This is taken from a video film made on March 8 1994. It was taken immediately before actions between Carr and I commenced. It shows part of the rear yard of Carr's property. The wall in the backround is part of  my property No 16A. Behind it is No. 16A. To the left it  there is shown a paving slab Carr had lifted to assist her drainage to flow onto our property. Holes had been put beneath that wall to assist that situation. Smales survey report parts of which are published on this site, confirms this fact. The tray beneath the chair also performed a very clever function. Beneath it was another hole. When Carr's yard started to flood because it had no drains on it, the plastic tray would float above the hole allowing the drainage to flow into the hole. The hole adjoins the boundary between No 16 and 16A but as even criminal former recorder John H Fryer-Spedding had to admit, our property No. 16A is at a significantly lower level than that of Carr's property No. 16. So when Carr's drainage had flowed through onto our property, the plastic tray would seat neatly over that hole thus concealing it. The top of a parapet wall seen on the right is the  natural general level of the surrounding land. Carr's property rear yard and our own is some two feet below natural ground level. This is all shown by means of the video film evidence submitted before criminal John Fryer-Spedding. When the video film evidence is processed, it will hopefully be possible to show more of just what has been done to me in the name of alleged justice by Masonic Judicial Mafia Lucifer worshippers. I hope too that the photographs will also be clearer than the one shown above. I understand that they will be.

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