Criminal former recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding had agreed that both my late father and I had satisified the reqirements of law to aquire title to the alleyway by twenty seven years of having used it. But his evil mind looked for a way around that by impying that the required period of useage was thirty years. Anyone in continual adverse possession of land or property with no adverse claim being made against them for a period of twelve years, aquires a title to it. Criminal Spedding was clearly aware of that. The thirty year period is only  required if the land or property is under Crown ownership. If the alleyway was Crown land, which it is not, then if they had not made adverse claim to it before the end of thirty years, then they too would lose any claim to it. Criminal Spedding defied this fact of law as he had also defied many others in his haste to screw me for the benefit of his partner in crime Miss Shirley Carr and his Masonic Judicail and Police Mafia pals. The Masonic Mafia Judiciary and Police are allowing this situation to continue. They are therefore guilty of the crime of misconduct in public office which can carry with it a prison sentence of up to seven years. The wheel is about to turn full circle.