Sent Via Fax Transmission 25 April 1999 To number 0191 301 0020

The Durham District Land Registry,                          16A The Lyons,

Southfield House,                                                       Hetton-le-Hole,

Southfield Way,                                                            Tyne-Wear DH5 OHT

Durham DH1 5TR

To Be Published in the Public Interest

Dear Sir or Madam

In the early part of this week I spoke with a member of the Land Registry staff by telephone on the matter of the possible use of fraud to register cautions on land with the title number TY325151. I was told that someone would return my telephone call regarding information that I urgently require. I have not received a return call.

I am now aware that one caution was lodged at the Land Registry regarding the above land, in 1988. I understand it was lodged on behalf of a Mr and Mrs Green then of 16 the Lyons, Hetton-le-Hole. The solicitor, a Mr Paul Graney, who was instrument in lodging that caution, also swore a statutory declaration for use in that caution . I am also aware that a very material statement, indeed the most material of the statements used to lodge that caution, was the one sworn by Mr Graney. Mr Graney was confronted with evidence to show that what he had sworn was untrue. More importantly the weight of evidence suggests none other than he would have known that material statement was untrue at the time he swore that information. Following the confrontation with Mr Graney, he swore an affidavit retracting that false information contained in his Statutory Declaration.

I am now also aware that in 1994 a Miss Shirley Carr, presently of 16 The Lyons, Hetton-le-Hole, also lodged a caution on the above land which has now been registered in her name by the use of fraud. It is shown that court proceedings in relation to the land at issue were grossly improper and the former Recorder John H.Fryer-Spedding lied, concocted false stories, made very relative statements that were contrary to law, and openly allowed Miss Carr the use of perjury during proceedings before him regarding the land. He went into sudden retirement at the time I reported some of his vile acts to former Lord Chancellor Mackay. A new approach on this matter to the London High Court is under preparation and I urgently require copies of the statutory declarations used in lodging the cautions that were used relative to the above land. I presume that as my enquiries are in the public interest, and do form part of an investigation, I should therefore be allowed to have either copies or access to the information that I seek? I would appreciate your early reply on this matter.

Yours sincerely

Mr M. Kellett

A further letter sent via fax mail was addressed to the Chief Executive Mr Timothy on  Friday April 30 1999. The letter invited his examination of the evidence that I have to show that acts to pervert the course of justice, and use of fraud were carried out prior to and during the proceedings that were heard relative to the land subject of dispute. At the present time of May 9 1999, Mr Timothy has not replied to my letters requesting copies of the statutory declarations used to lodge cautions on the land subject of issue. He was also invited in that letter to contact  the Chief Constable of Northumbria if he had reason to believe that my requests were not  in connection with a bona-fide investigation into the injustice of which I have been subject.


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