The Lord Chancellor,                          16A The Lyons,

Rt. Hon. Lord Irvine,                             Hetton le Hole,

House of Lords,                                      Tyne-Wear,

London.                                                    DH5 OHT.

5 January 1998.

Dear Sir,

I ask for your urgent attention to the facts which are summarised in my letter to the Chief Clerk of the Sunderland County Court dated 27 December 1997. I enclose a copy of that letter.

Lord Woolf and the Lord Chief Justice have been supplied with considerable indisputable evidence which shows that the former Recorder Mr. Fryer Spedding lied when he gave judgement in cases DH400950, DH400898, & NE401650. Lord Woolf and the Lord Chief Justice had agreed to examine the evidence to show that when they returned from their annual summer leave.

I have asked that Lord Woolf confirm that he has looked at all of the evidence that I have supplied to him. It includes the latest two affidavits with exhibits dated 13 August 1997 (96 pages) and an affidavit of 4 November 1997 with exhibits (35 pages). Their Lordships were also supplied with the video film evidence and additional audio evidence to show the facts.

I had written to Lord Woolf asking if he has examined all of the evidence which I had supplied for their examination. Having not heard further from Lord Woolf I sent a further letter dated 10 October 1997. The reply that I have just received is that the letter could not be found.

The evidence which has been supplied to Lord Woolf and the Lord Chief Justice was costly to prepare and as Lord Woolf has written to say that there is nothing that requires his intervention, this now raises very serious issues. I will write again to Lord Woolf and will enclose a copy of my letter of 10 October 1997. The evidence to show that Mr. Fryer Spedding lied is substantial and has now been shown and supplied to many people who agree that he had indeed lied.

I have made it clear to Lord Woolf and the Lord Chief Justice that I have no intention of conceding a judgement of a man who lied. I can no other than believe that his acts were connected with my opposition to Freemasonry. It is also clear that other members of the judiciary are attempting not only to make me concede the judgement of Mr. Fryer Spedding, yet are in the full knowledge of the evidence that I have supplied to show that, but it is also clear that this is being done in an attempt to protect Mr. Fryer Spedding.

I still await a reply on matters concerning Circuit Judge Helen Paling. At an appeal hearing on 13 August 1997 at Sunderland County Court where I represented my father, I was warned not to speak. Mrs Paling then dismissed the appeal. I was told that if I continued to try to speak I would have been imprisoned again.My father took ill when he saw the way in which Mrs Paling humiliated me. He remains in poor health and has said that he does not wish to see me humiliated again in that way.

If you wish, I can supply you with the evidence to show the former Recorders corrupt actions, or possibly you can obtain access to that evidence either from Lord Woolf or the Court itself?

We do attach some responsibility to certain members of the judiciary in the recent death of my father in law who was also greatly concerned at what has taken place. Shortly before his death he commenced with problems with hypertension. He then had a stroke and died shortly afterwards.

If the judiciary fail to agree that Mr. Fryer Spedding lied, and there is little doubt that the evidence available shows it was not by mistake, then I will stand my ground whatever is done to me.

I again ask for your urgent attention to the matters briefly detailed in the enclosed letter of 27 December 1997.


Yours sincerely


Mr. M. Kellett


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