My name is Maurice. I have been a victim of Freemasonry for more than twelve years now. Below are brief details of some of the things carried out against me under the name of alleged justice. Though I had not read Stephen Knights book "The Brotherhood", chapter sixteen of it, which I recently read, aptly describes most of the acts that have, and continue to be carried out against me by a corrupt British judicial system.

I started investigating Freemasonry in 1986 after I had been battered and then stuck by a car that was deliberately driven at me. The matter was heard in Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court. Afterwards the man who carried out that vicious act against me walked free from the court. His very good social acquaintance, Mr. William Moseley, one of the many Mason Magistrates, had sat on the bench when the matter went before the court. Later he alleged that he had stood down. The remaining magistrate on the bench that day was required by law to be a Stipendiary Magistrate. He was not so qualified. My approach to Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court Clerk, Mr Bavidge, brought his long awaited reply that the remaining magistrate had gone on holiday so that it was not possible for him to verify whether or not that magistrate had the necessary qualification to act alone. It is known that Mr. Bavidge would not have needed to contact the magistrate concerned to obtain that information. I referred the matter to 10 Downing Street who passed it on to The Lord Chancellors Department. The letter of reply which I received said that as it was considered the information which I was seeking could be considered as being for mischievous purposes, it would not be given to me. The matter was thus effectively covered up first by the Clerk to the Justices and then The Lord Chancellors Department.

For these reasons I started to investigate Freemasonry in my local area. The man who carried out the assault on me was a supplier of materials for Masonic social functions and he too may well have been a Mason.

Around ten years ago I reported to my former Member of Parliament, Roland Boyes, that Sunderland Civic Centre was a hot bed of Freemasonry. The reply from him was, "if you have tangled with Freemasons you have bitten off more than you can chew". He refused to assist me. When Mr C. Mullin MP also found out that same fact nearly five years later it made headlines in the local Press. I contacted Mr Mullin and remained in contact with him for some years. Mr Mullin promised to resurrect his failed Secret Societies Declaration Bill in the British Parliament. Despite nearly some five years since his Bill failed, there have been no further moves to bring it back before the British Parliament again.

I think it is necessary to give brief background details of the situation leading up to what was to become the extensive use of corruption by judges and solicitors clearly hell bent on bringing about my downfall. I was about to step into the trap so clearly mentioned in chapter sixteen of the late Stephen Knights book " The Brotherhood". "Get your man involved in something legal-it need not be serious-and you have him.", Christopher the Whitehall Masonic Civil Servant told Stephen. Christopher told the truth and I was to learn that the hard way. It was in December of nineteen ninety eight before I was to read that chapter so I had little prior awareness as to what was about to be carried out against me by some of the Masonic scum of the earth.

In 1987 we got new and additional neighbours, Miss Shirley Carr, and Mr. Thomas McCabe. McCabe had received compensation for a mining injury and it was understood it had been used to purchase the fourteen acre site at the rear of our home. They sited a large caravan on it next to our premises and commenced to reside in it. There was no means of rubbish or sewerage disposal, and combined with the waste from the many animals they brought with them, our garden area started to be overrun by rodents. They purchased the house next door in August of nineteen eighty eight. That was the start of other problems for us. Carr's free ranging poultry, around one hundred of them, and straying dogs which numbered five in all roamed the area. I was attacked by her dogs while I stood in our garden. Carr's horses also caused us problems. My wife was trampled by one of them after it had escaped. Her injury lasted many weeks. Other of Carr's acts included the lighting of large fires when my wife had her washing hanging out. The matter of the establishment of Carr's smallholding was later to become an issue with Sunderland Planning Authority and its corrupt members. The "closing of Masonic ranks" against me, as warned by police Inspector Scott, was about to take place.

McCabe deserted Carr after she had slandered him to ourselves and other people in the neighbourhood. That served her purpose very nicely as it turned out. Carr employed as a National Insurance Inspector, then had my wife and I carry out work for her. She was in the full knowledge that I was in receipt of State Benefit. We overlooked her previous acts and hoped that by assisting her, she would stop them. She was employing other people to carry out work for her. It was believed that some of them were also in receipt of State benefit.

Carr gave permission to a man she employed for a gatepost to be concreted onto the frontage of our property. The gate she was having fitted to her drive was found to be too wide. She had not asked our permission to do that. The man who carried out that work was also believed to be unemployed and in receipt of State Benefit. Our relations became very strained as a result of that.

My wife and I had also assisted Carr when she came into dispute with another adjoining land owner. She had alleged she owned other land and asked my wife and I to inform police when we saw earth moving machinery working on it. Police attended our home and after some time another officer arrived with a copy of a Land Registry document that confirmed Carr did not own that land. I received a solicitors letter warning me that I had interfered with the progress of the work and not to involve myself in that again. Our relations with Carr became strained by that and her other ongoing various acts.

On the weekend of thirteenth and fourteenth of November 1993, Carr had her property's roof replaced. Damage to our property was sustained as a result of it. The six men carrying out that work refused to identify themselves. They threatened physical violence should I attempt to stop them removing parts of our property. Carr also refused to give their identity. I summoned police but they could not intervene. I took video film of the men and the unmarked van that they used. On the following Wednesday two officers of the Houghton-le-Spring Department of Health and Social Security Fraud Section arrived at our home at my request. It resulted from Carr's continual refusal to identify those responsible for the damage to our property. At their request I provided Fraud Section Officers with a copy of the video film and notes of the many times that Carr was at home or engaged in other activities when it was reasonable to believe she should have been engaged with her full time employment. The officers asked that they be supplied with that information as well. We supplied that material in strict confidence to the officers. Later it was to be supplied to Carr by her Area Manager, Mr. Tebay for use in what was to be one of her many actions against me that were backed up by the corrupt courts.

By February 1994 Carr had taken no action to have the damage repaired and rainwater was coming into our kitchen. My wife and I then fenced off a strip of land of adjoining Carr's garden to prevent her from grazing her animals on it. The land had been lawfully acquired by the process of law by my father and me having used it for around twenty eight years without disturbance. It also comprised as the part of the right of way to the rear of our property. No one had any knowledge who had originally owned that land. Carr had the University of Northumbria Law Clinic act for her. She received the personal attention of Professor Kenny of the University's Law Department. He was a regular contributor to the Law Society Journal. He contacted me about the matter and said that he would call and see me to see if we could resolve the matter. Instead one Sunday afternoon in late February of that year Kenny called on Carr but did not call on myself as he had promised. Carr commenced proceedings against me for alleged trespass. She lied to the Newcastle County Court and claimed the land was part of the purchase of her property. The University Law Clinic represented Carr and the three most senior members of staff, including Kenny, attended the court on her application for trespass. I represented myself. The application was heard by Deputy District Judge Baird sitting in Chambers. Though I was disabled and needed my wife's assistance, she was refused entry into the Judges Chambers. Kenny and Kevin Kerrigan from the University were both allowed into the Chamber while the Head of the University Law School, Mr. Brayne remained outside. Carr was represented by those two advocates which was a breach of law or rules. Baird invited Kenny, who had been silent, to partake in the hearing, which he did. I produced evidence of our title to the land to Baird and Kerrigan. Carr could produce no evidence of ownership whatsoever. Baird then granted an interim injunction pending trial preventing me from going back onto the land and ordered that Carr be allowed to remove our fence. That was to be the first of many court orders issued against me which had nothing whatsoever to do with justice. That was also to be the first court act giving license to Carr to do with me what she so wished.

There is insufficient space here to detail everything that was carried out against me from the outset of litigation until the matters were heard before former Recorder Mr. Fryer-Spedding. A letter which I sent to The Sunderland County Court on 27th December 1997 details some of them.

In May of 1996 I was thanked by Lord Nolan for a dossier that I supplied for use by the House of Commons Home affairs Select Committee Enquiry into Freemasonry within the Police and Judiciary. It is apparent that my reward for doing that was left in the hands of the bent judiciary.

In July of 1996 I was sentenced to three months imprisonment for an alleged breach of an injunction. The circumstances of the granting of that injunction were illegal. Lord Justices Pill and Auld refused to discuss this matter with me when I went before them to seek leave to appeal. The injunction was granted after proceedings had been adjourned. The same judge, District Judge Cuthbertson, who had granted the injunction heard my appeal against his granting of it. It was thus contrary not only judicial rules but universally accepted principles of justice. Cuthbertson refused my appeal against his judgement.

I was imprisoned in Durham on 5th July 1996 when it was alleged that I had breached Cuthbertson's injunction. In protest at injustice I refused food, drink, and all medication for several medical problems which I have. After three days I had a stroke and was admitted to Dryburn Hospital, Durham City U.K.. When I came to, I was chained to a bed with two prison officers guarding me. I was released the following day on appeal to the High Court in London. Though I have requested The Durham County Court to have Cuthbertson declare whether is a Mason, this has been ignored

There was a further application pending late in 1998 for my imprisonment again by my civil opponent on allegations of failing to carry out a court order made by the bent judge, a former Recorder, who lied and carried out the other acts briefly detailed here. There are over one hundred and thirty pages of affidavits and exhibits which show that my allegations are true. There was a taxation of costs in the Durham County Court on October 28 1998. Contrary to normal taxation hearings, which are held in chambers, the taxation of these costs were held in open court. The case under which the costs were taxed is under Carr-v-Kellett. I have alleged that the judgement against me was corrupt because the judge lied, concocted false stories, allowed the other side to use perjury, and made statements that were contrary to law so as to fabricate reasons for ruling against me. There can be no bill of costs when a judge finds it necessary to do this. To accept this is to accept that the judiciary can practice injustice themselves. Hell will freeze over before I will give in to this.

The trials of which the taxation was subject, took place in October of 1996. The Judge in those trials went into sudden retirement when I reported some of his acts criminal acts to the former U.K. Lord Chancellor Lord Mackay who I understand is also a Mason.

Last year (1998) I was also charged under the new Law of Harassment, which came into force in July of 1997. In July of 1997 I and my wife saw my civil opponent of four years, Miss Shirley Carr busy shopping on a Wednesday afternoon with her boyfriend. I had agreed that I reported that matter to Carr's employer, The National Insurance Contributions Agency at Newcastle-upon-Tyne. She is employed as a National Insurance Inspector and had stated in Court that she was in full time employment with the DSS Contributions Agency. I had expressed concern about Carr's conduct to her employer along with the considerable amount of time that she spent at home and with other activities when I thought it reasonable that she should have been active with her full time employment.

Private and confidential information I supplied to the DSS Fraud Section, at their request following damage to our property had already found its way to her hands in 1994. It was used against me in the civil court proceedings. By reporting Carr to her employer Northumbria Police considered that it came under the new July 1997 British Law of harassment. They arrested me. I was detained for several hours until it was verified that I was medically unfit to be detained and questioned. Carr is a public servant and is paid from the public purse, I believe I have the right to report such matters when there are reasonable grounds to do it.

I had informed my solicitor Mr. Jackson, a Freemason belonging to a judicial lodge, that I required all involved in my prosecution and defence to declare membership of Freemasonry. I had specifically said that I wanted the Chief Constable of Northumbria Police and the Clerk to the Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court, Mr. Bavidge to be included. The requirement was not met. I was found guilty of reporting Carr to her employer and received a heavy fine of 750 with substantial costs of 250. I have lodged an appeal but getting justice by means of a system shown now to be infested with Masonry will be almost impossible. Because the majority of lawyers in the United Kingdom are Masons, I am to represent myself. I am aware that this could be prejudicial to my appeal, but think it less so than to be again represented by a bent Mason lawyer.

Three and a half years ago I was elected as a member of Hetton-le-Hole Town Council. I was assisted in doing that by a Councillor family of four. Two of them are Masons. I was later refused exit from, and was then assaulted in the Council Chambers following my having declared interests on their behalf, after they had failed to comply with rules concerning declaration of interests. Fellow Councillor, Mr. James Blackburn, who had earlier admitted membership of Freemasonry, had along with members of his Councillor family, failed to declare that he owned land, which came under the City of Sunderland Unitary Development Plan for proposed housing. Two of them spoke in favour of the housing proposals. I referred the matter to Washington Police (U.K.). The conclusion of Superintendent Williams who handled my complaint was that as he thought it unlikely that other Councillors would say what they had seen of the assault on me, under this pretext he would take no action on the matter.

Shortly after that I was assaulted outside my home following discussions in the Council Chambers about the use of a quarry at Easington Lane. I and two other Councillors had raised the matter in the Hetton Town Council Chambers. Due to the injuries that I received police summoned an ambulance. I was hospitalised for half a day for treatment before being released. Though the man who owned the quarry, Mr. Husband, remained at the scene and had carried out the assault on me, he was not interviewed. Many weeks later I approached Northumbria Police to enquire as to what was to happen in that matter. They confirmed to me that the quarry owner had not been interviewed and no action was to be taken on that matter either. I was asked then by a policemen if I still intended to continue being a member of Hetton-le-Hole Town Council. I had been elected as the Council's representative on the Washington Police Forum. My first attendance at the Police Forum meeting showed to me that policemen did not want my presence there.

Following my representations to the Master of the Rolls, Lord Woolf and the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Bingham they ruled that it should be left to the individual judge whether or not to declare membership of Freemasonry. Their ruling excluded the possible conflict of interests should a judge be a Mason, which I understand most in the United Kingdom are.

I have written to Lord Woolf , Lord Bingham, and The Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine, and Home Secretary, Jack Straw. They have all been supplied with indisputable evidence to back up my allegations against the former judge who tried the civil cases in October of 1996. I now demand that they declare whether or not they are themselves members of the Freemasons. If Lord Bingham or Lord Woolf are Masons then their ruling relative to Freemason Judges deciding for themselves whether or not to declare membership of it must be considered as null and void.

I was refused leave to appeal the corrupt judgement against me by Lord Justice Pill and Auld who are almost certainly Masons. In the summing up, I believe it was Lord Justice Auld who spent considerable time making statements that he did not think Freemasonry was a consideration in matters. One of his sarcastic remarks to me almost certainly indicated that he knew of me before I went before them. I have demanded that Lord Justice Auld and Pill also declare any membership of Freemasonry. Their judgement is void anyway when they most certainly ignored the facts put them showing the truth of my allegations.

It is now understood that there is no way under the British Constitution that any action can be taken against a bent judge who lies, allows perjury, concocts false stories, and other criminal acts. The Lord Chancellor's Department are telling me that I will have to accept the judgement of this bent judge and in addition have to pay the substantial costs involved. I have made it clear that I will never under any circumstances do that. The British Judicial and Legal systems are infested with Freemasonry and anyone who falls foul of Freemasonry automatically falls foul of these institutions should they have cause to approach them.

I was thanked by letter again some months ago by Lord Nolan for further files which I supplied to him. His reply was that he must remain impartial as he has now returned back to being a Member of the Law Lords.

My wife and I had a visitor to our home twice in November of 1997 who told me that unless I backed away from Freemasonry our home might be burnt down. When confirmation came in January of 1998 that the threat was real, my wife left our family home of twenty-three years. She said she could not take the stress any longer. Following this our thirty year marriage has now broken down. When I told police of the threat that we had received, the answer we received was that we should take it as "just good advice". In recent months I have twice had cobblestones thrown through the windows of my home during the night and has had paint splashed over the windows and brickwork of my property.

In January of 1997 our property suffered damage when both Northumbria and Durham Police were in pursuit of a stolen car. Though early enquiries which I made brought about Northumbria Police verification that both police forces had jointly pursued the stolen car they later denied it. I was able to obtain the name and address of the owner of the stolen car. I contacted Mr. Anderson the owner by telephone. He then gave me a full account as given to him by Durham Police of their pursuit of his car. I consider that the vehicle owner was telling the truth as he had little to gain by telling lies. I therefore consider that Police lied in that matter. This was not the first time that they had done this. We were in the circumstances unable to recover any compensation for the damage to our property and it was never repaired.

I also have proof that the Northern Area Legal Aid Board are almost certainly also infested with Masons. Their actions of lying, of which I have proof, does I think help prove this.

I am anxious to hear from anyone views on these matters, more especially from people who have or are presently suffering similar experiences.

There are many additional facts to add and If anyone wants more details or information I can be contacted on (UK. code 44) Wearside (area code 0191) 5264555 or through the Email Address of or at my home address which is 16A The Lyons, Hetton-le-Hole, Tyne-Wear, DH50HT, England.

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