There follows here the letter which has just came to light dated 14th March 1998 which both solicitors A.N. Jackson of A.N. Jackson & Co Hartlepool, Co. Cleveland & Horden Co. Durham and C. D. Hughes of Harding Swinburne Jackson & Co., 58 Frederick St. City of Sunderland suppressed as evidence. On the day this letter relates to, Carr, a National Insurance Inspector, had falsely alleged that I had approached and threatened her at the Sunderland County Court. The letter is evidence that I had not approached and threatened her, but as is her normal practice, she had lied in that matter as well. Of other relevance, both Northumbria Police and the Washington Crown Prosecution had this information. Why in these circumstances did they proceed with a case against me alleging as part of it that I had approached and threatened Carr in the Sunderland County Court? There is only one answer that I can offer and that is they are both parts of our many corrupt authorities. There is even more evidence than this available.

Jackson, a mason who agrees to being a part of what he calls a Judicial Masonic Lodge, concealed this letter from me and did not use it as evidence in my trial for alleged harassment of Carr. Hughes also had this letter on my files and never made it known to me and did not use it in my appeal. Both the security officer and the court clerk were also material to my defence at both trial and appeal hearings. Neither the security officer or the court clerk were called as witnesses either. This was only one of Carr's many lies which have been acted upon by Northumbria Police whose head, Chief Constable C. Strachan, a mason, should do the decent thing and resign. His oath to uphold the Brotherhood of Freemasonry has gone much too far.

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