The Listing Office,                                  16A The Lyons,

The Newcastle County Court,                  Hetton-le-Hole,

Quayside,                                                   Tyne-Wear,


20 April 1999

Dear Sir or Madam,

I was a litigant in person in cases NE401650. DH400950, and DH400898 which were heard at the Newcastle County Court before the former Recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding between the dates 21 and 24 October 1996.

I am presently preparing a further approach to the London Court of Appeal where on 6 June 1997 my application for leave to appeal the judgement in the above cases was refused.

There is new evidence now available in regard to the above cases and to support it, I require to be allowed to copy the court tape recordings of the above proceedings either in part or full.

On the basis that the Lord Chief Justice announced on 30th March 1999 that from that time onwards, the law courts must base their decisions on the European Court of Human Rights quality of Law, I believe it is right that I should make the above request in order to help show that there has been a miscarriage of justice.

I understand that if my request is granted there may be a charge involved for it. I am of limited financial means and believe that I may be allowed to carry out the work of the copying attended by a member of the court staff. As the copying process would only require attendance at the start and end of the copying of each tape, then I would of course agree to vacate the area where the copying was taking place in between those times. That would cause minimal disturbance with the other duties of court staff. I would of course also supply the audio tapes required for copying purposes.

I have to lay stress on the fact that it is known there is extremely material information contained on those tapes. In my approach now under preparation to the Lords Justices in London to request that their judgement of 24 October refusing me leave to appeal be set aside in the light of new evidence, will require that information on the tapes to support it.


Yours sincerely

 Mr M. Kellett.


Sent via fax 6 May 1999.

To: C. RAEBURN Listing Section.

The Court Service                                      16A The Lyons,

Newcastle-upon-Tyne                                  Hetton-le-Hole,

Combined Court Centre,                                Tyne-Wear DH5 OHT.

The Law Courts,

The Quayside,



Dear Sir/Madam

I am in receipt of your letter of 5 May 1999.

You write that a Circuit Judge has considered my letter and has refused my application.

I require to know the name of the Circuit Judge who has refused my application. I believe that it is my right to be made aware of this information. I think too that the grounds for the refusal of my application should also be made known to me. I require copies of the tapes for use in further evidence to show that a miscarriage of justice has taken place where the former Recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding took action to pervert the course of justice. In addition it would seem either the former Recorders knowledge of the law was limited or that he deliberately defied the law. Either way, a miscarriage of justice due to his acts has taken place. The requirement for copies of the tapes is in connection with an ongoing investigation. I believe in addition that as there is an ongoing investigation into matters involving the former Recorder, that the court should assist in all ways possible, as it is there duty to see that justice is upheld. In these circumstances I have to be satisfied that the decision that has been made by the Circuit Judge could not have been biased in any way. I would also request whether there is any procedure whereby I can appeal the judges decision? I would advise that this matter will be pursued.

Yours sincerely

Mr M. Kellett


The court failed to reply to this later letter I sent to them. Its further evidence of that the Masonic Judicial Mafia control that courts and are more interested in protecting their own criminal fraternity than administering justice.

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