Dedicated to my wife Joyce.

My name is Maurice. With the use of my Home Pages over the coming weeks I hope to be able to show you that the British Judiciary are controlled by Freemasonry. They also have substantial influence within the British government, Civil Service and Police at all levels. I have had more than twelve years now trying to expose British Freemasonry for what it really is.

If at this time you wish to have further information or documentation from me please contact me at, My postal address is 16A The Lyons, Hetton-le-Hole, Tyne-Wear, DH50HT. United Kingdom. Phone (044) 0191 5264555.

Have you had any unfortunate experiences which you can attribute to Freemasonry? I would like to hear about it. Have you any information about Freemasonry that you would like to pass on? I can help with that.

We all live in a very polluted world, please help me to try to stem this and show you where at least one hidden source of it arises.

Secrecy is the weapon of the criminal yet the worlds largest Secret Society, the Freemasons, operate throughout the world in all spheres of power. In the early nineteen eighties, the late Stephen Knight wrote his book "The Brotherhood". Chapter sixteen of it could not describe better some of the actions that Freemasonry takes against those who oppose or question it. They have used these acts and more against me.

At fifty five years of age, I have decided that for whatever time is left for me, I will give it in the cause of trying to expose Freemasonry. Threats that my home may be burnt down do not deter me. The threats, attacks on my home during the night where cobble stones have been put through my property's windows and paint being splashed on the brickwork only make me more resolved to carry on. The affect of Masonic evil upon my wife and family was the very last straw. Pay back time has arrived for all Masonic scum.

I hope that somewhere in the great hereafter, dear Stephen Knight sits in comfort and thinks, "what is the human race comprised of? Why were they given brains with reasoning capabilities when its clear they only wish to conjure up unreality when reality and the evil of it rules all around them?". Reality is after all the real world. When the real world affects you and you have ignored it, take a good long look at yourself and think about how as part of it, you as an individual, can start to influence it for the benefit of all.

May your God bless you if and when you awaken to reality and what it is doing not only to this present world, but the one that your grandchildren, if you have them, will inherit..

Maurice Kellett.


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