A further example of what the Masonic Mafia are capable of.

The Chief Constable,

Durham Police,                                             16A The Lyons,

Aykley Heads,                                                 Hetton-le-Hole,

Durham.                                                             Tyne-Wear DH5 OHT.


September 3rd 1997

Our Ref: MK\LS\POL 09

Dear Sir,

I find it again necessary to write to you with regard to the matter of damage that was sustained to my property at approximately 1.30am on the morning of Tuesday January 28th 1997 following the police pursuit of a stolen vehicle.

I enclose herein copies of letters that should assist in explaining the situation which I report to you. I briefly summarise the facts.

following the collision of the stolen vehicle into my property, which has caused damage estimated to be around some £700, I had expected to have been contacted by police following that incident. As police had not contacted me, I telephoned Northumbria Police, at Washington Area Command. The police officer who answered my telephone enquiry told me that the vehicle had been subject of pursuit by both Durham and Northumbria Police and had been logged on police records as incident number 0055. I should add, that it was very apparent at the scene of the collision, of which I was in attendance within minutes of it, and had looked at the scene within one minute of hearing the noise of the collision and saw that a Durham police vehicle was parked immediately behind the crashed vehicle and was facing in the same direction as the crashed vehicle had been travelling. Northumbria Police were also in attendance at that same time. When I questioned both Durham and Northumbria policemen about the circumstances of the collision that had destroyed parts of my property, the answers that I received differed and it was very apparent that some police officers were not telling the truth.

When I eventually was able to obtain the name and the address of the owner of the stolen vehicle, a Mr. Peter Anderson of 34 Winslonnen Estate, Murton, County Durham, he immediately told me that police had gave him an account of their pursuit of his vehicle. Mr. Anderson said that police told him that they saw his vehicle leave the housing estate on which he resides and that it had not been showing any lights. Mr. Anderson went on to say that police told him that they were not prepared to travel at the high speed at which his vehicle was being driven, because the road conditions were icy. He said that police told him that the occupants of his vehicle were desperate men and that was the reason that they had been driving at very high speed under those dangerous conditions.

As Murton is of course policed by Durham Police, it was therefore certain that the policeman, or policemen who gave that account to Mr. Peter Anderson would have been members of Durham Police and it would of course also have been Durham Police who had gave chase to Mr. Anderson's vehicle, as Northumbria Police do not patrol Murton.

I received a letter dated May 19th 1997 from the legal executive of Durham Police, Mrs. Martin who said that she was investigating the matter. Without prejudice, she asked me to forward on to her two estimates for the cost of the damage that had been sustained to my property. I sent her three estimates for the damage.

I received a letter from Mrs. Martin dated July 22nd 1977, in which she stated:

"I have made enquiries and been informed that the Durham Constabulary vehicle was searching for and not chasing the stolen vehicle when the accident occurred. As such Durham Constabulary cannot accept responsibility for any damage. I am therefore unable to offer you any compensation.".

I sent a letter to Mrs. Martin dated July 25th (Ref: MK/LS/250797, copy enclosed herein) asking if the owner of the stolen vehicle, Mr. Anderson, had been interviewed so that he might confirm the statements that he had made to me in respect of the account that had been given to him by police of their pursuit of his vehicle.

I received a reply dated July 28th 1997 from G. Parker (Ref:JM/CC970111) saying that Mrs. Martin was on holiday and that my letter would be brought to her attention upon her return to the office.

By August 20th 1997 I had still not received a reply from Mrs. Martin, and sent a fax letter to her asking for an urgent reply. Up to the present time I have still not received a reply from Mrs. Martin.

The facts of the vehicle collision with my property on that morning of January 28th 1997 certainly showed that Mr. Anderson's vehicle had been subject of police pursuit, and that the pursuit had been began by a Durham Constabulary vehicle. Washington Police had originally told me that the vehicle was subject of pursuit by both Durham and Northumbria Police. The owner of the vehicle, Mr. Anderson, had told me that he had been given an account by police of their pursuit of his vehicle.

I represent Hetton Town Council on the Washington Police Forum, and I am fully aware that Durham Police do not normally carry out searches for stolen vehicles in areas policed by Northumbria Police. I would suggest that there is not normally a special search carried out for any stolen vehicle, and if it is, that it is unlikely that Durham Constabulary would carry out such searches in areas that are policed by the Northumbria Constabulary.

Facts speak for themselves, and these are the facts that I include here.

I believe that I should mention here that over the past eleven years I have had considerable dealings in matters where the actions of some policemen have required explanation. Some of my findings have been linked with Freemason policemen. Many of the problems that I have suffered over these past eleven years or so have also been linked to persons who, from my own investigations, have been Freemasons. Some of the facts relative to those matters were subject of my approach to Lord Nolan who headed the recent enquiry into Freemasonry within the Police and

Judiciary. I received a letter on behalf of Lord Nolan thanking me for the dossier that I had sent to him which I believe was of some assistance to the Commons Select Committee Enquiry into Freemasonry within the Police and Judiciary.

I am very aware that large numbers of policemen are Freemasons, and I do believe that you are in favour of the setting up of a register so that policemen can then declare any possible membership of Freemasonry. In my recent discussion with a member of the Cleveland Police Authority, he told me that they had agreed to the setting up of a register for Freemason policemen to declare such interest. He did however agree that they had not proposed any possible action that might be taken should a Freemason policemen not declare such membership on the register. I would suggest that should the Constabulary set up such registers for Freemason policemen to sign, and if Freemason policemen were generally honest and signed such registers, we would then be able to see that there is indeed substantial numbers of policemen who are Freemasons, which is undoubtedly the worlds foremost leading Secret Society. I would add that I also believe that those employed in Government and the Civil Service at any level, including members of the Judiciary, should also be required to declare any possible membership of Freemasonry.

While I am at present unable to confirm that Freemasonry has a hand in this present matter, it is very clear that someone is not telling the truth. I cannot bring myself to believe that Mr. Peter Anderson had concocted his statement to me that police had gave him an account of their pursuit of his vehicle, any more than Washington Police having originally told me that it had been subject of pursuit by both Durham and Northumbria Police and had been logged on their computer as incident number 0055. In the past I have been able to show that members of the police are equally capable of telling lies when they feel it necessary, be it for whatever reason. The present situation well suggests again, as in the past, that members of the police have not told the truth and that the truth may not have been told as a result of my active opposition to Freemasonry, and my attempts to expose the many corrupt elements within it.

I ask for your consideration of the facts that I have given here, and that the matter of the damage to my property can be resolved without the requirement of other means that I may have to consider to highlight the facts of what is being attempted in the matter of the damage to my property.

Yours sincerely

Mr. M. Kellett.

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