Published on all major  World Newsgroups on December 25 1999.

I, Maurice Kellett, of 16A The Lyons, Hetton-le-Hole, Tyne-Wear DH5 0HT, UK declare that the following statements I make are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

                                   THE LATEST STITCH UP  (December 21 1999)

The Principle Actors. A female Judge and two Magistrates. Names presently unknown.

Purpose of the Court: Seemingly the protection of Masonic Mafia Judiciary, policemen and their current principle weapon for use against me, Miss Shirley Carr.

Their principle weapon: My neighbour Miss Shirley Carr.

Her employment: National Insurance Inspector when not on her convenient flexi-hour arrangement. A matter of considerable concern to be fully dealt with later.

Carr's pastimes: Harassment, deception, fraud, conspiracy to defraud and perjury etc.

Place of Crimes: The Durham, Sunderland and Newcastle County Courts and at 16A The Lyons.

Evidence of Carr's crimes: Detailed at and other internet sites.

Material evidence of Carr's crime: Supplied to Messrs. LCJ Bingham, MOR. Woolf, LC Irvine, HS. Straw, PM Blair, LJs Auld and Pill, P. Leaver QC. MP F. Kemp and Northumbria Police.

Official action taken: None apparent save further deception and criminal acts of misconduct in public office presumed to be for the protection of Masonic Mafia corruption and sustaining their operations in defrauding litigants of cash and assets etc.

Carr's crimes protected by: Chief Constable of Northumbria and Mason Mr C. Strachan and senior mason officers assisting him. DJ Scott-Phillips, DJ Cuthbertson, DJ Jones, DDJ Baird, former Recorder John H. Fryer- Spedding (Fled the scene of his crimes), CJ. H. Palin, LJ Auld, Pill, LCJ Bingham, MOR. Woolf, LC Irvine. HS Straw. P.Leaver QC .

Assistants and parties to Carr's criminal activities: As above but including solicitor Alison Stott of Aykley Vale Chambers, Aykley Heads, Durham City. Official Receiver B. Inglis (Stockton on Tees)

Stott's criminal activities. Deception fraud and conspiracy to defraud.

Stott's partner in crime: Miss Shirley Carr.

Evidence of Stott's Crime: Detailed on

Material evidence of Stott and Carr's crimes: Supplied to Northumbria Police, and most of the authorities listed above.

Accessory to crime: Receiver B. Inglis ( Stockton Office) Party to conspiracy to defraud. Evidence supplied to him that my alleged bankruptcy had been obtained by fraud, perjury, conspiracy to defraud, High Treason of judges but primarily of former Recorder John H.  Fryer-Spedding who had been given the main job by the Masonic Mafia of engineering my alleged bankruptcy by the costs he awarded to Carr.

                                               A BIT OF DETAIL

On,December 21 1999 I was subject of another stitch up by members of the judiciary who I consider are not fit to hold any public office. I went before a judge and two magistrates on the matter of my appeal against alleged harassment of Shirley Carr. The matter was to have been heard at Durham Crown Court. When I arrived there I was told that the venue had changed to Newcastle Crown Court. I had not been told of the change. The Durham Crown Court said my solicitor should have informed me of the change. I had to make a twenty mile dash to Newcastle. If I did not have my own transport I would not have been able to get to Newcastle in time. A man attending on behalf of my solicitor had also gone to Durham Crown Court and he also had to make a dash Newcastle. Was it all by pure chance or deliberate intent? Judge for yourself from what follows.

Counsel acting for me informed the bench that I had contributed to the Nolan Enquiry into Freemasonry within the police and judiciary. He indicated that in the circumstances it was considered improper for any of the bench to hear the appeal if they were masons. The bench retired for around twenty minutes. They returned and said that they had decided  It was not relevant whether any of the bench were masons. The appeal was not successful but the stated case was and the matter is now subject of consideration for appeal. Under the Hoffman/Pinochet ruling, my case should not have been heard by any masons. This is another fine example of Godfather Irvine's recruits. There are reporting restrictions on the proceedings of December 21 but facts will be reported in due course provided something nasty does not happen to me in the meantime. With masons, you come to learn to expect anything.

                             ANOTHER MASONIC MAFIA SET UP?

Immediately after the above appeal hearing had concluded I was arrested by an official representing the Official Receiver. I had already smelled a rat when the venue for the appeal hearing had been suddenly changed from Durham Crown Court to Newcastle. A special out of hours court had been convened. Counsel for the Official receiver, B. Inglis read out a letter that I sent to Inglis where I said that even if I had the deeds to the property in which I reside, I would not hand them over. Judge Bullock asked me if I had written that letter and I agreed I had. Counsel said that I had failed to appear before the Durham County Court for a public examination of my alleged bankruptcy. The court had then issued a warrant for my arrest. I found that very ironic especially as criminal Mafia judges I name herein operating from the Durham County Court were party to the fraud used to engineer my alleged bankruptcy.

Counsel who had represented in the appeal spoke on my behalf. Judge Bullock said he had no legal standing. He had more legal standing than solicitor Stott who's criminal activities are detailed herein and of which are conveniently ignored bt the Mafia controlled courts. Mr Bullock said I could be sent to prison for contempt of court for failing to appear before the Durham county Court. At least he was right in that I am in contempt of that court. It is contempt which is fully justified. It was said that I had first failed to appear before DJ Scott-Phillips for a public examination. I told the court that I had made criminal allegations to Northumbria Police concerning not only DJ Phillips, but DDJ Baird, and Cuthbertson as well. I went on to say that if Northumbria Police had carried out the duty required of them I would not have been before that court. I also said that the Northumbria Police authority were acting improperly following my complaints about the Chief Constable and other officers under him. I told the court that DJ Scott-Phillips, Cuthbertson and DDJ Baird and others had been party to criminal acts to assist in the engineering of my alleged Bankruptcy. I said that the trial before recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding had been unlawful and that he was held to be in contempt of the Supreme Court following the actions he had carried out against me. I agreed to pay a visit to the Office of the Official Receiver. I have a lot to say to him and I also want some answers from him. Failing agreeing to that visit I would have been sent to prison. Mr Bullock warned that if I did not attend that office I could be sent to prison for up to two years.

This is all part and parcel of the workings of the Masonic Mafia now gripping our judiciary and police. It was very clear then why they had suddenly changed the venue for my appeal hearing. The matter regarding this is far from concluded. I had been unlawfully arrested .

The Masonic Mafia are so sure of themselves because they know they control the judiciary. Being accessory to crime is like water off a ducks back to them. Official Receiver Inglis is party to crime by ignoring the evidence that shows my alleged bankruptcy had been obtained by fraud etc. Under a ruling made by the late Lord Denning, no order of a court can stand if fraud had been used to obtain it. Inglis was made aware by me of that ruling but clearly has decided to ignore it. He now stands in no mans land. I had been told that the Board of Trade under which the Official Receiver operates, is a hotbed of corruption. Now I also know that statement is true as well.


Profession: Former recorder sitting at the Newcastle County Court.

Activities: Criminal of the first order.

Employer and Protector: LC Irvine, residing in public owned accommodation in London, decorated at massive public cost. MOR Woolf, LCG Bingham, LJs Auld and Pill, Northumbria Police, and others.

Willingness of Irvine to declare or deny membership of Freemasonry: NO

Attributes: A keen eye for fine art especially when its on loan to him from the British Art Gallery.

Possible medical ailments: An apparent problem with a blind eye which seems to have a habit of facing the wrong way at the right time. Little is known about the other eye.

Bad habits: Seemingly an apparent ignorance of what justice is all about.

Social pastimes: Maybe a mason as he seems determined that their secrecy will be preserved at all costs. Maybe like his predecessor Mackay, he also plays golf?


Occupation: Until October 1996 sitting as a recorder at the Newcastle County Court.

Other activities: Criminal.

Details of criminal activities: Perversion of the course of justice, fraud, conspiracy to defraud, accessory to perjury, high treason, contempt of the Supreme Court etc.

Evidence of his criminal activities: Detailed on web pages at

Material evidence of Spedding's crimes supplied to: Northumbria Police, MOR Woolf, LCJ Bingham, LC Irvine, HS Straw, LJ Auld, Pill, P Leaver QC and others.

Action taken by the above authorities: None save a clear determination to try to allow Spedding to avoid prosecution amounting to further criminal acts of misconduct in public office by those responsible.

Failure to carry out the duty required of them and take action on the evidence provided to them of Spedding's criminal acts also makes them criminals.

Possible reasons for failure of the authorities to act: Membership of the Masonic Mafia or deriving benefits from it?

                              INTRODUCING ACTOR CARR

Special qualities: Ability to use liberal amounts of perjury when the situation requires it. A master in the art of deception. Partner in fraud and conspiracy to defraud with solicitor Alison Stott. Has demonstrated her ability to tape record discussions between my wife and I while we sat in our kitchen. Has demonstrated her ability to tender doctored tape recordings for use in evidence to screw me.

Place where perjury was used: Durham and Newcastle County Courts.

Protectors: Northumbria Police, Durham and Newcastle County Courts.Judicial Masonic Mafia.

Place where details of Carr's perjury etc can be found: Here and at

Those to whom material evidence of Carr's and Stotts criminal activities has been sent: Former Solictors Complaints Bureau. Office for The Supervision of Solicitors. Peter Leaver QC, HS Straw, LCJ Bingham, LC Irvine, MOR Woolf, LJ,s Auld and Pill, Legal Services Ombudsman , MP F. Kemp. DJs Cuthbertson, Jones, and Scott-Phillips.

Action taken by these authorities: None save using further Masonic Mafia tactics against me.

                                         FURTHER DETAILS

My accuser of alleged harassment was Miss Shirley Carr. Carr and I have been engaged in civil litigation since 1994. Criminal judge, former recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding allowed Carr to use very material perjury in the proceedings between us. He even warned me not to highlight that fact when I was carrying out a cross examination of Carr.He said I would not gain by doing that. Spedding also lied and allowed three cases, where I was the plaintiff in two of them, to be tried as a consolidated action. At the time there was an order in force refusing such consolidation. Spedding was thus in contempt of Supreme Court rules besides being guilty of High Treason by reason of breach of his judicial oath and of his further vile acts detailed on my web pages at Under Supreme Court rules Spedding was not allowed to try the cases that way unless he had sight of a consolidation order. Spedding openly agreed that he was depriving me of my rights. His statement confirming this is included in his approved transcript of judgment published on my web pages at


                                 Principle actors, LJs Auld and Pill.

Professions: Seemingly an apparent preservation of Injustice and protection of Judicial Mafia operations.

Willingness to declare or deny membership of Freemasonry; NO

Partial to proceedings before them?: Facts tend to show they were partial, therefore breaching my rights underArticle 6.1 of ECHR.

Outcome of their action: Refusal to allow my appeal against the judgment of recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding thereby actively assisting a criminal to escape prosecution. Stated fact giving reason for above: LJ Auld was aware I had contributed to the Nolan Enquiry into Freemasonry within the Police and Judiciary. A lot of his summing up concerned Masonic matters.

Willingness of Auld and Pill to declare or deny membership of Freemasonry: NO

                                                MORE DETAIL

Spedding's criminal acts were upheld by LJs Auld and Pill sitting at the London Court of Appeal on June 6 1997. They refused me leave to appeal Spedding's corrupt judgment. They had been supplied with very material evidence of my allegations against Spedding. The evidence included video film showing just how far Spedding was to go to pervert the course of justice. Auld and Pill also denied me the right to the normal allowed time to deliver my case to them. They were both made aware that Spedding was in contempt of the Supreme Court by trying three actions as if consolidated when at that time there was an order in force refusing that consolidation. Again, I consider they were another fine example of Irvine's army. Justice delayed is justice denied as DJ Scott-Phillips told me.Auld and Pill have denied me justice despite the very material evidence produced to them of Spedding's criminal activities. By failing in the duty required of them to act on that evidence, Auld and Pill are regarded as been accessories after the fact and in these circumstances are shown to be guilty of the crime of misconduct in public office.


                         The Actors. Irvine, Woolf, Bingham and Straw.

Subject: Master of The Rolls, Lord Woolf.

Professions: Apparent self Interests and the preservation of power to the exclusion of justice for others.

Willingness to declare or deny membership of Freemasonry: NO

Special qualities: Master of the London Appeal Court "Secret Briefings" used against all litigants in person appearing there. Particularly good at breaching Article 6.1 of ECHR. Seemingly good at ensuring the preservation of Masonic secrecy. Despite making a ruling in my case regarding Freemasonry, fails to admit or deny that he is a mason. Is therefore considered as partial to his own ruling. Party to the ruling on November 17 1999; "litigants right to impartial tribunals is fundamental". Maybe he does not know what hypocrisy means? But ignorance of it is said to be no defence to the law.

2. Subject: Lord Chief Justice Bingham;

Apparent qualities: Seemingly good at ensuring the preservation of Masonic secrecy. Also party to a ruling in my case regarding Freemasonry. Also party to the November 17 1999 ruling, "litigants right to impartial tribunals is fundamental". Excludes Freemasonry from this ruling. Could be that he too might not know what hypocrisy means?

Willingness to declare or deny membership of Freemasonry: NO

3. Subject: Lord Chancellor Irvine:

Apparent qualities: A keen eye for extremely expensive décor and wallpaper, especially when the general public have to foot the bill for it. Seemingly an apparent problem at times in knowing what justice is all about. Party to the lie that the judiciary are impartial to  national government. He is an un-elected politician and sits on PM Blairs Cabinet. Has a special department dealing only with matters that concern Freemasonry.

Willingness to admit or deny membership of Freemasonry: NO.

4. Subject: Home Secretary Straw.

Apparent qualities: Seemingly, as in common with others listed above, a problem with a blind eye which seems to have a mind of its own especially when matters of Masonic Mafia operations and corrupt judges are detailed to him. Fails to take effective action against the  Masonic Mafia pollution of the police and justice systems.

                                                MORE DETAIL

Auld and Pill's refusal to allow my appeal against the judgment of criminal judge Spedding was also a good example of the tyranny exercised by judges against those who will not accept the judgment of their corrupt fellow judges, especially when they are masons. Spedding's criminal acts are being protected by LC Irvine, MOR Woolf, and LCJ Bingham. They too, by failing in their duty to act when evidence of criminal judges activities is supplied to them, automatically become guilty of the crime of misconduct in public office. Their failure to act on receipt of evidence of corrupt judges amounts to being accessory to criminal acts by failing to carry out their public duty. I also supplied Home Secretary Straw with the same evidence that I had supplied to Woolf, Irvine, and Bingham but he too sat on his butt and failed to act on it. I wonder, could he be yet another mason? It seems very likely that he is. How does one obtain justice from a judicial system which is being shown day after day to be rotten to the core and heavily influenced or controlled by that creeping vile cancer called Freemasonry? I now know that we have exported our vile system of justice to both New Zealand and Canada. Concerns are now being expressed in both of those countries at the involvement of the Masonic Mafia within their judicial systems as well. Australia has taken action to rid itself of the British system of justice. They had came to see it for what it really is.

                                     ENTER MASON MACKAY

Profession: Former Lord Chancellor.

Qualities: Seemingly to have been a former protector of Masonic Mafia involvement both within the courts and legal aid system.

Reasons for stated qualities: He was supplied by me with evidence to show that the Northern Area Legal Aid Board was corrupt. He wrongly referred me to the Parliamentary Commissioner. Details of some of recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding's criminal acts were sent to him. He again failed to act on receipt of it and allowed Spedding to flee from the scene of his crimes almost immediately after having committed them.Its considered by failure to act he is guilty of the crime of misconduct in public office.

                                    THE FLEEING OF SPEDDING

Criminal former recorder John H Fryer-Spedding fled the Newcastle County Court almost immediately he had carried out his criminal work against me. I had reported some if his vile acts to then Lord Chancellor Mackay, who I am now aware is another mason. My cases were the last Spedding heard acting as a criminal judge. He went into sudden retirement at around the same time as I reported his criminal acts to Mackay. The Newcastle County Court told me they were having difficulty contacting him.


Address of the Board: Eagle Star House, Fenkle Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Masonic Mafia involvement: Most certainly YES.

Reason for the above answer: detailed below.


In 1994 Nancy Bone Solicitors made an application for legal aid on my behalf. The application was for help in obtaining an injunction to prevent Carr from draining the rear of her property onto ours. Carr's property has no rear drains and she had carried out a number of measures to make sure that we, my wife and I, received all rear drainage from her property. The Legal aid Board refused the application by falsely alleging that we already had that injunction. I went before the Board on appeal. I made it clear to them that there was no injunction in place. They refused the appeal on the same grounds as per their first refusal. I made accusations that the Boards decision was being influenced by masons. There was more than a little evidence of that. I obtained evidence that the Board were well aware that there was no injunction in place preventing Carr from draining her property onto ours. I sent it to then Lord Chancellor Mackay. He wrote that I should refer that matter to the Parliamentary Commissioner.That matter was his  responsibility but at that time I was unaware that he was a mason.

Because of more pressing matters in trying to obtain justice from corrupt judges etc. I ran out of the time allowed to put the matter before the Commissioner. I had though formed the opinion that the frustration game was already being played out by these authorities. It's a game they are well versed with. They use it just about every day of the week against numerous litigants in person.

In February 1996 I was eventually able to obtain legal aid. It was to cause me more harm than good . Its clear that's what it was intended to do. Six weeks before the cases were illegally tried by Spedding, the Board withdrew legal aid from me giving false reasons for their decision. They falsely said that the opinion of Counsel Michelle Temple representing me, was not favourable to my cases. My solicitor Mrs P Tench, then of Jacksons Solictors, Darlington, County Durham wrote a very long letter of protest to the Board. She too was aware that Michelle Temple's opinion for the success of my cases was very favourable. Her opinion was in writing so there was no disputing the truth that the Legal Aid Board had lied yet again. They listed my appeal against their decision for long after the cases were to be heard. Jackson Solicitors said they could not return my files to me. They said they required them for costing purposes. Mrs Tench kindly supplied me with a limited number of copies from my files. I then went before criminal Spedding with most of my files being withheld from me by both Jacksons Solicitors and Nancy Bone Solicitors. Proceedings had been adjourned to allow Carr to obtain the services of counsel of her choice Richard Merritt. The Masonic Mafia had well and truly stitched me up.

Justice had nothing whatsoever to do with what went on before criminal recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding. He had obviously been selected by the Masonic Mafia to put the final touches to enable the engineering of my alleged bankruptcy. These are true facts. I have not fabricated them in any way. This is further proof of the power of the Masonic Mafia which is now infesting every seat of authority throughout the United Kingdom. Its so deeply rooted, that removing it may ultimately have to be achieved by force. Too many here are sick and tired of being victims of Masonic Mafia operations. They carry out their acts so blatantly, they leave no doubt that there is an authoritarian safety net for them whatever corrupt and vile acts they carry out against their victims.


Names of the above: Deputy District Judge Baird, District Judge's Scott-Phillips, Cuthbertson and Jones. Possible accessory, former Manager of the Durham County Court Mr. I. Cuthbertson.

Subject: Deputy District Judge Baird. Special qualities:Ability and willingness to carry out perversion of the course of justice.

Proof of the above: In the form of documents. Supplied to: Peter Leaver QC and others.

When supplied: On the appeal against alleged bankruptcy heard before Leaver at the London High Court on November 15 1999. Leaver said he had no interest in that evidence or that which I supplied to him showing Carr's use of fraud and perjury etc. she used in the civil proceedings between us. Proceedings before Leaver were all secretly tape recorded . Our corrupt courts don't allow that. Any evidence to show what they get up in our courts obviously has to be avoided at all costs.


In 1992 he heard my appeal from a judgement made by DJ Scott-Phillips  in the full knowledge that a Deputy District Judge is not allowed to hear an appeal against the judgment of a District Judge. In March of 1994 he refused my wife entry to his chambers at the Newcastle County Court despite my need for her assistance. He allowed Carr and two others to enter. The two others were Professor Kenny and Kevin Kerrigan of  the University of Northumbria Law School. Despite it being obvious that Kerrigan was acting as advocate to Carr, Baird asked Kenny to speak on the case before him thus bringing about the situation of Carr being allowed to be represented by two advocates this being another flagrant violation of the rules and justice. Outcome, he gave Carr everything she wanted and more. Despite being in receipt of evidence showing that my father and I were the lawful owners of land subject of that hearing, he allowed Carr to go into possession of it and gave her permission to remove our fence on it, granted an injunction preventing my return back onto that land. These things were done by Baird despite Carr not being able to produce a single thread of evidence to back up her allegation that she was the owner of the land subject of dispute. Despite Spedding's clear acts to pervert the course of justice and defy statute law, he had to rule that Carr had no title to the land. Further corruption has allowed Carr to register the land in her name assisted by Chief Durham District Land Registrar Mr P. Timothy. He is party to theft. The Land Registry had been supplied with evidence showing that solicitor Paul Graney of Houghton-le- Spring had sworn perjury in a statutory declaration used in the lodging of a caution at the Registry that was relative to the land subject of litigation between Carr and I.

By facts given here, Baird committed criminal acts. Justice says that I am not entitled to be held to any ruling of any judge who is shown by evidence to be a criminal. This evidence is readily available and was produced to Peter Leaver QC when I appeared before him at The  London Appeal Court on November 15 1999. He said he had no interest in it and dismissed my appeal against the bankruptcy engineered by the criminal judges I have named herein.

Baird's willingness to declare or deny membership of Freemasonry: NO.


Special qualities:An ability to openly breach his judicial oath of fairness amounting to high treason. Ability to unlawfully override the ruling of a higher court. An ability to hear an appeal from his own judgment. An ability to strike out a case as abuse of court time when  he himself was the principle abuser of it. Was able to ignore and/or ensure that solicitor Alison Stott was not acting as advocate to Carr but still gave Stott work to carry out. Being able to defy and ignore his duty to make me aware of when adjourned proceedings before him  were to recommence. Unwilling to pay my bill I sent him for damges.

Willingness to declare or deny membership of Freemasonry: NO.


Details: Stott sold her business last year and is now an employee of it. The business address is, Alison Stott Solicitors, Aykley Vale Chambers, Aykley Heads, Durham City.

Special qualities used: Use of fraud, conspiracy to defraud and deception.

Protectors: Northumbria Police, The judiciary, former Solicitors Complaints Bureau, Office For The Supervision of Solicitors, The Law Society.

Present situation with Stott: Matters regarding her criminal acts are now before the Legal Services Ombudsman.

Other details: Has failed to pay my bill for damages that I have sent to her.


Also DJ Cuthbertsons involvement relative to them.

Further details of former recorder J.H.Fryer-Spedding's acts.

On October, 17 1995 Cuthbertson heard an application by Carr for an injunction to prevent me from collecting further evidence of the perjury she had already been shown to using against me. Cuthbertson and Scott-Phillips saw evidence of that perjury, but failed to carry out the public duty required of them when they became aware of it. Carr was in attendance that day with solicitor Alison Stott. Cuthbertson gave Stott work to carry out and adjourned the proceedings. He told her to return to the court when she had carried out that work. Cuthbertson did not indicate when the adjourned proceedings were to recommence but had  made it clear he had no time that day. Another judge had not turned up and he had to take the extra workload. My wife and I returned home. Two days later Stott sent me a copy of an injunction order made by Cuthbertson. Stott had returned to Cuthbertson after my wife and I left the courthouse.

We had not been notified of when that hearing was to recommence. Common sense would have told Cuthbertson that we would not have returned home if we had been aware that the hearing was to recommence later in that day. I do not accuse him of lack of common sense so must look for another reason why he had allowed that situation to take place. I appealed against the injunction order he had made under those improper circumstances. He heard that appeal.The time allocated to it was five minutes. He refused my appeal. When I raised the question as to why he heard my appeal from his judgment, which is unlawful, the reply I received from the Durham County Court was that I had used the wrong form on which to lodge that appeal. The form used was the same which the court had supplied to my wife for the purpose of lodging that appeal. On January 17 1996 Stott formally declared to the Newcastle County Court that she had not been acting for Carr but had only been assisting her. The proceedings before Cuthbertson on October, 17 1995 had been unlawful by virtue of Stott's declaration.

The corrupt Masonic Mafia controlled judiciary have ignored that fact and went on with their blatant determination that I would have to submit to the injustice they were dealing out to me. Prior to October, 17 1995 Stott had been given the work of preparing the judges bundles by DJ Scott-Phillips for use in the trials. On January 17 1996 both her and Carr admitted their cosy fraud arrangement. Stott had secretly passed on the work given to her by the court, for Carr to carry out.

Those present when Stott and Carr declared these facts to criminal recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding on January 17 1996 included Counsel Michelle Temple. When Carr had secretly prepared the bundle she had deliberately excluded material documentation from it. She later agreed this fact.

Part of the documentation she excluded had included an order made by DJ Scott-Phillips on June 1 1994 refusing consolidation of the three actions then underway between us. I was the Plaintiff in two of them. Carr and Stott were aware that I had no way of knowing just what documents had been excluded from Spedding's bundle. My own files were being denied to me by former solicitor and criminal Nancy Bone of Durham City who was a good friend of Stott's. Bone was later stuck from the register of solicitors and her business was closed down. She too had been engaged in criminal activities of which she was found guilty by the Crown Court. Nonetheless, criminal Spedding needed to have caught sight of an order allowing him to try the cases before him as a consolidated action (i.e. all thrown in together). Strangely, he tried the actions as if the consolidation order of June 1 1994 had been granted! He could just have easily tried them as if consolidated under my case numbers. Its clear that the Masonic controlled judicial Mafia had discussed me before the cases were tried by criminal Spedding or it was just all a big coincidence.In any event criminal Spedding was in contempt of Supreme Court rules by trying the cases as a consolidated action. His pal, counsel Mr Richard. Merritt acting for Carr, was aware that the cases were to have been tried one after another but maybe it was another case of birds of a feather flock together? Even when I told Spedding that it was my understanding the cases were to be tried separately, Merrit did not utter a word and the trials went on as if consolidated. I had prepared my cases as if they were to be tried one after the other. All of the authorities listed above have been supplied with these facts, but the Masonic Mafia controlled judiciary are determined to have their way assisted and protected by Masonic Mafia controlled police.


I asked the Newcastle County Court that I be allowed to copy the audio tapes of the three and a half day proceedings. They refused it. When I wrote back asking for the name of the judge who had made that decision and the reasons for it, my letter was ignored. It was a further good example of just what the Masonic Mafia controlled judiciary are capable of.


Special qualities: An ability not to tell the truth and to protect solicitors who are held to be in contempt of court regardless of the damage that causes to others.

Willingness to declare or deny membership of Freemasonry: NO


District Judge Scott-Phillips had granted me an order to attend the office of former Nancy Bone Solicitors in Durham City to take copies of my files that she held by lien. When Bone breached that order I informed the Durham County Court of it. Phillips lied when he said that he had not made that order. He falsely alleged my visit to Bone's office had only been carried out with the consent of Bone. When Bone's solicitors business was closed down by the intervention of the Law Society and she was struck from the register of solicitors, I was able to obtain the return of my files that she held. In the files were her court attendance notes concerning the day when Phillips made his order that I be allowed to attend her office. In the notes, and in other documents Bone referred to my visit to her office as an order of the court. Phillips had lied to protect her contempt of court. There are no depths that the Masonic Mafia wont stoop to screw those who will not concede to the injustice they are dealing out. Is justice best served by conceding to criminal acts such as these I detail here?. My files were required for use before the criminal John H. Fryer-Spedding. They were not available as a result of DJ Phillips criminal act.

                                  ENTER DISTRICT JUDGE JONES

Arising from the costs ordered by criminal John H. Fryer-Spedding, an order was made for my bankruptcy by district judge Jones sitting at the Durham County Court. At an aborted taxation hearing, Jones repeated several times to me that I had upset district judge Cuthbertson. He had of course failed to consider that Cuthbertson had been responsible for both my unlawful imprisonment and subsequent stroke following the stick he handed to Carr as a result of the unlawful injunction he ordered on October, 17 1995. The Masonic Mafia now operating throughout the British justice system don't respect a persons rights. Their activities of fraudulently converting their victims assets into legal costs is all part and parcel of their normal day to day corrupt Mafia court practices. These practices are clearly being allowed and protected by what I and others consider to be the Mafia Godfathers Irvine, Woolf, and Bingham. These Judicial Masonic Mafia operations, assisted by Mafia police, now form a multi-million pound business. Many litigants are not even aware that the Masonic Judicial Mafia have been responsible for relieving them of cash and assets. Neither Cuthbertson or Jones will admit or deny that they are masons. They too were aware that I had taken part in the Nolan Enquiry into Freemasonry within the police and judiciary. Justice therefore demands that they formally declare the information I demand of them. If a court is not impartial, then it is not a court at all.


On June 30 1999 I had a meeting with acting Detective Inspector Steve Coxon and another police officer from Northumbria Police. In attendance at his office was my solicitor Mr Hughes of Harding Swinburne Jackson Solicitors, 58 Frederick Street, Sunderland, Tyne-Wear. DI Coxon said he would start his investigation from 1986. In that year I had been battered and then struck by a car that was driven at me by Robert Willis Gardner Pringle. That was the day I started to learn of the true power of Freemasonry and what the Brotherhood of Freemasonry was really all about.

                                    ENTER FRASER KEMP MP

In 1997 I supplied MP Fraser Kemp with a dossier showing much of the evidence to show the corruption of which I had been subject. He passed that on for a youth named Vardy to examine. The youth was little more than school leaving age and was totally out of his depth with the evidence Mr Kemp had passed to him. Whether or not he himself had fully examined was never made known to me. When I tried to talk to him he was never available. I got the distinct impression that he did not want to talk to me about the evidence I had supplied to him. He was most certainly must have been aware that the local Labour Party had many  Masons among its ranks and that he was dependent on them for support. Whether Mr Kemp is a mason or not I never found out. He did not act on that evidence but instead referred me to Euro MP Alan Donnelly when he learned that I had submitted an application to the European Court. Alan Donnelly wrote saying that the matter had nothing to do with him and that he could not help me. It was pointless returning back to Kemp as it was clear he wanted nothing to do with the evidence I had supplied to him.

                                  BACK TO THE ARCHIVES

Following Pringles assault on me in 1986, I was abused by police officers at Houghton-le-Spring police station. Then I was forced to crawl most of the five miles back to my home in the middle of the night in torrential rain. I bled heavily most of the way back. I had been denied by police hospital treatment for my injuries.

Both Pringle and I had been charged with criminal assault on one another. In true fact, as masons are now known to operate, the police officer involved at the scene of the assault on me, PC Bailey withheld information given to him. Pringle had admitted his assault on me almost immediately Bailey had arrived at the scene. Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court proceedings following that were unlawful. There had been no assault on Pringle as was falsely alleged. What he had carried out against me was nothing short of attempted murder. I had previously unearthed corruption at the local British Coal Estates Department. The social acquaintance of Pringle, mason magistrate William Moseley sat on the bench with another man to hear the cases. Pringle supplied his Masonic Hall with fruit and vegetables. He may too have been a mason but I never found evidence of that. I would not do a deal when my solicitor David Handy approached me. The Crown Prosecution withdrew the cases. I too was an acquaintance of magistrate Moseley. He told me that even though he had remained on the magistrates bench, he had stood down from the case. Later police informed me that the remaining magistrate was not qualified to act alone.

The matter was referred first to 10 Downing Street and then to part of the Masonic Mafia Headquarters at the Lord Chancellors Department. Mr JJ. Death wrote to me saying that as the information I was seeking could be used for mischievous purposes I was not to be given it. I had just had my first taste of what the Masonic Mafia are capable of. The Clerk to the Houghton-le-Spring Justices Mr Bavidge, who still holds that position was party to the attempted cover up of the illegal proceedings that took place there. When a police officer told me that the remaining magistrate had not been qualified to act alone I wrote to Bavidge.I requested that he confirm to me whether the magistrate held the necessary qualifications. He failed to reply to that letter but after many attempts to speak with him, he told me that the magistrate in question was away on holiday and he had been unable to obtain the information I required. The policeman told me that Bavidge would have known that the magistrate was not qualified to act alone and therefore that the court proceedings that day had been unlawful.

I wrote to Bavidge on December 8 1998 requiring information as to when mason magistrate Moseley would have been made aware that his acquaintances (published on my web pages), I and Pringle, were due to appear before him back in 1986. A year on, he has still failed to reply. I had just been back before that court again on an allegation of harassment of criminal Carr. I had reported the fact to her employer, the National Contributions Agency at Longbenton, Newcastle my concerns when I saw her busy with activities at times that did not appear to be consistent with her full time employment. She agreed that she had been doing those things but I was found guilty of harassment by reporting them to her employer. One of the three magistrates declared that he was not a mason, but unless he had a double, I had seen  him entering a local Masonic Hall. There are further matters regarding that hearing which should be reported to police, but there seems little point reporting it when its shown that Northumbria Police is infested with corrupt senior mason officers.

                             MORE FROM THE ARCHIVES

I had already learned long ago that Northumbria Police operated two different complaints procedures. One was the official way and the other the unofficial way. I had been naïve enough on a previous occasion when police had failed to carry out their duty, to agree to my complaint being dealt with in the unofficial way. A police Inspector told me that the outcome would be the same. I was told that the officers involved in that matter had been disciplined and a man who had threatened me with violence had been cautioned. The complaint was obviously not registered and the record of complaints against Northumbria Police did not reflect the true situation. It was certain that I was not the only one who had opted for the unofficial police complaints procedure.

                                  ENTER INSPECTOR SCOTT

I opted for the official procedure when I went ahead with my complaint of police treatment of me on the evening of Pringle's assault on me. An Inspector named Scott based at Sunderland's Gillbridge Avenue Police Station had warned my wife and I not to repeat anything he told us about the Masonic influence within Northumbria Police. He said if we did he would deny all knowledge of it. He said it was certain that the police Inspector who would investigate my complaint would be yet another mason.

                                   ENTER INSPECTOR LUKE

The Inspector appointed in this later complaint was named Luke. He was stationed at Newburn Police Station, Newcastle. He had lived at Hetton-le-Hole and had family here. Inspector Scott had warned that I should not mention Freemasonry at all to the officer who would investigate my complaint. I did not heed his warning. Luke was indeed a mason. When I raised the subject of Freemasonry his attitude towards me changed dramatically. He and solicitor David Gatherer led me down the garden path and advised I should only complain about what was done to me at Houghton-le-Sping Police Station on the night of Pringle's assault on me. Later when Luke had deceived me, he asked if I knew just how difficult it was to substantiate a complaint against police when only police officers were present. He had done his Masonic duty and had neatly stitched me up. Though needless to say here, I failed to substantiate my complaint against the policemen involved in the treatment of me following Pringle's assault.

                    ENTER FORMER MP ROLAND BOYES

I decided to carry out my own enquiries to try to learn just how much authority was infested with Freemasonry. It did not take me long to find that out. I started logging the registration details of vehicles parked near or outside of Masonic Halls during Lodge meetings. I also logged the registration details of vehicles parked in the staff car park at Sunderland Civic Centre. As a result of that, It became apparent that there were many masons employed there. I would recommend this method to anyone as a means of identifying masons. Obviously discretion has to be used so that masons are not aware they or their vehicles are under  observation. My former MP Roland Boyes said he would have nothing to do with what I had learned. He warned, "If you have tangled with masons you have bitten off more than you can chew." I later included his statement in a letter I sent to then PM Margaret Thatcher. I now believe that her husband Dennis is a mason, but at that time I had no knowledge of that. I would not have written to her had I known that.

Years later, after I joined the Labour Party I was to find that Boyes had a number of masons assisting him. His secretary Pat Elliott told me that there were many prominent party members of the Party who were also masons. I wondered how Pat knew that. What had been done to me was becoming more easy to explain. The Masonic Mafia cess pit was even larger than I had believed possible.


Seven weeks onward from my meeting with acting (this title really seems appropriate now) detective Inspector Coxon on June 30 1999, I telephoned him for a progress report. He told me that he had not even been able to find the date of the unlawful Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court proceedings that took place in 1986. It was immediately apparent that he was not Investigating my complaints. In those seven weeks all he needed to have done was to pick up the telephone and call me to get that information. Thereafter DI Coxon could not be contacted despite police telling me that he would contact me. My solicitor Mr Hughes also failed to receive a reply from him. By late November 1999 it was clear that my suspicions that Northumbria Police were deliberately failing to act on the evidence I provided to them of the acts of the criminals I name herein was fact. They would not have wanted Carr to have been brought to trial for the use of her perjury etc that she had used against me during the civil litigation between us. Obviously they did not want the other Masonic Mafia criminal judges I have named to be subject of prosecution either for similar reasons. Naturally that would have upset what clearly were their plans for me.

They had not frightened me off when they carried out an unlawful arrest of me in March of this year. At that time despite my request for it, they did not make it known to anyone where I had been taken and was  being detained. I was in need of a doctor and they also ignored my request for that. I asked to see a solicitor and they denied me that as well. They had not reckoned that I was acquainted with a solicitor who came into the building, a Miss C. McBride who is employed by my solicitor Mr Hughes. I spoke with Miss McBride and told her what they had carried out against me. She did not act for me and left the building shortly afterwards. Miss McBride had previously been employed with Nancy Bone Solicitors which is where I first became acquainted with her. When the custody sergeant saw that I was obviously very ill, he decided to telephone for a doctor. He instructed them to take me immediately to hospital. I think it was clear to him that if he had not done that he might have ended up with my body in his hands. The two officers who had carried out the unlawful arrest of me were recalled and told to take me to Sunderland Royal Hospital. They dumped me outside of the casualty wing and drove off. The hospital confirmed I was seriously ill. I suffered more injury when a tube they inserted into one of my veins bent inside the vein. Both those officers have committed perjury in the statement they signed relative to that matter. Statements I had made to them had not been written down. There is little doubt that the object of that exercise was the Masonic Mafia police attempt to scare me off. Its only succeeded in reversing that situation. The public have to be made aware that Britain is now under the jackboot and the situation continues to get worse.

I had also detailed to Coxon many other incidences of gross police misconduct used against me and my wife. It included another matter which took place in January of 1997. Northumbria and Durham Police forces lied when they told me that they were not in pursuit of a stolen vehicle then which caused considerable damage to our property. At first Washington Police confirmed that they had been in pursuit of the vehicle, then later retracted that statement. When I was able to obtain the address and telephone number of the vehicle owner, he immediately told me of the account police had given to him of their pursuit of his vehicle. Police said that as they were not pursuing the vehicle, therefore they  said, they had no responsibility for the cost of the damage we sustained. That damage still remains. It had not been covered by insurance.

Of possible interest, after I had detailed my complaints to Coxon on June 30 1999 and it appeared as though a female police officer accompanying him was writing at least some of it down, I was not required to place my signature against those complaints. My solicitor Mr Hughes who was present during that meeting has not given me an explanation as to why that was not required. I cannot think other than there had been no prior police intent to investigate my complaints and therefore no signature would have been required by them. Circumstances now indicate that my concerns about that meeting of June 30 have turned into fact. How can complaints to the police be regarded as being official when there was no  such requirement for me to place my signature against them. The Masonic Mafia are a dirty evil minded bunch so I have came to expect anything of them.

In late November DI Coxon wrote to my solicitor Mr Hughes. He said that he would prepare a progress report but could not send it on until Detective Superintendent Atkinson returned from leave in early December.

Late in 1998 I went to Atkinson at Washington Police Station on the matter of the criminals I have named here. When I arrived he told me he had just been in touch with the Home Office. He said they had told him not to act on what I had already reported to him because it related to the civil courts. He went on to say that perjury was not a police matter. Some time previously, detective sergeant McGann, stationed at Houghton-le-Spring police station had also told my wife and I that perjury was not a police matter. He had then just been shown evidence of perjury sworn in a sttutory declaration signed by solicitor Mr Paul Graney of Newbottle Street, Houghton-le-Spring. That perjury was also put before Spedding, but criminal Masonic Mafia judges will make sure that they will not take into consideration anything that will benefit their victims. Spedding was living proof of this fact and so too  are the rest of the scum I have named herein.Its now Christmas Eve 1999 and Coxon has still not produced his report. Facts speak for Themselves.


As Coxon and Northumbria Policemen were clearly showing by their actions, and at times lack of them when the situation to screw me required it, I went ahead with a complaint against Northumbria Police under Section 86 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984. The Northumbria Police Authority are situated at the Civic Centre, Gateshead, near Newcastle. They wrote to say my complaints were to be investigated by a senior officer of Northumbria Police. They agreed by letter that my complaints also related to its Chief Constable Mr Strachan who is also a mason. The authority wrote to say that they  held discretion that they could use in the matter. Five weeks ago I wrote to the authority to inform them that they were demonstrating means-rea and that they were duty bound under the 1984 Act to refer my complaints to another police force for investigation. The following morning my home came under siege and an attempt was apparently made to  enter my home. I estimated that there were between six and nine men present two of which were policemen dressed in bullet proof clothing and who were probably police marksmen. I alerted others to my predicament and eventually the mob outside withdrew. Others had sent PM Blair and HS Straw a fax report on that situation. Later I learned that one of the  Masonic Judicial Mafia Divisional Headquarters, Durham County Court, had issued a warrant for my arrest for failing to appear before criminal DJ Scott-Phillips for a public examination of my alleged bankruptcy in which he had played a part. Northumbria Police Authority have still not replied to my letter to them of just over five weeks ago. Did I really believe that masons would not control that authority as well? The answer is no, but I had to find that out for myself. It will take a lot to change my mind about this in the light of that which is taking place.


Location of Official Receivers office: Bayheath House, Prince Regent Street, Stockton on Tees, Cleveland.

Has evidence been supplied to Inglis that the alleged bankruptcy been obtained by means of fraud etc?: YES.

What was the reaction of Inglis when he came into receipt of that evidence? Like Hitlers Gestapo, he said he was only doing his job.

Is he aware that upon receipt of the above evidence any acts he carries out against me he then becomes an accessory to crime? YES he was made aware of that fact.

Is he aware that as an accessory to crime he can be arrested by the victim of the crime?: YES.

Has the Board of Trade been sent the evidence of the fraud etc that has been used to engineer my alleged bankruptcy? YES, and a member of the BOT was also present during the appeal against bankruptcy heard before Peter Leaver QC at the London High Court in November 1999.

Has Inglis been deterred by the above facts? NO, but he will be called to account for his actions just as Hitler's Gestapo were.

                                        CLOSING CONCLUSIONS

Its clear that Northumbria Police headed by mason Chief Constable Mr Strachan have not carried out the duty which is required of them for the reason that they want Masonic Mafia planned events to overtake me. The Mafia do control most if not all of our police forces and judiciary.

Lack of time prevents me from giving a full account of what has been carried out against me by the Masonic Mafia. Matters such as being prevented from leaving Hetton-le-Hole Town Council Chambers and then being subject of assault by a mason named James Blackburn and two members of his family after they had failed to declare an interest in land owned by Blackburn that was subject of housing proposals. Blackburn asked then if I owned my own house. Now I know that was a hint of what his Masonic Mafia Brothers were about to carry out against me. Police Superintendent Williams protected mason Blackburn following his assault on me. Was Williams a mason? I would stake my life on the fact that he was. He retired shortly after that matter. Not long after  that I was hospitalised following another assault on me, but not by the Blackburn's. That was in the course of carrying out my duty as a Town Councillor. Police action on that matter? You guessed it, ABSOLUTELY NIL.

Chief Constable Strachan has to be called to account for the conduct of the officers he controls. Failure to carry out the duties required of him makes him guilty of the crime of misconduct in public office which can carry a prison sentence of up to seven years imprisonment. He would do well to remember this fact. The problem lies in finding a none Masonic Mafia controlled court willing to convict those who do not carry out the public duties for which they are paid. Masons and all members of secret societies must be made to declare such membership as an interest before holding any public office. If the government, Irvine, Woolf. Bingham, Straw and Co. wont legislate or agree to bring this about, then they must be made to suffer the consequences which might follow.

The current state of affairs do I believe justify the public in refusing to recognise the jurisdiction of the courts when evidence is available to show corruption carried on within them is being protected and/or is possibly being orchestrated by high authority. There is evidence available which would suggest that this is now the existing situation.

It must be brought to an end preferably by democratic means.

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