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Shiney Row,                                             Tyne-Wear,

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August 21 1997                                            Tele. Wearside 5264555


Dear Mr. Kemp,

It is now around two and a half months since I contacted you in respect of the issue of the actions of former Recorder Mr. Fryer Spedding. Some weeks later your case worker contacted me by telephone where we had a long conversation relative to not only this issue, but to other issues which included the assault on me in Hetton Council Chambers. Since that time there has been no further communication from you. As I said to you at the outset, the issue of Mr. Fryer Spedding's actions were regarded as urgent.

You will find enclosed herein a copy of an affidavit which I swore on August 13 1997 at the Sunderland County Court. Its contents and exhibits show that the former Recorder, Mr. Fryer Spedding lied when he delivered his judgement in cases DH400950, DH400898, NE401650. This is not by any means the full extent of the evidence that is available which shows that he did in fact lie. I am busy preparing a full dossier to show the full extent of the former Recorders lies which will be forwarded on to The Master of the Rolls, and the Lord Chief Justice, and others. I have already made it known to them that there are no circumstances that I will accept the judgement of former Recorder Mr. Fryer Spedding. The evidence that is provided as exhibits in my affidavit of August 13 1997 clearly proves that statements that the former Recorder made while delivering his judgement were lies. I have of course the video film evidence that was shown to Mr. Fryer Spedding with the accompanying affidavits relative to it. This video evidence alone shows that statements made by Mr. Fryer Spedding while delivering his judgement were nothing but lies, and from what he was shown, it is reasonably clear that he was not confused at that time.

You will also see from my last two letters to Alison Stott solicitor (copies enclosed herein) that she too has been party to actions which cannot other than be improper. You will see that she fails to answer any questions, including her agreement that the cases that were heard before Mr. Fryer Spedding had not been consolidated, but in fact had been tried as consolidated.

I have this morning received a letter from Shirley Carr who was the Defendant in cases DH400950, DH400898, and Plaintiff in case NE401650, and applicant in case DH600628, this latter application being her request that she be allowed to drain her property onto ours.

I have made it clear that the former Recorder alleged in his judgement that the four cases had been consolidated into the action NE401650, this was of course only one of his many lies. Shirley Carr's application for this had been refused by the Durham County Court.

You will see from the letter which I have received from Shirley Carr this morning that she now intends to act on the order made by former Recorder Mr. Fryer Spedding. I cannot accept any order made by a judge who had used lies to provide a argument for his judgement. I thank God that he did retire very shortly after the trials, and that at least now he cannot carry out similar gutter tactics to those which he has subjected me to.

The former Recorder alleged that he had not looked at the Statutory Declarations which were used to lodge a caution at HM Land Registry, but there were four copies of Mr. Paul Graney solicitor's put before him as evidence, along with four copies of his affidavit which he swore following evidence that was produced to him to show that he had sworn false information. If Mr. Fryer Spedding had looked at those, and I most certainly believe that the probability was that he had, then it would also be shown to be fact that he had also been party to covering up the deception that Mr. Graney, the Greens, and I would add, Shirley Carr, had carried out.

It is now clear from Shirley Carr's letter which I have received this morning that work is to be carried out, and that work, regardless of the former Recorders judgement, will be upon parts of my property, and that work will then hide further evidence of the former Recorders lies.

In these circumstances ,I therefore request that you attend my address at your earliest convenience, ie before Wed August 26th, or failing that, that your case worker, with whom I spoke, and who I believe is called Richard, can attend where it can be shown to you the other evidence which will still presently show that Mr. Fryer Spedding had further lied relative to the video evidence that was shown to him.

You will also have the opportunity to view the evidence to show that the actions of the Legal Aid Board requires formal examination. The Lord Chancellors Office were in receipt of this evidence and suggested that I make an approach to the Parliamentary Commissioner. I have not had the opportunity yet to put together the complete documentation relative to those matters for use by the Parliamentary Commissioner, but I have supplied the most significant part of that evidence to The London Court of Appeal who confirm that the Master of the Rolls and the Lord Chief Justice will examine it upon return from their vacation.

I also enclose herein a copy of my letter to the Chief Clerk of the Sunderland County Court relative to a hearing on Wednesday August 13 1997.

I would confirm to you that nothing in these matters are any longer regarded as private or confidential, and that I will publish the full facts to others that I can show to confirm that the justice system too has elements of what is most certainly corruption among it.

I would be obliged if you can telephone me on your receipt of this documentation, and can confirm whether or not you will take any action upon it.

Yours sincerely


Mr. M. Kellett


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