Jan. 3, 2000. Bavidge has still not replied to my letter to him copied below.

Mr. Bavidge                                          16A The Lyons,

Clerk to the Justice,                                  Hetton-le-Hole,

The Villa,                                                      Tyne-Wear,

Houghton-le-Spring,                                         DH5 OHT

Tyne-Wear DH4 5BL.

 December 1st 1998

Re: Case number 0333900

Dear Sir,

Further to my letter to you of November 26th 1998 (Ref No.: MK\VT\GDB1) I request that consideration is now given to an extension of time in which an appeal can be lodged. My reasons for requesting this are as follows:

1: To allow time for a decision on whether the proceedings which took place on 16th and 17th November were a mistrial for the reasons outlined in my letter to you of 26th November.

2. A file which it is considered should have been made available as evidence in the trial had been loaned out many weeks ago by my solicitor, and has still at present not been returned. It was not returned for use at the trial. It will be necessary for the contents of this file to be examined by other legally qualified persons before advice can be given on its contents which may influence the decision regarding an appeal.

3. I am having difficulty in finding a solicitor who is prepared to admit that he is not a member of the Freemasons. It is considered that legal representation, in the circumstances, should not involve a member of the Freemasons.

4. As I still await a decision on the matter of the possibility of there having been a mistrial, there is insufficient time remaining anyway to arrange for an interview with a view to advice and legal representation. There is as previously stated the matter of the file which remains on loan to another solicitor. which should be made available to any new legal representative in the matter of consideration of appeal.

5. The files that were used in the trial of 16th and 17th November are I am informed by my solicitors, not available at present as they are in use for costing purposes. Obviously these files will not be available for use in the consideration for appeal until the costing procedure is completed.

Yours sincerely


Mr. M. Kellett

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