard anything further from them relative to it. ACTING detective Inspector Steven Coxon of Northumbria Police was supposed to carry out an investigation into what I had alleged at an interview with him at the office of solicitor Charles David Hughes of 58 Frederick Street, City of Sunderland on June 30, 1999. Circumstances show he did not carry out an investigation, but had never intended to do that.

Other facts have also recently came to light helping to show the corruption of which I am subject, but for various reasons I cannot detail them at present. Trusted friends are however being kept updated regarding those facts.

Just In From North America (Reliable Source)

2nd December 2000

Below is the statement of a former employee Mr Jim Richardson of Northumbria Police. I had a long meeting with him this week. He has provided evidence to me of further corruption within Northumbria Police. He has provided me with a copy dossier which he originally supplied to M.P. Joyce Quinn. He has also copied it to others. Its very apparent that he received the same variety of 'cold shoulder' from Joyce Quinn to that which my local M.P. Fraser Kemp gave me. Fraser Kemp too was provided with a dossier of evidence proving corruption within the police and judiciary and others. If it was infected by a fatal disease he could not have dropped it any quicker. Mr Kemp was until quite recently what I referred to as the Kilroy TV programs 'resident M.P'. In a discussion with the program's producers I referred to him that way. They have said that they have visited this web site and that the material on it may be used as the basis for one of their programs. The proof will be in the eating as they say. Mr Kemp's main aim seems to be in keeping in the public eye. Its apparent he is aiming at attaining high office. His recent ten minute Private Members Bill regarding the honours system, which stands absolutely no chance of becoming law, is most probably just another of his publicity stunts. Watch out Mr Blair.

Returning to the matter of Jim Richardson, I publish his statement below because I have absolutely no doubt that the statements he makes in it are true. Evidence also backs up this fact. The dossier he has provided to me is very informative and bears some similarities to that which Northumbria  Police have carried out against me. Corrupt police will use any method to protect themselves. Jim's evidence is further proof of this. I hope to be publishing at least parts of his story within the coming weeks. Jim tells me that its now his intension to start a web site which will deal with the corruption carried out against him. I will give him every assistance in doing this. He has prepared a petition which is to be submitted to Northumbria Police. I have placed my signature on it. If I have a further price to pay for assisting Jim then so be it. Ultimately the highest price will be paid by those who practice corruption as a mean of gain.

If you have a story to tell of corruption within the police, judiciary and other authorities, backed up by at least some hard evidence, please do not hesitate in contacting me. I will not publish anything of it unless with prior consent.


15 Rectory Road East,

High Felling,


Tyne and Wear. NE1O 9DN

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN         16.10.2000


Looking back over the last few years has taught me a lot - being law-abiding, honest, truthful and forthright is not always advisable in today's world - many of today's 'professionals' (lawyers, doctors, politicians and police) prosper and survive because they choose to abandon many of these qualities. While many of our public servants act above and outside the law I find it difficult to completely condemn 'lesser mortals' (unemployed and under-privileged) who break our laws merely to survive. To many self-righteous 'professionals' the words "faith" and 'trust" hold no meaning, and are prepared to go through life unashamedly breaking and bending the rules for their own gain, not caring a damn who gets hurt. Those who learn their "lucrative trade" well (criminals and 'professionals') never get caught, and perhaps this is why our Courts stamp heavily on easiest prey, the motorist and any old lady who pleads she is unable to pay her Council taxes. We all depend on the honesty and integrity of our highly-paid police and lawyers but recent facts show they do not deserve our faith or trust, and it must be said perhaps many of our less well-off criminal fratemity (unemployed/under-privileged) are more deserving of our sympathy. These observations are a direct result of many years in the front-line combating crime (working as a civilian within Northumbria Police for 15 and a half long years) so I feel well qualified to criticize a judicial system which is failing us all - Blair releases all terrorists - Straw opens flood gates to asylum seekers - they abandon family values by encouraging homosexuality - and do nothing to stop under-age sex - and wise changes will never come about while we have an entire Government afraid of possible objections from 'professionals' and other 'mighty' lobbyists (Gay Community etc.) who fear the effect of change. In Dec.1993 Northumbria Police adopted a 'noncollecting policy' on Fine Default Warrants - allowing felons to get awav scot-free with their fines and their crimes and because I openly and public-spiritedly "blew-the-whistle" by Appealing to the Northumbria Police Authority on 30.11.94 I was subjected to ridicule, discipline and finally 'stitched-up" (the police using a known criminal to make a fabricated statement against me) for embarrassing those highly-paid officers who we trust to uphold our laws, expecting and depending on them to enforce the penalties and decisions made by our Courts. Our Courts are surviving on fines paid by non-criminal offenders (minor motoring offences etc.) who are unaware that criminal offenders are not being pursued and are getting away scot-free with their fines. Please can you explain Mr. Straw how such a 'non-collection of fines policy' (losing £100 millions precious revenue) can possibly stop or deter crime?

Even after retirement "blowing-the-whistle" is subject to The Official Secrets Act - and taking-up cases of detected and proven "crime within police ranks" with your local M.P. can be a very dangerous, stressful. and daunting task...... the first problem is getting your M.P. interested but getting her to act is an enorrnous and almost impossible task. It took great determination and fortitude to process a matter of a Newcastle Warrants OffIcer using cash collected from fines for his own use after seeing undeniable documentary evidence my M.P. (who later became a Home Office Minister) needed moral support so she decided to "pass the buck" and arranged a somewhat clandestine meeting (away from the Gateshead Civic Centre) with two highly-paid executive members (Mr. R.M. Kelly and Mr. F. Gannon) of the Northumbria Police Authority to see these same papers in her local Constituency Office..... this meeting took place on lOth January, 1996 and after many months of deadly silence - hearing nothing - I wrote to the Lord Chancellors Dept. on 6th March, 2000 and in turn Lord Derry Irvine "passed the buck" to the Police

Complaints Authority. By letter dated 12th May, 2000 the P.C.A. wrote "Before a complaint can be investigated the Chief Officer of the force must decide whether or not to record it. We have, therefore, referred your letter to the Chief Officer so that the necessary action can be taken. If the Chief Officer decides not to record the complaint this Authority has no power to overrule that decision or to pursue the matter on your behalf." In reply to my letter of 27th July the P.C.A. (letter Ref. D2000 101011 dated 31st July, 2000) responded thus 'Thank you for your letter dated 27th July, 2000. As you state that you had not heard from Northumbria Police, I telephoned their complaints department today to establish where things stand regarding your complaint and was informed that it has not been recorded. You will know from my previous correspondence to you that this Authority's statutory powers do not permit us to direct a force to record a complaint." Although I have not seen any letters written by M.P. Quin on this matter I did receive a copy letter (P.C.A. Ref. D2000 126 101011 dated 8 August 2000) indicating she had in fact wrote to the P.C.A. supporting my complaint. Clearly this "system" is useless/poweriess and needs some teeth - here we have a person acting in a public-spirited manner by bravely reporting a "crime within police ranks" (with supporting evidence) to his elected M. P, - then to the Lord Chancellors Dept. (as it involved falsifying accounts) - then to the Police Complaints Authority who say they are poweriess to act. I did act in a 'publlc-spirited manner' so why does M.P. Quin fear holding a meeting (request made by letter dated 16.5.00) - or has M.P. Quin good reason to be more fearful of a tape-recorder than a pistol or sabre?

It must be said - How can a Chief Constable throw out such a complaint when he does not know any details - the extent of the crime or the name of the person (who is still trusted and gainfully employed by the police - his colleagues and superiors are totally unaware of his crime) - and in true honesty I would have thought the Chief Constable should have been eternally grateful to be informed of this crime, and acted in a more responsible manner. Crime within police ranks, and other sinful deeds are not always stamped on or punished, degree of discipline depends on many factors - the seriousness of the crime - will disclosure embarrass the hierarchy - is the offender a 'favoured freemason' or a 'high profile officer who may be in possession of 'sensitive' information on others - will the offender "go quietly" or will he make waves etc. How many police officers have been clearly "caught~ut", then promoted and sent to another Station in an effort to keep rumour and idle speculation to a minimum? How many criminal deeds have been covered-up by demanding the resignation of the offending officer - the officer gets away scot-free, not taken to Court, not subjected to any form of ridicule, no visible stain on his character, and is rewarded with the usual huge lump sum and full massive pension rights. Many Officers do act above the law and the public no longer have faith or trust in them.

There are more serious matters (police altering and falsifying statements etc.) of which M.P. Quin is totally aware (but afraid to act) and wishes me to process through the P.C.A. - these matters are more damaging to our local police as they are again based on police own records - computer prints - transcripts - and proven false reports sent to M.P. Quin (then a Home Officer Minister) by a Police Supt. Area Commander (# recently sent to HQ. and promoted to Ch. Supt.) on 7.4.98 and 27.5.98. Naturally I expect and assume M.P. Quin now knows my reasons for not processing these "more serious matters" through the "useless/powerless" P.C.A. system and will now act in a more responsive and responsible manner. No matter how many doors are kicked down there are still many barriers to overcome, and during the twilight days of my life I have reluctantly been forced to become extremely wary, untrusting, and somewhat more vigilant to their devious ways to survive.

Any help, advice, or support would be deeply appreciated. Thanking you.

(Mr. Jim Richardson)

A new web site which is to publish yet more facts about corruption within UK authority can be found at    I was contacted by the lady who is managing the site and she clearly has a determination that the truth will be published about what was carried out against her by corrupt authority. Planning Officers seem to have been heavily involved. Planning Departments are generally riddled with masons. No need to wonder why. Its just another reason why there must be legislation to make it compulsory for all those employed in the public service to declare membership of Freemasonry or any Secret Society.


I have been hearing of further corruption within Northumbria Police Force. Names and details of what amounts to gross misconduct by those holding public office have been passed to me. I hope to be able to publish this information in due course or as soon as I am satisfied of the facts. This information has been passed to others so I am not privvy to it. I wish to pay tribute to the person who is now blowing the whistle on these matters. Conscience is obviously his master.


New Book

I have received information about the publication of a new book which I believe is titled "Viv And The Geordie Mafia". I only have vague details about the content of the book but I hope to be able to contact the author of shortly.


A new political party is in the course of establishing itself. Its called the Christian Peoples Alliance. It has a website at:  E-mail address is:  Telephone number is: 020 8408 9304  Fax: 020 8498 9305. The party, headed by Ram Gidoomal CBE, is already gathering momentum at a rapid speed. Its aims and principles can be found on the website given above. I urge all who value the true principles of democracy to visit it. Britain is currently in great need of this Party.

Ed: I am now a member of the CPA. and fully agree with its aims and principles. This party has to be a breath of fresh air in the otherwise stale, unhealthy, and corrupt air of the established british political scene. If you want Christian values to be introduced into british politics then this is the Party to support.

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