The above letter should have been dated 1993 not 1992 as given.

The District Judge referred to above would have been aware that it is unlawful for Deputy District Judge Baird to hear an appeal from an order made by a District Judge. The Court manager Mr I. Cuthbertson would also have been aware of this as well. So here we have both a District Judge, believed to have been Mr Scott-Phillips, and the Court Manager covering up unlawful court proceedings. It was so similar a situation to the attempted cover up by the Chief Clerk of Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court Mr Bavidge when unlawful proceedings had taken place there as well following my having been battered and struck by a car that was driven at me. In that situation The Lord Chancellors Department assisted Bavidge with the cover up. Bavidge has still not replied to my letter to him of December 8 1998. That letter is is included on this site.

Baird was the first judge to hear the actions between Carr and I. I had not recognised him otherwise I would not have allowed him, being party to previous criminal acts against me to hear that action. At that time he not only gave Carr everything she wanted but also allowed her the use of two advocates. One of them was Kevin Kerrigan and the other was Professor Kenny. Bothe were, and may still be, employees of the University of Northumbria Law School. Though I required the assistance of my wife at that time, Baird refused her entry into his chambers. I provided to Baird evidence that Carr had no title to the land subject of dispute. He ignored it and ordered that Carr be allowed to remove the fence which we had placed on our land and for her to go into possession of it. Criminals sometimes just dont know when to stop. When those criminals are judges and they are being protected by LC Irvine, and MOR Woolf and Masonic Mafia policemen, what is the answer? By assisting and protecting criminals these people are also criminals by virtue of case law under Regina -v- Dytham. Do their positions of power mean they are exempt from the rule of law? The answer is of course not and they may be about to find this out. It is not, and never will be my intention to concede any order made by criminals.

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