Funds are urgently needed to combat the resultant situation caused by widespread poverty within Shri Lanka. I have seen the situation for myself . I know there is a real and very urgent need there for financial help. I met with a number of the sisters from various convents on the Island and all are doing an excellent job with very little available funds. That they are doing Gods work is unquestionable. It was my honour to have spent some time with them. There is at present an extra special very urgent need for funds in the war torn areas of the north. Regardless of the rights or wrongs that might be argued as to the cause of that war or who is responsible for it, like all wars the inevitable outcome is suffering and its always the poor people who suffer first. Itís easy for us in Europe to forget that poverty is a world wide problem. Poverty is not just a word. The meaning behind it is all that goes with it. Those subject of it face all of the dangers that life can bring. In fact many donít have what can be truly called a life at all. They only exist, not knowing from one day to the next what is to befall them or their families. I am aware that some in certain parts of Shri Lanka are taking poison as a way out of their situation. With such a rich western world where money reigns supreme, these facts should prick our conscience. But are they doing that? In the name of our Universal God I ask you to help these people.

Even very small sums of money can make a big difference to the quality of life of these people. Please send whatever you can afford to:

Sister Rita Kurusumuthu,

SL Appeal.

Holy Cross Convent,

29 Norris Avenue,


Shri Lanka.

I guarantee that all donations received will be put to use in areas where it is most urgently needed.

Maurice Kellett

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