This survey report was submitted to criminal former recorder John H.Fryer-Speddding. A look at Spedding's approved transcript of judgment published on this site will show just what lengths he was prepared to go to in order to pervert the course of justice. He was even in contempt of  Supreme Court rules by wrongly trying the cases as a single consolidated action. At that time there was also an order in force refusing that consolidation, but Carr had excluded it from the judges bundle when she had secretly prepared it. This was all part of the fraud and conspiracy to defraud which Carr and criminal solicitor Alison Stott had carried out against me. Had Stott informed the Durham County Court at the outset of her involvement in the cases in 1994 that she was only Carr's assistant, then there is little doubt the outcome would have been very different. Stott and Carr are still being protected by Northumbria Police headed by its mason Chief Constable Mr C. Strachan. Had they done the duty required of them, Carr and Stott would have been arrested by now and the situation I presently find myself in would have been a far more favourable one. Of  course though, this is the sort of treatment one normally expects a mason Chief Constable to carry out against those regarded as being anti-mason. The hole referred to by Smales above, was not the only act that Carr had been responsible for carrying out. Holes had been placed in paving slabs and one had been lifted which adjoined our property to allow the water collecting on the rear sub ground level yard on Carr's property to drain onto the rear yard of our property which is at a lower ground level than that of  Carr's property. The guttering on all of the rear of Carr's property had been deliberately sloped in the direction of our property so we also received all drainage from the rear roof sections of her property as well. All of these evil acts were video filmed and shown to criminal Spedding. They remain available to anyone  who might be interested in matters concerning corrupt judges who assist criminals.

We had agreed to allow Ian Smales to visit our property to carry out a survey on it. Smales was employed by Carr. Weeks after that survey I had gone into an upstairs bedroom of our home. My wife had just changed her clothing and was about to visit her father residing nearby. It was considered that the location of the bedroom window and the fact that the nearest other houses are around a mile away, there was no need to close the bedroom curtains. When I looked out of the window, I saw a man on top of a ladder placed against a building on the smallholding adjoining our garden that Carr had started to establish by her normal practice of deceit. This matter too will eventually be called to account. Masons on the local Authority were involved in assisting Carr with her deception. The man was holding what looked like a camera fitted with a very large telescopic lens and was looking into the rear of our property .When he saw me he made a very hasty retreat down the ladder and I saw that Carr was with him. As he left Carr's I called him to me. I saw that he was none other than Mr Ian Smales. He denied he had a camera and after a while produced from behind his back a pair of binoculars. I told him that what I saw him using was not binoculars. I expressed my anger at what he had been doing and told him that it amouted to Peeping Tom antics. The argument was all being secretly tape recorded by Carr. This was all part of Carr's normal antics. At one time she had even been able to tape record a conversation my wife and I had while we were in our kitchen. We presume that she had placed a microphone close to a slightly open window of our kitchen. I asked for police to attend as the matter of Smales action could have caused a breach of the peace. Police said they agreed that the incident was of a serious nature and they would interview Smales about it. They never returned back to us on the matter. Whether they had interviewed Smales is very doubtful. Smales resides within the Durham Police Force Area and the incident took place within the Northumbria Police force area.

When Smales appeared as a witness for Carr, he was very hostile. That reflected in the way he attempted to avoid material questions during my cross examination of him. Criminal Spedding assisted even more by breaking into a conversation with him during my cross examination. They discussed the length of ladders surveyors are allowed to carry. It had no relevance whatsover and I had not reaised it as an issue during my cross ezamination of Smales. Spedding's interruption had the desired effect. It allowed Smales to avoid answering a very material question.

Solicitor Alison Stott moved from the address given above in Smales survey report heading. She sold her business in 1998 and is now an employee of it. Its address is Alison Stott Solicitors, Aykley Vale Chambers, Aykley Heads, Durham City, Co. Durham. on January 17 1996 Stott declared to the Newcastle County Court that she had not been acting for Carr but had only been assisting her. Stott had accepted work from the courts from 1994 until January 1996. She had then secretly passed it on for Carr to carry out. That included the work of preparing the judges bundle. Carr secretly prepared it and then excluded important documents from it.

Carr is employed as a National Insurance Inspector. The question that I have asked myself is had Carr used her position of employment  for personal gain? Had she struck up her bizzare relationship with solicitor Stott as a result of her visits to Stotts business in the normal course of her work? Had a similar situation arisen also in the case of Smales? Can it really be said to be a normal type relationship for both Stott and Smales to have carried out that which I detail  above? Circumstances suggest that it was probably was. There is also a similar question arising in the involvement and acts of others who might have came into contact with Carr in the course of her employment.


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