Lord Mackay,                                          16a The Lyons,

House of Lords,                                          Hetton-le-Hole,

London                                                       Tyne-Wear DH5 OHT.

May 18 1995


Dear Sir,

please find enclosed documentation relative to problems that I have, and still am experiencing.

I  wrote  to Lord Taylor of Gosforth which should have been received at The House of Lords around April 27 1995. There has been no reply or even acknowledgement of my letter, with enclosures to him. I supply here a copy of my letter to Lord Taylor.

I  ask  your  help or intervention in what  is  currently  taking place. At the moment Judge Scott Phillips has decided that I  can conduct my cases, and indeed my defence, without the documentation that I require for cross examination purposes. He commented, "justice delayed is justice denied".

I  have been told that I can obtain from the Durham County Court copies of the documentation at twenty five pence a sheet. As the number of sheets that I require is quite substantial, at these charges I will not be able to proceed.

My  latest application for the solicitor withholding my files is being ignored again by the Durham County Court.

There would no problem were my finances such that I could  afford to pay for the actions before the courts. I had resolved  myself to the fact that to stem the damage to my property I had  little choice but to proceed without legal representation. I am  already aware that the legal profession can talk to the judge in such a way that the layman has difficulty in understanding what is being talked about. My experience has shown that this is deliberate. To proceed  without my files would indeed be a game of  chance. The longer this situation remains, the more stress that it causes. My doctor informs  me that I am now a prime candidate for a heart attack.

I had decided to proceed with the cases as necessity required it. My mistake was in stepping into what I would term the Legal Aid snare. I have been led on by the solicitor named herein. I am not surprised that The Solicitors Complaints Bureau have said that they have been unable to commence enquiries because of  pressure of  work. If the actions of Nancy Bone solicitor are representative of even a small number of the profession then The Solicitors Complaints Bureau has its work cut out. I know through experience, and what was said at the offices of Nancy Bone that once Legal  Aid is in force, then cost totting up takes place, after all, it is in the solicitors financial interest to do so. Possibly, making the case more complicated than it really is, might be another way of helping to build up costs.

If the system of justice is only approachable through people such as Nancy  Bone solicitors, then I believe justice is a game of chance. I know that I could only remedy damage to my property by placing the matter before the courts. To find that it has led to this situation is absolutely unbelievable.

I have included documentation on two other problems that I have had in recent years with  both Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court, after I was assaulted. My problems  with  Durham County Court are outlined when I decided to issue a summons against one of six car drivers who crashed their cars into the frontage of our property in a nine month period. A little investigation  into these  matters  will show that what I have reported was, and is true.

Irrespective of the present situation being allowed to  continue, because I am in no doubt whatsoever that I am being subjected to injustice  by  the system for justice, I will not accept that I should submit to it.

I  realise that contained here is a lot of documentation. I further realise that you are a busy person. I ask that you  try  to read it, and then perhaps it may be possible for you to see  the situation as I see it.

I  would ask that if you believe that there is little you can  do

to  be  of assistance in resolving my situation, that  you  might pass on this documentation to anyone you believe may be able  to help in some way.

My  attempts  to raise matters with my MP Roland Boyes  have  not been successful. I am now told that he is in poor health and will be resigning shortly.


Yours sincerely

 Mr. M. Kellett


The title, Right Honourable is one which a man should achieve. It should never be bestowed upon him by his position within authority.


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