The caution criminal Spedding refers to above had been lodged at a time when Green's had agreed to sell No 16 to Carr. There is more than a little evidence to suggest that Carr had master minded the lodging of the caution anyway along with other things which she master minded around that time as well.. The most material statutory declaration referred to above, was sworn by solicitor Paul Graney of Newbottle Street, Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne Wear. The very  material statement he had made within that statututory declaration was an outright lie. When I produced the evidence of his perjury to him he agreed to swear an affidavit retracting that statement. Spedding had four copies of that affidavit in front of him along with four copies of Paul Graney's statutory declaration containing perjury, bur jhe said he had not looked at those. Criminal never look where they should when they should. Mr Graney's statutory declaration and his affidavit will be published on these pages shortly. Detect Sergeant McGann told my wife and I that perjury was not a police matter when we went to see him about the matter at Houghton-le-Spring Police Station.