"Dont be afraid of anything you are about to suffer.....Be faithful to me, even if it means death, and I will give you life as your prize of victory."

From the Holy Bible, Revelation, C2, V10.

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New addition 17th April 1999 at page 43

Latest addition of a letter sent  to The Court Service March 19 1999  is to be found at the bottom of page

New pages at 51, 52, 53, on April 24 1999

New pages at 54,  55,  56, 58,  on May 9 1999

New page at 59,  on June 19 1999.

New page at 60 October 29 1999.


Page 2 Background

Page 3 Letter to Sunderland County Court dated 27th Dec.1997.

Page 4 Letter to J.J. Death at The Lord Chancellors Department dated 2nd Jan.1993.

Page 5 Letter to Durham County Court dated 28th Jan. 1998.

Page 6 Letter to former Member of Parliament R. Boyes dated July 29 1994.

Page 7 Letter to Monica Shaw , The University of Northumbria dated May 17th 1994.

Page 8 Letter to Member of Parliament Fraser Kemp dated 21st August 1997.

Page 9 Letter to Lord Chancellor Irvine dated 5th January 1998.

Page 10 Letter to Lord Chancellor Irvine dated 1st February 1998.

Page 11 Any information you wish to pass on ?

Page 12 Letter to Alison Stott Solicitor dated 3rd August 1997.

Page 13 Letter to S.Carr dated 11th February 1998.

Page 14 Letter to the Chief Constable of Durham dated 8th Dec. 1997

Page 15 Application to Durham County Court dated Oct. 1997.

Page 16 My affidavit sworn 13th August 1997.

Page 17 My affidavit sworn 4th Nov.1997.

Page 18 Letter to former Member of Parliament Roland Boyes dated 29th July 1994.

Page 19 Letter to S. Carr dated 19th Nov. 1998

Page 20 Bill of Costs sent to Carr dated 11 Jan 1998.

Page 21 Letter to The Chief Constable of Durham dated 3rd Sept 1997.

Page 22 Letter to Clerk to the Justices, Houghton, 26th Nov. 1998

Page 23 Letter to Clerk to the Justices Houghton dated 1st Dec. 1998.

Page 24 Letter to Clerk to the Justices Houghton dated Dec.8th 1998.

Page  25  Dealings with the Office for The Supervision of Solicitors.

Page 26 Letters to The Home Secretary J. Straw.

Page 27 Letters to Mason solicitor Jackson

Page 28 My affidavit of March 24 1994

Page 29 Letter to The Durham County Court October 19 1995

Page 30 Letter to the Sunderland County Court August 19 1997.

Page 31 Letter to Lord Woolf dated 10th October 1997.

Page 32  Affidavit of Mrs Joyce Kellett.

Page 33  Letter to City of Sunderland Environmental Dept., dated June 19 1997.

Page 34  Letter to Lord Chancellors Department dated 11th February 1999.

Page 35  Letter to former Lord Chancellor Mackay dated May 18 1995.

Page 36  Letter to Tony Blair dated May 9 1995

Page 37  Letter to Tony Blair dated July 24 1995.

Page 38  Letter to Miss Jones at the Lord Chancellors Dept. dated 23rd February 1998.

Page 39  Letter distributed to all members of Hetton Town Council.

Page 40. Letter of complaint to Superintendent Williams of Washington Police.

Page 41  Letter Solicitor Alison Stott dated June 11th 1997.

Page 42  Information from NEW DEMOCRACY POLITICS

Page 43  Letter to the Chief Clerk of the Durham County Court dated 8th March 1999, copied to The Prime Minister, The Lord Chief Justice, The Master of the Rolls, The Lord Chancellor, The Home Secretary, Lord Justice Auld, Lord Justice Pill, The Chief Constable of Northumbria. Brief information re my arrest on 9th March included.

Page 44 Letter to the Harrogate County Court dated 15th March 1999.

Page 45 Bill of Costs claimed from S. Carr dated 16th March 1999

Page 46 Bankruptcy Petition hearing at The Durham County Court of 18th March 1999.

Page 47  Bill of Costs claimed from Solicitor Alison Stott of Durham City.

Page 48  Letters dated 25 March 1999 sent to the Lord Chief Justice Lord Bingham, and the Master of the Rolls Lord Woolf.

Page 49  Letters dated 26 March 1999 sent to Lord Justice Auld and Pill.

Page 51 Recent letters to and from Mr Brian Wake, Secretary of the Durham and North Yorkshire Law Society.

Page 52 Letter to the Chief Constable of Northumberland dated 22 April 1999

Page 53  Specific information or help required. I will try to assist with all enquiries regarding requests for help and information. 

Page 54  Recent letters to the Chief Executive of the Durham District Land Registry.

Page 55  Recent letters to the Newcastle County Court.

Page 56  Letters to the Chief Constable of Northumbria dated April 22 and May 5 1999.

Page 58 Letter to Lord Justice Pill dated April 25 1999.

Page 59. Problems experienced with  the Durham County Court in 1992

Page 60. HIGH TREASON by former recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding almost certainly being protected and assisted by Lord Woolf, Irvine, Bingham,  Lord Justice Auld and Pill and Mr Peter Leaver QC. and now Northumbria Masonic Mafia Policemen.

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