The letter copied below is proof that Northumbria Police are not investigating my allegations/complaints made against its Chief Constable Mr C. Strachan and officers under his control. I can only presume that the two incidences referred to below relate to an unlawful arrest carried out against me in March of 1999. These are only part of the full list of complaints/allegations that I have made against Northumbria Police which were repeated to detective Steven Coxon at the office of my solicitor Mr Hughes on June 30 1999. Neglect of duty by any police officer makes it a criminal offence under a ruling made in  the case Regina -v- Dytham. The subject of that ruling was also a police officer who was found guilty of neglect of duty. In fact anyone holding public office who deliberately fails to carry out the duty required of him or her becomes guilty of the crime of misconduct in public office.This crime is not well know to members of the general public. I have no knowledge whatsoever of the identy of the senior officer referred to in the letter below. Certainly up to this present time of 27 February 2000 no contact has been made with me by such senior police officer mentioned above.

The matter of the alleged investigation being carried out by detective Inspector Steven Coxon is now shown to have been nothing short of a delaying action to allow events to overtake me in which its very clear the Masonic Mafia have a hand. In the matter of the statement that my complaints are closely related to judicial proceedings against me is without any foundation whatsoever. The unlawful arrest of me in March of 1999 has nothing whatsoever to do with any judicial proceedings against me nor were there any such links in the statements/allegations that I made to DI Coxon on June 30 1999. After the unlawful arrest carried out against me in March of last year I was also denied the right of someone being informed of where I had been taken and detained along with my rights of access to a doctor and solicitor. Two police officers involved in that matter have already committed perjury in  statements they have made concerning it. Later I was dumped outside of Sunderland Royal  Hospital after a doctor had told police at Washington to take me to the nearest hospital. When the custody sergeant had seen that I was seriously ill he had telephoned for that doctor who there and then issued his instruction after I had detailed to him my pain along with the medication I take. Very  recent events concerning police acts against me show that they have no concern for the care and welfare of those subject of their custody. I was arrested by Durham police after a doctor had lied in an allegation he had made about me. He will be named in due course and the matter will be pursued before the appropriate authorities On February 1 2000 after police failure of duty after my arrest at Durham City where for three hours I had requested a doctor attend to me, I was eventually taken to Dryburn Hospital at Durham in a collapsed state. I was then placed on life support equipment. After becoming aware of another pending unlawful act that was about to be carried out against me, I discharged myself from the cardiac care ward of the hospital at very short notice. Nurses confirmed that there was evidence showing that I have a serious further health problem and that by discharging myself I was placing my life at risk.My life is already at risk from the Masonic Mafia who either rule or influence just about every sphere of the UK justice system supported by the Masonic Mafia Chiefs operating from the London Court of Appeal. Solicitor Michael Fisher who represented the "Guildford Four" stated in a national radio broadcast that the London Court of Appeal was "perceived to be riddled with masons". The evidence to show that statement has a firm foundation is substantial. For years Lord Woolf has been taking part in "Secret Briefings" there against all litigants in person.. His act presently forms part of a complaint to the European Court.

Northumbria Police have been provided with substantial evidence that my civil opponent of five years, a National Insurance Inspector named Miss Shirley Carr used substantial material perjury during the civil proceedings between us. The only pending judicial proceedings involve false allegations made by Carr who is the principle witness in the Masonic Mafia police  and judicial actions against me. It is more than clear that the Masonic Mafia police require Carr as a means to cause me more damage. Some of the evidence of Carr's use of perjury is now published on this site. Police have also been provided with this and other evidence in August of 1999. They have failed in their duty to act upon that evidence and by doing so those responsible become guilty of the crime of misconduct in public office. Of course it would never do for Masonic Mafia policemen to act upon evidence of the criminal act of perjury when the person having committed it is required as there principle witness in the false allegations she has made against me. They are therefore shown to be protecting a criminal, Miss Shirley Carr by virtue of her use of  perjury which she used in the civil proceedings between us. It would also not go down too well if in the course of judicial proceedings it was announced that Carr had been arrested for the criminal offence of perjury. An appeal in the divisional courts against a conviction of my alleged harassment of Carr made at Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court has now been lodged. I have made statements on this site to show that the Magistrates Court Chief Clerk was party to a cover up of illegal proceedings at that court in 1986 after I had been battered and struck by a car that was deliberately driven at me. More evidence to support this fact is to be published shortly along with evidence that the Lord Chancellors Department were also actively involved in that cover up of illegal court proceedings. My appeal against that conviction was refused at the Newcastle Court  on December 21 1999. Reporting restrictions were imposed so I am unable to detail at present facts which I believe should be made public at the earliest opportunity. On the basis of that refusal an appeal has been lodged in the Divisional Court.  

Below is copied the latest letter which I have received from the Northumbria Police Authority. My complaint/allegations to the Authority were submitted under Section 86 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984. They concern allegations which come within the ruling  of criminal acts made under the case Regina -v- Dytham referenced above. The Authority have already agreed that my complaints also relate to the mason Chief Constable of Northumbria, Mr C. Strachan.

It will be seen that the Northumbria Police Authority say below that the investigation into my allegations  I made against police officers continues. The above letter confirms that such alleged investigations have never even started. Who is telling the truth?  One or the other or even both  is not.

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