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North Yorkshire HG1 1EL.

15th March 1999

Re: case *********


Dear Sir

I am in receipt of your letter where you say that you have "filed" my letter to you of 5th May 1999. In that letter, the contents of which I copy to you herein, I made the following demands in the Public Interest and indeed justice:

"I now require and demand that District Judge Grills shall formally declare any past or present membership of Freemasonry, or of any " Secret Societies" which are commonly accepted as such by the public at large. Following this, I shall reserve the right upon such declaration by Mr. Grills, to call upon any evidence that is either now available, or shall be obtained should it be necessary to dispute or investigate any such declaration made by Mr Grills. Should Mr Grills fail to make such declaration then it shall be accepted that he is, or has been a member of the said Secret Societies, which of course includes Freemasonry."

I will remind you again that the subject of Freemasonry was raised in the proceedings before Mr. Grills, not by myself I would add, and therefore the normal accepted rules of Declaration of Interests does apply here. The subject of Freemasonry was clearly raised as an argument against me. A Freemason Judge hearing such argument cannot be regarded as "impartial" in these circumstances.

It would seem that Mr. Grills has failed to make the declaration of which I make demand and until such times as he does, then I again inform you that I cannot accept his ruling made on 13 August 1998 with all of the possible consequences thereby arising.

I would again remind those concerned, which includes Mr. Grills, that I proceed on the basis of the following: a) Magna Carta Law is still valid and binding. b) The 1956 Appeal Court ruling by the Rt. Hon. Lord Denning which is, " No court in this land will allow a person to keep an advantage which he has obtained by fraud. No judgement of a Court, no order of a Minister, can be allowed to stand if it has been obtained by fraud. Fraud unravels everything."   c) No man is above the law. d) Rights obtained under the 1948 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. e) The European Charter of Human Rights.

Yours sincerely

 Mr. Maurice Kellett.

(January 3, 2000) Judge Grills denied he was a mason, but would not agree or deny that he had visited Masonic Halls (They always stop short when this question is asked. They are always aware of the difficulty of others being able to access Masonic membership records, but they can never be sure who is observing them entering Masonic Halls). His judgement is not valid and circumstances suggest none other than he is part of the Godfathers Mafia defrauding litigants of their cash and assets. Solicitor Mellors of Barber Titley Solicitors, 6 North Park Road,  Harrogate, North Yorkshire, is also implicated in fraud. He has not replied to letters I sent to him when asked to detail why my wife had paid out the sum of £5000 to him. The Masonic Mafia cesspit is very deep indeed.

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