Reproduced with the kind permission of New Democracy Politics.

20th Feb 1999

A Leaflet (pages 1 and 2) 

                    POLLUTION AND PROTEST

Global pollution : a crime against humanity

Most pollution is the result of an excessive freedom to pursue the profit motive without adequate concern for public health. It indicates the degree of influence the industrial and financial powers exert over the policies and priorities of governments.

The International Conferences On Global Pollution over the past few years give the wider picture. At Rio there was less progress than the public had hoped for. At Kyoto there was virtually nothing but empty promises. Finally at Buenos Aires, which has again produced no progress on global total emissions, the shadowy figures from the background have taken clearer shape. The major financial forces of the oil, automobile and heavy industry multinational corporations were seen to be blocking attempts to reduce global total emissions, because it would reduce their profits. They believe the pursuit of profits is above any considerations of law or morality.

Climate changes resulting from pollution are already becoming visible, even from within Britain. Globally the spread of deserts and the submerging of heavily populated river deltas is driving millions of people out of their previous locations and bringing increased land-use stresses on to neighbouring areas, escalating the survival problems there. The extra deaths are not recorded under the heading of global pollution. They are called increases in child malnutrition, disease, starvation. But they can be traced back in unbroken sequence to the people exercising their self-allocated rights to maximisation of profits, including the undermining of attempts to bring pollution under control. Eventually the public will begin to call any action which contributes towards unnecessary deaths on the global scale, a Crime Against Humanity.

No-one can imagine what the pollution situation will be like in another 1,000 years time. Even 50 years into the new millenium will bring massive global changes. The beginnings of this can be seen already, even in Britain. The emergency will develop quickly enough to affect our children's children merely 50 years, two generations, into the future.

A case is being prepared to obtain a prosecution at the United Nations International Court for Crimes Against Humanity. It only needs the inclusion of a few high-level candidates from within Britain, to bring immediate and effective pressure against all of our major internal pollution-makers.

The action, commenced within Britain in November 1998, is gaining international support. This will bring pressures against the polluters on a global scale.

Meanwhile, further action is being taken within Britain.


Reckless pollution is one of a number of forms of damage against public health and safety resulting from the excessive freedom of the profit-first priority.

Inadequacies of control over the free-market forces within Britain is producing further life-threatening situations in a number of ways, including the unknown hazards of genetically-modified foods.

The situation is the present-day update of an ancient conflict between the forces of financial power and the public's powers of self-defence. In the past there have been a number of occasions when the forces of power went out of control and began inflicting life-threatening pressures on the public. Each and every time, the public found they possess a deep-seated power of self-defence, which they used initially to bring the danger under control, and thereafter upgraded their permanent powers by setting them into new law.

 As time went by the law eventually weakened and became ineffective, and a new cycle of damage was renewed by the hostile forces. We are in the deep trough of the latest of these periods of public danger. The predictable course of events based on previous occasions is that the public's powers of self-defence will again gather the strength to obtain control over the new dangers.

New Democracy Politics is involved in speeding up this result, by the distribution of information not obtainable elsewhere, by acting as an organising centre for the power of public self-defence, and in due course to build up the political power needed to bring about the formal restructure into law of a renewed permanent form of public self-defence.

The new law will put public safety and health at the head of governmental and financial priorities, bringing permanent control over the forces of pollution and similar dangers.



                             LAW IS DEFECTIVE

                             THE POWER OF PUBLIC SELF-DEFENCE

Within Britain we are not able to fight off the dangers of pollution by direct law action, because of the way our law system operates. This applies equally to the other dangers brought down on the public by the profits-first priority, with the GM foods issue in a high-profile position at the present time, and other dangerous food issues following closely behind.

Law in Britain protects the actions of governments. The profits-first people have achieved domination over governments to a degree such that the priorities of the profits-first people have now become government policies, giving the profits-first people protection against any direct Law action based on the life-threatening results of their actions. This is in direct contrast to all other civilised nations where even governments and ministers, let alone private companies, are held responsible for deaths caused by recklessness. The fundamental defect in our Law system needs correcting by an upgrading in the powers of public self-defence against the threats to public safety and health, and this is the immediate focus of New Democracy Politics.

When the situation is looked into more closely, it is seen that the public possessed greater powers until 25 years or so ago. From that point, a series of deteriorations have taken place deep within the law system, some publicly visible as changes in the Statute laws such as the criminalisation of protest, others carried out by adverse manipulations in the way the law is operated, with no reality of public debate. The full implications, especially of the covert changes, have not been fully understood by the public. The search for an upgrade in public defence power by NDP publicity, commences by drawing attention to the way previous powers have been lost, and by challenging the full legality of much of what has been done, on the grounds of the deteriorations subsequently seen in the quality of public health and safety.

The present damage and dangers resulting from loss of public defence powers, is the present-day position in an ancient conflict between powerful forces of greed, and the public, over the allocations of public money. In the past, whenever a threat has deepened to a life-threatening degree, the public have always fallen back on an deep-seated power possessed by the public as a whole, and capable of forcing an excessively dangerous misuse of State power to be brought to a halt. It is in understanding in detail, exactly how this power works, that it can best be used in public self-defence and for purposes of permanent upgrading, at the present point in time.

The key lies in the details of the State administrative system. The government decides its policies and feeds them into the system until they come out as enforceable demands on the public and the individual. Along the way by stages it has occupied the attention of the senior civil servants, then the routine officials dealing with the public, and backed up where necessary by the law courts, the magistrates, the police etc. Governments like to view all of this as a simple machine where their commands put in at one end automatically come out enforced at the other, and this is how it works for most of the time.

Under conditions of severe stress, when an unwelcome or totally unacceptable set of commands is put in, the resultant degree of public hostility begins to feed back and to influence the officialdom within the system, especially where life-threatening issues involve not only the general public, but also the people within the adminstrative structures. They become increasingly reluctant, and if this is allowed to go too far, it can result in outright refusals to operate some aspect of a policy, bringing a condition of ungovernability on that issue. Once it becomes clear that things are headed towards this possibility, governments do an immediate U-turn on the policy issue involved. Thereafter they take pains to conceal the internal details of exactly why they have done their about-face, because of the power this form of information could hold for the public as a whole.

A key factor is the extent of public access to information on the degree of the danger. For this reason, governments suppress information, and disguise the realities behind hype and spin, to keep the facts from the public. This is why publication of factual material, particularly the details the government wants suppressed, is a major factor in the publics powers of self-defence, and a key element in New Democracy Politics publications.

Another feature of immense importance within the administrative system, and to the exercise of the publics rights of self-defence, is any question of the legalities of whatever policy a government is pursuing.

The criminality of global pollution on an international scale has implications against the unlimited-profits situation within Britain. Also there are direct legality issues in the failure to give public health and safety an absolute priority, and in the resultant deaths as the result of recklessness. All of this acts as a multiplying effect in the pressures on the administration machinery and is relevant to the powers of public self-defence.

Further information on these technical aspects is given in the supplemental law information on sheets 5 to 8, available on request.

For all of these reasons, publicity and the receiving and passing on of information, and particularly of the information the government wants suppressed, are key elements in the exercise of your personal part of the deep-seated powers of public self-defence. This can only be done within the context of New Democracy Politics, because of the degree of misuse of law the government is prepared to go to nowadays, and excessively oppressive action against a political Party, not because of its politics, but because of its challenge against censorship, becomes counter-productive.

The most powerful action you personally can take in the exercise of your fundamental powers of self-defence is to take an active part, however small, in the distribution of the suppressed information. Use the enclosed further copy of the leaflet for photocopying purposes. Copy a dozen or so this week. Pass a copy on to each of your friends and encourage them to do the same. Then do the same thing again next week. This simple act repeated continuously has the power to bring about a fundamental upgrading of basic financial policy and the reinstatement of the priority of public health and safety.

Increased degrees of participation are of course possible. Please contact NDP for extended-action information.

New Democracy Politics. PO Box 187 CHESTERFIELD Derbs S40 2DU

or phone or fax 01246 555 713

                              LAW IS CORRUPT                      


DEEP BRIEFING (pages 5 to 8)

The leaflet "GLOBAL POLLUTION : A Crime Against Humanity", and pages 3 & 4, the initial information summary, focus on the way defective law lies at the heart of the public's inability to defend themselves automatically against the life-threatening effects of pollution, GM foods, etc. A closer examination of the nature of the defects exposes a deepseated corruption. This is spelled out in detail below.

The fact that this involves sections of the administration in criminal action, increases the pressures on them to withdraw their support. The implications of this for public self-defence are set out under CRIMINAL ACTION AGAINST POLLUTION on page 8.

The initial briefing, pages 3&4, sets out sufficient factual material to overcome, by publicity alone, the corrupt use of State power which shields reckless pollution. However, once having achieved a perverse power to defend the polluters, present indications are that the government will try to use it in a Kafka-esque manner to contend that any attack on the corrupt way they do things is in itself an offence against the existing status quo. To turn this back against the originators, it is first of all necessary to understand valid and perverse law. The ancient conflict can best be described by looking at two historical episodes.


Most people accept that Magna Carta formed the basis of a new and upgraded way of running the country, but few people go back beyond that to try to understand what the history books suppress, the relationships between the Citizen and The State that existed previously and which Magna Carta defended us against.

The invasion of 1066 was for purposes of financial exploitations based on a law system which backed the entitlements of The State to overtax the population and also to inflict severe and even lethal degrees of oppression in order to achieve this. Under the feudal system, State needs were paramount, and such justice as was available was prevented from impeding The State's financial entitlements by being blocked off at the level where State interests became involved. This is the key difference between the Magna Carta principle of the justice priority with nobody being above the law, and the feudal system of limited-justice and State priority which Magna Carta outlawed. This corresponds to the present-day conflict between the public being subservient to State financial needs as against public money having the priority of serving the public Society.


In the early 1600s a tyrant-king decided to renew the feudal entitlement to absolute power, a government by so-called divine right. Massive financial extortions were made arbitrarily under a false legitimacy allocated by the judges of Star Chamber. The public suddenly woke up to the degree of their danger in 1628 when habeas corpus, one of the key defences against imprisonments for purposes of State oppression, and originating in Magna Carta, was suspended with applications sent back marked "Refused, because the king wills it". This began the countdown to the Civil Wars of the mid-1640s which overthrew the tyranny and decisively renewed the priority of Parliamentary power acting on the public's behalf.

During the period of deepening conflict a group of key Statutes were enacted, legitimised by the formal assent of the tyrant. One of these expressed Parliament's intense contempt for the way the judges had allocated a false appearance of legality to the financial depredations of Star Chamber (see 17 C1 c10 of 1641). It reinstated the powers of Magna Carta and imposed severe penalties on any judge regardless of status who failed to carry out their habeas corpus duties in the future. All of this was subsequently sealed in by the victory in the Civil Wars. At the present day when we search for a key to tell genuine from false law, the fact of being defended by Civil War takes us back via 17C1c10 to the "unlimited justice" principle of Magna Carta as a matter of actionable Law of the highest possible status. This of course corresponds with our instinctive beliefs

Also the power of the Civil War is accepted at the highest level when Law Lords use the expression "Constitutional Necessity" as the ultimate authority for any specific present-day decision. This forms one of a number of unpublicised powers available to the public in self-defence against the false law employed in Kafka-esque fashion to serve the financially powerful.

All of this forms background to the Supplements set out below describing the manipulations by which false law is being imposed.



As set out above, the Civil War of the 1640s had locked into position a Statute blaming the judges for allocating a false legality to the tyrant king and the Court of Star Chamber. Statute 17 C1 c10 of 1641 opens by stating that specific duties had been allocated to the judges by Magna Carta and other Statutes, and that specific powers had been allocated to discharge them. It goes on to say "but the judges have not kept themselves to the points limited by the said statute, but have undertaken to punish where no law doth warrant, and to make decrees for things having no such authority, and to inflict heavier punishments than by any law is warranted, and their proceedings censures and decrees have by experience been found to be the means to introduce an arbitrary rule and government, by which great uncertainty hath been conceived concerning mens rights and estates". The Statute 17C1c10 goes on to impose immense fines amounting to six or seven figure sum at today's money, treble damages, and dismissal from office, for future similar offences. A later Statute in 1679, 31 C2 c2 s11, extended the penalties for misuse of judicial power.

In 1974 the Court of Appeal decided to ignore all of this and to renew the extent of arbitrary power illegally possessed by the judges under the feudal renewal in 1623, see "Sirros v Moore", All ER 1974 (3) p776. This was an appeal against the refusal to grant compensation for a wrongful imprisonment. Owing to a mixup a Mr Sirros had been inadvertently imprisoned. He was released the following day by habeas corpus action, and sought compensation against the Judge Moore whose carelessness had wrongfully imprisoned him. The Court of Appeal supported a refusal, giving three reasons. For the main one they said that from 1623 onwards the senior judges had been totally immune against any punishment for misuse of their powers. As seen previously, the Civil War had been fought and won to outlaw this and similar State abuses. Next they contended that a judge who had escaped punishment for tampering with a jury, had acted within entitlement. The realities are that he was lucky to escape, that no judge has tried similar misconduct sunsequently, and that a supplementary Statute a few years later had restated the principle of punishment of judges for misconduct, (which latter was still in force in 1974.) Finally they referred to a situation in a Colony where a senior judge was said to have a right to be free of penalties for misconduct, and this accordingly was good enough for the public within Britain. The reality is that Colonial rule is at the point of the gun, the capped and limited degree of feudal justice banned within mainland Britain from Magna Carta onwards as reconfirmed by Civil War.

The Appeal was clearly not a use of law processes for the pursuit of justice but was an act of arbitrary State power, the common law crime of acting outside lawful jurisdiction. It manufactured false evidence constituting Perjury, to achieve a Perversion of Justice. It set aside the fundamental public rights achieved by bloodshed in Civil War. and also allocated the judiciary greater degrees of arbitrary power than those of Parliament, constituting two counts of Treason. It was a show trial, a pantomime, and so is any present-day Trial employing law power in the same manner or relying on the 1974 verdict as precedent.

It renewed the gross feudal imbalance between the Citizen and The State. Most of the present-day financial ills of our Society can be traced back directly to it. The arrogance it has spun off to the lesser judiciary is a major factor in the corruptions in our lower Courts and the tensions between the public and the Police. Sirros v Moore lit the same long fuse of limitless civil discontent as did the 1628 suppression of habeas corpus.



Under the false authority of the 1974 Court of Appeal precedents, a system has been developed whereby State policy can be intruded into any Civil or Criminal Trial so that the verdict does not represent a Magna Carta quality of justice, but merely whatever degree of justice it suits The State to allow at the particular time and place. A facade of Magna Carta justice is preserved within this feudal reality in order to protect the judges against public wrath.

The exact way the perversity is carried out can be seen by starting with the conflict involved in Sirros v Moore in the Court of Appeal in 1974. The issue was whether the attempt to bring an action for Compensation should proceed to Trial, or whether it should be thrown out on grounds of policy. Underlying but unstated issues are involved : who decides on whether to seek intervention, who decided the policy on which the intervention decision is based, and who exactly does this system of so-called public justice serve.

The capability referred to in Sirros v Moore termed Striking Out using Order 18 Rule 19 of the Rules of the Supreme Court means that for some reason, somebody seeking a ruling by law, is deemed to be acting offensively in some way. A petty official in a secret court, is allocated the power under this system to merely say : No Trial Will Take Place. This benefits the person or corporation etc under pressure if the case continues into Trial. Any investigation will show that the beneficiaries of the system are invariably The Powerful People, and never the ordinary member of the public. It is always a bank or business corporation who don't want their methods probed, a senior policeman who has organised violence against a civilised peaceful protest, some other challenge against a misuse of State power, the secret police acting unlawfully, and the like. This gets transferred to a secret Court and Struck Out on the basis of the undisclosed but clearly predecided policy. This is how our law system discrimates on behalf of the powerful, and how the feudal principle of limited justice by use of State intervention is put into operation.

Other channels of Law such as attempts to seek Judicial Review against an abuse of State power, are rejected in similar secret actions by operation of the same secret policy. An examination of every channel of potential remedy against the feudal realities, reveals a similar blockage set into position across it. The Criminal Law Systems have similar capabilities of covert State intervention and perversion of verdict. All of this in total cannot be an inadvertence or an aberration. It is a deepseated corruption.

What is termed "The State" is in reality the interests of the financially powerful. This is where we need to look for the origins of the corruption.

Enquiries always act in secret and produce their result like a rabbit out of a hat, without disclosing what the real defects were and therefore how the new system will cope with them, whether it is improvement or mere cosmetic change. For example the lawyers, aware that public money in the form of Legal Aid is available for pouring into the pantomime trials with predecided verdicts, have been ripping off the Legal Aid system unmercifully. The Lord Chancellor has now decided it has to be replaced with a new system, but without disclosing the enormity of the ripoff or how the new system whatever it is, is going to prevent the undisclosed defects.

Private individuals aware that they have not achieved any reasonable degree of justice, that something is seriously wrong without knowing exactly what it is, turn in desperation to fighting their case In Person. They meet a Kafka-esque situation where they appear to be accused of some undisclosed offence. The reality is that The State objects to having the defective quality of justice challenged. Attempts to obtain the degree of justice the corrupted system is determined to prevent, are met by further misuses of law, actions outside jurisdiction, and whatever cruel and unnatural punishments that come to hand for purposes of oppression in each individual's situation. If they persist they are eventually debarred from further action by Vexatious Litigation procedures using the same undisclosed policy as previously to protect whatever corrupt malpractises and ripoffs within the Law System the Litigant is fighting.

The new Human Rights Law places allegations of misuse of State power under the control of this perverse system. Also it specifically excludes allegations of defective structures (S.1a against Article 13)

Whilst it only takes a few corrupt judges to corrupt a law system, it also needs the silence of the rest. The Master of the Rolls contends that exposing defects is a public service. Meanwhile he will doubtless go on record as a member of the Rules Committee putting the Human Rights law into detailed operation.

Defence of the needs of the public as priority requires that any Striking Out and similar State interventions should be carried out by a powerful tribunal, in the open and on the grounds of some publicly-agreed policy, aimed if anything at protecting the public against the powerful in place of acting against them. The tribunal should have special powers to investigate misuse of power. An Association of Lawful Jurisdiction is currently investigating the origins of judicial power : routine update information is available on request.


We are now getting into an increasing number of life-threatening crisis situations resulting from the misallocations of public money away from the primary purpose of defending public safety and health, under the pressures of the multinationals whose criminal recklessness became visible at Buenos Aires. Robbing the NHS has caused unnecessary deaths from a routine winter outbreak of flu. Next came the GM food safety crisis, and others are coming into view. In the past, once the forces of self-interest have achieved the power to serve their own financial interests, the situation has gone on deteriorating out of control until the public decide they have had enough.

The normal remedy of improving the restraints of law upon the powerful, cannot be achieved at the present point in time, until the corruption within the law system is remedied. Only New Democracy Politics, with its inside information and the defensive power of eventual political takeover if necessary against further Kafka-esque abuses, is capable of doing this.

Action on behalf of the power of public self-defence is described on page 4. It consists of supporting the publicity action, mainly by photocopying and making further distributions however small, of the enclosed leaflet, and additionally if possible making deeper committments in terms of support and involvement. Please contact New Democracy Politics at PO Box 187 Chesterfield Derbs S40 2DU, or phone or fax 01246 555 713, as a matter of urgency.

Serious and reckless pollution is the outcome of a perverse belief in an entitlement to pursue the profit motive without concern for public health or regard for humanitarian considerations. In reality, genuine law originates in public power and expresses the priority of the humanitarian principle. The shortfall in this, and the shortfall in the publics powers of self-defence, are expressions of the democracy-shortfall in present-day Britain which is the underlying cause of not only the pollution situation but also of a host of other social ills. A need possbly exists for a clean break form of new politics in which the target is to upgrade the publics powers of self-defence against the misuse of public money.

Publicity on its own without any politics is capable of overcoming the perverse use of State power and of public money. as described on page-4. However we have to be ready to face Kafka-esque pressures, and the way we deal with them is probably the factor that decides the entire outcome. The nitty gritty material forms the basis not only of defence but of counter attack challenging the quality of the law employed against legitimate campaigning. The public will be kept aware of the significance to them, of the outcome, via the local information groups. In addition, there is a built-in defence capability of transforming into a direct Party Political campaign for the New Humanitarian Politics which will expose the Totalitarian and evil nature of any Kafka-esque attacks.

Along the way something unpredictable is capable of happening, either from the publicity or as the result of Kafka-esque attacks. Some group of MPs may decide that the situation is bringing Parliamentary inaction too deeply into public contempt, so that they need to go back to the roots of the 1640s Civil War which originally allocated Parliament the right to act on the public behalf against the forces of oppression. A group of academic lawyers may decide it is time they organised themselves to defend the integrity of the law system. An International network of similar organisations may develope, supporting each other in actions against global pollution and the underlying evil of the damaging use of power by the multinationals. The judges may even decide to set up a Supervisory Tribunal to investigate and correct their illegalities before the public totally run out of patience with them. Or some other form of decisive support may come into existence.

Participation by other organisations is a possibility, although their terms of reference were put together before the supreme urgency of the global pollution danger came into focus. Individuals from within hidebound organisations are more likely to be interested than the organisations.

The forms of activity based on this deep briefing consist of publicity work as described on page-4 by distribution of the leaflets including the formation of the small self-funded groups, for this purpose, interlinked and kept updated by distribution of a newsletter. The deeper expertise forms a back-up for this keystone activity.

Assistance is welcomed in a number of areas. including : extending the basis of law research, with the possibility of writing a book on Law of Public Self-Defence: editing and distributing the monthly newsletter which will uniquely publicise the facts the Kafka-esque State wants suppressed, possibly leading to a new and viable magazine: and the general organising of the way ahead. The initial cost is £1 per month initially, £5 for 6 issues by post. Later this will increase.


PO Box 187, CHESTERFIELD Derbs S40 2DU

and the central phone / fax number is 01246 555 713

The Kafka-awareness basis of action can also be used in protests against specific forms of public damage and campaigns on ethical, humanitarian, social and environmental issues direct. The basis of counter-attack needs to be fully prepared: assistance is offered. The eventual powers of structural reform from these campaigns is limited, unless designed in from day-1.



This information distribution was originally triggered off by the global pollution situation exposed in November 1998. Since then we have had the NHS crisis over a routine flu outbreak, exposing how dangerously weakened the NHS has become. Now we have the exposure of suppressed test results on GM food showing the known dangers.

Coming on top of the existing dangers, this may now mark out a situation so severe in total that it can only be met by a new form of politics based on supplying the information on public dangers suppressed by the existing system, on immediately beginning to rebuild the public powers of self-defence, and going on to restructure the whole system of effective public powers.

If anyone wishes to be a local agent on this basis, please send a few details and ask for the information sheet THE POLITICS OF PUBLIC SELF-DEFENCE.

For details of how you can recognise and make immediate use of your personal portion of the public power of self-defence, please send for the NDP free information booklet NOW.

                          GM FOODS : A NEW DANGER

                          A NEW MAGAZINE FIGHTS IT

We are familiar with the petty profiteering that makes food, clothing, cars etc more expensive than they should be. But the main money lays in the big ripoffs, and the biggest of them all is going to be GM foods, once the killer-gene system gets fully under way. This blocks off the plants' reproductive system and makes seed from the farmers' own GM crops infertile, so that they will need to buy new seed from the GM people every year, and the public will have to pay the astronomical profits of the GM companies. This is part of the globalisation system of profits unlimited, with government support. If we can fight the GM dangers successfully, we can overcome the whole crooked ripoff system.

The public regard the research done on the killer-gene foods as inadequate. The scientists haven't even unravelled the exact nature of the infective agent for BSE, Mad Cow Disease, and how it gets into our bodies, let alone the unknown new killer-gene hazards. The public have decided to refuse to eat any GM food. This brings them into conflict with the GM companies, the government that supports them, and the entire globalisation system of the profits priority. It will become the biggest confrontation for centuries, with the government under attack for failing to protect us against unknown dangers, and, instead, supporting the forces that are ripping us off.

To find anything comparable we have to go back to the beginnings of the Parliamentary System. From the 1630s onwards, the public were under the pressures of massive financial exploitations. These are described in the group of remedial Statutes enacted by the Parliament of 1639, and visible to the present day in the law records for anyone to see. The new law of 1640 imposed penalties on any State Official who took part in similar abuses in the future, including payment of massive damages out of the official's own pocket. The country was forced into the Civil War of the mid-1640s to defend these changes, and thereafter the duty was handed over to Parliament to maintain on the public's behalf. From that time forward, officialdom has done its best to draw our attention away from these basic realities, because of the power they place in the publics hands. The suppression of the information has allowed Parliament to be corrupted into giving priority to the interests of the powerful, leading finally to the present-day unlimited ripoffs and the GM dangers. The public hostility to the GM killer-gene foods highlights where the suppression of vital information can lead. Equally it shows the public power regained by access to the information.

A step by step programme is in progress to restore the stolen powers of public self-defence. The first stage consists of challenging the suppression of information by publicising it. The ordinary person will recognise that their instinctive hostility to the GM foods and killer gene situation, is capable not only of forcing the government to draw a line at the point where ripoff becomes life-threatening, but of moving on to force them to bring the whole crooked corruption and ripoff system under control. A forthcoming magazine FORBIDDEN INFORMATION will record the way this programme is developing.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please send details of the programme of action, and of the magazine FORBIDDEN INFORMATION

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                    The magazine PROSPERITY AND PROGRESS gives the details

We are familiar with the petty profiteering that makes food, clothing, cars etc more expensive than they should be. But the main money lays in the big ripoffs, and the biggest of them all is going to be GM foods, once the killer-gene system gets fully under way. This blocks off the plants' reproductive system and makes seed from the farmers' own GM crops infertile, so that they will need to buy new seed from the GM people every year, and the public will have to pay the astronomical profits of the GM companies. This is part of the globalisation system of profits unlimited, with government support. If we can fight the GM dangers successfully, we may be able to overcome the whole crooked ripoff system. Reallocating the misused public money will pay for a prosperous, stable and harmonious Society.

The public regard the research done on the killer-gene foods as inadequate. The scientists haven't even unravelled the exact nature of the infective agent for BSE, Mad Cow Disease, and how it gets into our bodies, let alone the unknown new killer-gene hazards. The public have decided to refuse to eat any GM food. As a GM activist put it "The government isn't listening and the Courts have let us down".

In late March 1999 two developments took place, each having immense implications.

1. THE LORD CHIEF JUSTICE INTERVENES against oppressive law.

In order to enforce their unwelcome programmes, recent governments have needed to build up a degree of Authoritarian pressures that goes far beyond anything the European Court of Human Rights would allow.

On 30th March the Lord Chief Justice was looking at the way new law contravening ECHR requirements will inevitably be over-ruled and upgraded by referrals to Strasbourg. In view of the current incorporation of ECHR law into British law, he pronounced that from the present point in time, the law courts must base their decisions on the ECHR quality of law.

This knocks away the foundation of oppression on which the system of exploitation, corruption and ripoff is built. It means that the country has to be run to ECHR standards, otherwise there is now remedy at Law. Every activist on an ethical or social issue can now presumably ignore any law of oppression which exceeds ECHR standards. For most activists this increase in the powers of public self-defence is an awakening out of a nightmare.


In a separate development, on March 29th, the Government intervened in the trial of two of the activists who had destroyed a GM crop. The DPP was instructed to offer no evidence. The activists were automatically acquitted, expressing regret that they were prevented from putting their defence of "Necessity in the face of unknown dangers" to a jury.

The outcome of this, as every GM activist already realises, is that everybody now has a powerful defence for direct action against GM crops. This is in addition to the new power allocated to activists in general by the Lord Chief Justice's decision of 30th March.


For a prosperous, stable and harmonious Society we need to throw off the financial burden of the corruption, exploitation and ripoff system, together with the Authoritarian form of Law that imposes it. The LCJ's Pronouncement brings new public powers to fight the financial abuses. It additionally allocates an automatic entitlement to report on the progress into ECHR standards.

The new magazine PROSPERITY AND PROGRESS describes how you can pursue a personal prosperity programme as part of the wider upgrading. For further information including immediate progress reports please send off the request slip NOW.

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Eric Giles,   22, Stubbing Road, Chesterfield Derbs S40 2HP

11th March 1999

Open letter to The Chief Constable of Northumberland


There is evidence going back to the aftermath of the Battle of the Beanfield in 1985, of police harassment to dissuade a person from proceeding with a lawful course of action which the police happen to disapprove of. Over a period of time the intensity of the police actions has increased and clearly there have been instances where the police have been reckless as to whether their harassment has been life-threatening. In a recent instance within Northumbria the evidence is that the police harassment is deliberately intended to procure a death.

Maurice Kellett of 16A The Lyons Hetton-Le-Hole recently placed on the internet an allegation that a law case seeking the possession of his house, is a masonic frameup. He was arrested by the police on 9th March and told that this constituted harassment of his law-opponent. That would be a tortured application of the Law cited. The common-sense interpretation against the background of instances of police harassment elsewhere, is that the police are trying to do the local masons a favour.

Mr Kellett is unwell with life-threatening hypertension. On being arrested his medical condition forced the police to dump him at Sunderland General Hospital, where medical investigation certified dangerous hypertension. That incidentally would constitute a situation termed medically unfit to stand trial, if the police were genuinely considering a prosecution. The circumstances are now that any further police harassment is capable of procuring his death. Furthermore where a death takes place within a year of an illegal action which causes that death, this constitutes murder under common law.

It is hereby submitted that a failure of a Chief Constable to exert effective control of specific misuse of the police in his area, constitutes involvement in the consequences.

A copy of this letter is being distributed to the authorities itemised below.

An 8-page summary of misuse of Law defining Kafka-esque misuse of State power is enclosed.

Eric Giles


Home Secretary

Chairman Parliamentary Select Committee on Home Affairs

Northumberland Coroner

Police Complaints Authority


and others


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