Criminal Spedding had agreed that both myself and my father had used the alleyway as a garden for more than 27 years. We were and remain the lawful owners of it. Though my father died on April 5 1999 two days after the Sunderland Echo newspaper published on its front page my alleged bankruptcy arranged by the Masonic Judicial Mafia of which Spedding is most certainly a member, he had sworn an affidavit stating that on his death all rights he held in the alleyway land were to pass to me. He agreed in his affidavit that we were the joint owners of that land anyway. By virtue of Section 62 of the Law of Property Act 1925 there was no requirement for any rights to be reserved in any conveyance. Spedding would have known that but probably thought that I would not have. He is still being protected by both the Masonic Judicial and Police Mafia.