Spedding had the titles to the properties before him stating that they had been divided long before 2nd February 1976. Even criminal Carr had agreed that to him. He again found it necessary to lie because of the properties had been divided at the time he states below, only rights specifically granted on the sale of our property would pass with it. Below is another good example of the evil mind of a criminal judge who is still being protected by the likes of Lord Justice Auld and Pill, Irvine, Bingham, Woolf, and other members of the Masonic Judicial and Police Mafia. Its another reason that I have chosen to defend my property against the Mafia who have arranged my alleged bankruptcy by mean of fraud. The legal costs ordered by criminal Spedding are the basis of my alleged bankruptcy. Those aiding and abetting criminal acts of judges, such as Lords Woolf, Bingham, Irvine, Auld and Pill will never ram this sort of injustice down my throat. I will use all means to resist any moves to take my property. No means will be excluded. I have looked for justice from a system which has shown to me that many of those who rule our courts could not be trusted to do the job of a toilet attendant. I would rather die fighting them rather than live under the rule of these scum.