Saturday 22nd September 2001.

Both Durham and Northumbria Police continue to protect judicial and other crime. Part of that crime is published on this site. Northumbria Police Authority situated at the Gateshead Civic Centre are also shown by evidence to be protecting high level crime carried out by the most senior officers of Northumbria Police. Gateshead Civic Centre like that based at Sunderland is a hotbed of masons. Evidence of my allegations regarding Northumbria Police Authority will be published in due course. It is not my intention to allow that Authority to assist in protecting crime which is also being unlawfully protected by Durham and Northumbria Police. Those police officers involved in covering up crime render themselves liable to arrest as do others under the crime of misconduct in public office.

Around some two weeks ago I had a meeting with Fraser Kemp MP. I am still awaiting his reply to the matters I reported to him. I hope to be able to publish details of that meeting and my recent correspondence with others in public office of what our alleged democracy is attempting to hide and protect. I have consented to part of the contents of a recent letter I received from the Home Office to be published in a book nearing completion by an outspoken author and documentary film producer dealing with crime.

The Office for the Supervision of Solicitors continue to carry out action in an attempt to cover up criminal activities by solicitors. Too many are aware of the true purpose of that establishment and thanks to the Internet, it is now possible for all of us to compare notes. Evidence against the OSS will be published in due course.

As usual, there are other ongoing matters of which I cannot detail at present. I will publish details of them just as soon as I am sure that it will not have an adverse effect on my current situation.

I am receiving significant correspondence from groups situated in the USA in the matter of the destruction of the World Trade Centre. I deal with that on my editorial page.

Tuesday 4th September 2001

Below is copied my latest submissions to leading UK Internet newsgroups.

It is a sad fact of life that the English justice system is well and truly off the rails, this if in fact it was ever on them. Inspector Gibson of Durham Constabulary acting apparently on the instructions of Detective Superintendent I. Scott told me last week that when a judge lies it is a judicial decision and is therefore not a criminal matter. If I was to believe that I would also believe that Alice in wonderland was real. A leading UK barrister has written to me pointing out that judicial misconduct is not protected while the way a judge arrives at his judgement is. Visit and judge for yourselves whether what is written there has anything whatsoever to do with justice. I am satisfied that at its roots is Freemasonry who have a strangle hold on many justice systems world wide.

I have just received a letter from the Home Office in reply to my recent letter to the Home Secretary. Its full contents will eventually be published on, and others. It is for and in the general public interest that it must and should be published.

The Home Office has written the following: "The Government are aware of the abuse of power and condemns corruption wherever it is found, including the police forces of England and Wales..... The law is intended to apply equally to everybody and no single group of people should consider themselves above the law for whatever reason. The Government considers that police officers who abuse their positions should be identified and dealt with...."

Chief Constables who fail to do the duty required of them are responsible to the Police Authority for their own area of operations. There is more than a little evidence available to show that certain members of the various Police Authorities are corrupt and are actually protecting corrupt Chief Constables. Again, the common thread would appear to be Freemasonry.

I am awaiting a reply to my letter to the Chief Constable of Durham Constabulary. In that letter which I may also decide to publish on the above web sites, I have pointed out a number of facts and questions which require his reply. I wont accept judicial crime as protected anymore than I will accept that perjury and acts of fraud carried out during civil court actions under case numbers DH400950, DH400898 and NE401650 is also being protected by both Durham and Northumbria police.

A letter of several weeks ago I sent to the Northumbria Police Authority in the matter of the Chief Constable of Northumbria Mr C. Strachan failing to reply to my letters, has been sent by the Authority to him. The Northumbria Police Authority would on the face of it seem also to be having some difficulty in receiving a reply from its Chief Constable.

The question which has also arisen is when our police authorities fail to carry out the public duties required of them, who do those corrupted members become accountable to and what action should be taken against them? Anyone holding public office has a duty to the public for whom they are in power to serve. The minute they decide to abuse that power by deliberately carrying out acts contrary to their public duty they become guilty of the crime of misconduct in public office. Such crime carries with it a possible prison sentence of up to seven years. It is therefore an arrestable offence covered by The Police and Criminal Evidence Act Section 24 (5). Any member of the public can carry out such arrest just so long as no more force is used during it than is reasonably necessary. There are people now willing to act as witnesses while such citizens arrests are carried out. Video filming of such arrests is also necessary to prevent any allegations of the use of un-necessary force being used during the arrest. Problems arise as to whom the arrested person should

be surrendered to. When corrupt police are arrested would it be sensible to deliver them to a police force when evidence exists that its own Chief Constable is proved by evidence to be guilty of deliberately failing in his public duty as well? Should we first arrest the Chief Constable who is ultimately responsible for the conduct of the officers under him? Who should he be surrendered to? How long should the arrested person be held by a citizen before surrendering him or her to a competent authority?

Solicitors are officers of the Supreme Court with special privileges. Are they not therefore holding public office? When a solicitor carries out actions amounting to the abuse of their position, including the use of criminal activities, can such abuse be considered as crimes in public office?

published by Maurice Kellett, 16A The Lyons, Hetton-le-Hole, Tyne-Wear

DH5 0HT. email Internet web sites at,, and others.

Item ends.

Two senior police officers travelled from another police force area last week to interview me in regard to crime carried out against me. It was the most painful meeting with police that I have ever experienced. The question of that crime would never have arisen were it not for the crime protection racket certain named police officers are engaged with in the matter of protecting judges and others I name on this site. The Chief Constables of Northumbria and Durham Constabulary will eventually be called to account for what evidence shows are their sheer defiance to act on crime reported to them. helps clarify the definition of police corruption. The Home Office are now in receipt of the facts of my case and have acknowledged to me the abuse of power now being carried out in England and Wales. Those responsible for crimes against me will be brought to trial no matter how long it takes.

I continue to hear what are also other horror stories from various sources. A few days ago a man contacted me on the matter of his son's suicide following harassment by senior police officers of the force he served with. Northumbria Police was mentioned but it was not made clear whether the deceased officer had been employed with that force. A visit to throws some extra light on matters existing within that force. I am aware of far more than that. I would also recommend a visit to web site for some extremely good thought provoking articles. Joe Lloyd, a solicitor, recently contacted me. From what he has written, he is surely one of a dying breed of good men who is well aware of the true state of the English justice system. We do have a justice system, but justice as defined by those subject of its evil is not the same sort of justice as defined by those who carry it out. To those employed within the justice system who have refused to become corrupt men, I would say that I am sorry if when I use the plural in describing the general bodies which employ them, I seemingly imply that all policemen and judges are corrupt. I accept that there are many good judges and policemen. The problem seems to be that they are in general decline according to increasing information being supplied to me from many sources. I always respect reports from those who detail corruption within the justice system. No such reports will go to waste. Without justice as would be defined by the general public, we have no real democracy. I am sorry to say that I believe we have now arrived at the latter situation.

There are other moves presently underway in my case but it is necessary to keep these private for the moment.

A newspaper owner in the USA recently contacted me following him having passed an item from me to a senior police officer in the USA. That officer confirms a similar situation there of which presently exists here. When the bubble finally bursts it will spell disaster for many people. The present situation cannot last indefinitely.

I am still interested in any official Masonic records. I thank those who have already contributed them but more are always needed. Strict confidence is assured. Anonymous contributions are of course also always very welcome. Such records are stored well away from my home address for security reasons and as a precaution against the possibility of those being identified who contributed them. If Freemasonry wants to survive, it must accept that it must rid itself of the secrecy element which sustains much of the crime which many of its members are engaged with. Numbers of masons are in general decline in the UK as those within it accept the truth that it does not make good men better. Its probable that without the secrecy element, Freemasonry would cease to exist as it now does. Why does Freemasonry insist on its secrecy element when it presently threatens its very existence? What is its secrecy element really hiding?

It is now known that several police forces and the Home Office are monitoring this web site.

Right will always prevail just so long as there is a determination that it must.

Wednesday 15th August 2001.

In brief, four police forces are presently aware of crimes which I have been subjected to committed by persons within their areas. I am informed by one of these that they are conducting investigations into my various allegations some of which are published on these pages. I am awaiting a visit from senior police officers from another area in regard to them. There are obvious signs that when matters of Freemasonry are concerned police are reluctant to do their duty. The fact that it is clear there are so many police officers who are masons then I should expect their reluctance and at times almost downright refusal to investigate crime as a natural reaction. When and if it should become necessary, I will publish the facts and evidence to support my latter statement. I have long since come to accept that what police say and what they do are not very often the same when Freemasonry is involved.

The Prime Minister and now the Home Secretary have been made aware of the fact that crime used against me is being protected by certain named police forces. They are also aware that the fraud etc. used against by former John H. Fryer-Spedding is also being protected by police in their failure to have acted on the evidence of it that I have provided to them. Two police forces offer differing opinions as to who should carry out the investigations into former recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding. The situation is the same in regard to National Insurance Inspector Miss Shirley Carr's use of perjury and her part in omitting material documentation from John H Fryer-Speddings bundles when she prepared them without permission of the courts etc. The Police Resources Unit at the Home Office are also now aware of the current situation. It is a crime for any police officer to deliberately fail to act on evidence of crime supplied or reported to him. In the meantime I continue to suffer the effects and threats from the various crimes used against me by Spedding, Carr, solicitor Stott and Co. Under a ruling made by the late Lord Denning, no order of any court can be allowed to stand when fraud has been used to obtain it. That ruling remains valid. The first part of the fraud used by John H. Fryer-Spedding was in falsely alleging the three cases, DH400950,DH400898 and NE401650 had been subject of a consolidation order and instead of trying the actions one after the other he simply tried them as a single action. My case preparation notes were useless under the circumstances. Spedding then carried out a catalogue of acts which evidence shows were intended to pervert the course of justice. He allowed Carr the use of liberal and material perjury in her defence against my actions. He even warned me not to draw attention to the fact that Carr was swearing contrary statements while I questioned her in the witness box. Spedding's practices followed an all too familiar pattern used by Freemasonry to destroy its opponents.

As usual there are other ongoing matters which I am unable to publish right now. My friends however are being kept updated. One thing I can say is that my suspicions about solicitor Charles David Hughes of Harding Swinburne Jackson & Co have turned out to be right. More on this later.

Saturday 14th July 2001.

In late May 2001 I had a meeting with three senior officers of Northumbria Police at the forces headquarters at Ponteland. Attending with me was author and documentary film producer Steve Richards. The three officers detailed to me what they had decided should be investigated by their force. At this point in time for various reasons I have decided not to name them. They also told me that they had decided that crimes committed in the matter of civil cases DH400950, DH400898 and NE401560 should be investigated by Durham Constabulary. Their reason for arriving at that decision was that the cases DH400950 and DH400898 had been commenced at the Durham County Court. I wonder why it has taken Northumbria Police so long to arrive at that decision? They have been in receipt of substantial evidence since August 2000 of the crimes committed in the name of alleged justice by former Recorder John Fryer-Spedding, various judges at the Durham County Court, Miss Shirley Carr and solicitor Alison Stott.

This week I had a meeting at Durham Constabulary Aykley Heads Headquarters with Inspector Gibson. I made a statement to him detailing crimes in cases DH400950 and DH400898. He did not want to hear from me any allegation of crime committed outside of the Durham Police Force Area which involved case NE401650. I asked Inspector Gibson that I be allowed to place my signature against the statements I had made to him. His reply was that I was not required to do that. I informed him that I believed that was a requirement in any formal complaint's procedure. He replied that it might be weeks, months, or even years before a formal statement was taken from me. Does this man really expect me to accept that statement without question? What was his reason for making such a statement? Any police officer who fails to act on crime reported to him or of which he is witness becomes guilty of the crime of misconduct in public office under the ruling made in case Regina -v- Dytham. They too become liable to arrest under that ruling. If such arrest wont be carried out by the police then a citizen has the lawful right and in fact duty to do it. Those police officers who fail to arrest a fellow officer under these circumstances are also liable to citizens arrest. Police have a paid duty to carry out and failing to carry out that duty is a very serious matter.

In the light of my earlier meeting with senior officers of Northumbria Police in May and my meeting with Inspector Gibson during this past week, I await replies to my letter sent this week to the Chief Constable of Northumbria and also to Inspector Gibson.

The conduct of the Chief Constable of North Yorkshire, Mr Kenworthy, is now called into serious question. A matter which implicates him in the possible cover up of crime has arisen. These matters have been reported in a complaint forwarded on to North Yorkshire Police. Close friends have been made aware of the facts surrounding this matter. For various reasons I have decided not to publish the details surrounding this at the present time.

A national register is in the course of preparation for anyone who may be interested in being a witness while citizens arrests are carried out against those holding public office. Such witnesses will not take part in the actual arrest. If you are interested please forward your contact details to

It is known that several police forces are now monitoring this web site. Included amongst them are Northumbria and North Yorkshire Police and Durham Constabulary.

Tuesday 3rd July 2001.

There are further developments. However it is not possible to publish the details of them at present. All close friends are being kept informed of them at present.

Monday 25th June 2001.

My wife, Joyce Kellett, presently residing at Dacre Banks, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, not being content in using forgery and deception to obtain all of the assets of our thirty years marriage, has thrown in her lot with the criminals who at one time we were both fighting.

In May of 1998 she purchased a property at Dacre Banks for the sum of sixty five thousand pounds cash. After that purchase evidence shows that she had at least twenty eight thousand pounds remaining. In an attempt to hang on to her gains obtained by crime she commenced divorce proceedings in June of 1998. The divorce was unlawful. District Judge Grills sitting at the Harrogate County Court failed to give me the opportunity to reply to her Petition For Divorce. By failing to do that he breached his judicial oath. An act amounting to no less than high treason. As such, the proceedings before him must be null and void. Anyone who regards it in any other way must be regarded as being as twisted as the judge. When judges turn to criminal acts then any order they make while committing such acts must be invalid.

As further evidence of the corrupt Masonic controlled/influenced establishment others who knew that my wife purchased the property at Dacre Banks for cash are the Official Receiver at Stockton-Upon-Tees, The Chief Constable of North Yorkshire, Mr. Kenworthy, who has failed to act on the matters of my wife's forgeries and other matters, and my wife's solicitor a Mr. Mellors of Barber Titley Solicitors, 6 North Park Road, Harrogate. The Official Receiver had been in contact with Mellors in 1999 According to my daughter Dawn, Mellors had suggested that my wife should lie in the statements she made in her Petition For Divorce. Since our divorce would benefit him financially, I do not doubt the truth of what Dawn told me. By law, all transactions for a period of two years before bankruptcy are taken into account. My alleged bankruptcy was ordered in January of 1999. It had been engineered by bent judges named on this web site, with criminal former Recorder John Fryer-Spedding heading them. The purchase of the property at Dacre Banks for 65 thousand pounds cash and my wife having at least 28 thousand pounds remaining after its purchase, was well within the two year period, have not been taken into account as is required by law. Even if the bankruptcy was lawful, and God knows that there is enough evidence published on this web site to prove that it is not, then I could still not be bankrupt. Why is my wife being protected by the corrupt establishment? Well I can now reveal the reason is pure and simple. Freemasonry. There can be no other reason and my situation alone has allowed these rats to be drawn out of their holes. Many others also suffer similar acts from our bent Masonic riddled establishment. The more these scum carry out criminal acts against me the more evidence they provide of the real situation existing here and their unsuitability to hold public office.

Mr. Kenworthy Chief Constable of North Yorkshire and part of his mob, and we do have some mob rule operating within our justice system, failed to act on the contents of my Statement of Truth which I supplied to him earlier this year. By not doing that he showed he is unfit to hold such high public office of Chief Constable. If what I have placed in that Statement of Truth can be shown to be untrue and that I knew its contents to be untrue, then Kenworthy had a duty to act against me. He did not do that either other than simply fail to investigate my allegations or even answer my subsequent letters containing highly relevant questions. He almost certainly knows that I can prove the facts I placed in that Statement of Truth. But of course if he is a mason, would he really want that? This is only one of the many reasons why masons should never be allowed to hold any public office.

No action has yet been taken by the authorities to arrest Miss Shirley Carr for acts carried out to pervert the course of justice, fraud, conspiracy to defraud aided and abetted by solicitor Alison Stott, formerly of Aykley Vale Chambers, Durham. I am now informed that Stott has gone into retirement. She will in time be called to account for her criminal acts detailed along with some evidence on this web site. Former Recorder John Fryer-Spedding whose perverse judgement was instrumental in engineering my alleged bankruptcy is also still free. By this time he should have been serving a prison sentence for having taken acts to pervert the course of justice. Instead he too sits in retirement while I am left trying to sort out the situation left by the fruit of his crimes. Citizens arrests of these people still remains an option. If police wont act on the evidence I have provided to them of my allegations then the situation they invite is indeed a very dangerous one and not just for me.

My wife, not content with her use of forgery and deception to gain all assets of our marriage, according to her Son in Law, but probably not mine, a Mr. Speight, had been having an affair with his best friend for a period of five years prior to her application for divorce. His best friend has apparently never been married. Mr. Speight, described himself to me as being bi-sexual. Until recent years I had believed that I had a daughter named Lisa whom Speight had married. According to rumours emerging after my wife parted from me, Lisa now 30 years old, may not be my daughter after all. I am not too saddened by this given the facts now emerging. Learning the truth about Mr. Speight and his best friend, a guy named Phillips, did help me to accept and see the situation for what it is.

There are other ongoing matters on which I cannot publish details about at this time. As soon as I can do so then I will also publish details of those matters as well.

Friday 22nd June 2001.

It is now known that solicitor Alison Stott extensively named on this web site, has decided to go into retirement.

Detective Chief Superintendent Atkinson of Northumbria Police, also named on this web site went into retirement some two months ago.

Saturday 16th June 2001.

No. 10 Downing Street has written to say that my letter to the Prime Minister Mr. Tony Blair will be passed to the Home Office.

The Chief Constable of North Yorkshire, Mr. Kenworthy's failure to reply and act on matters of crime reported to him are to be reported to the European Court of Human Rights as a blatant dereliction of the duty required of him. Acts such as his are becoming an all too common occurrence now. It must be halted if justice and law is to be upheld.

I await a reply to my recent letter to the Chief Constable of Durham which also involves crime reported and detailed to him.

I am unable to publish details yet of other ongoing matters. I will do so as soon as I am satisfied it will cause no difficulties.

Tuesday 5th June 2001.

Three weeks ago I returned home after spending several weeks in Shri Lanka. There I met, spoke and lived with at times a cross section of the various communities. The civil war continues there which is a disaster for that country. I linked up with a Dutch friend who is working in the humanitarian field. We travelled together to a number of homes in various parts of the country, for the crippled and handicapped etc. which he refers to as his projects. I also met and travelled with Dutch girls who are working to help those of the population who are unable to help themselves. I cannot praise these Dutch people high enough. Some of the conditions under which they worked were very bad. I have decided to try to help the situation in the country if that will be possible. My Dutch friend, who is a former journalist, and I had lunch with two government ministers. One of them was a Sri Lanka government cabinet minister. We had met them during a trip to look at a new school being erected for the use of mentally handicapped people. Funds for that project had been provided by a man who owned a large hotel nearby at Mawanella. It was an honour to have met and had lunch with him and to have been introduced to some of his family. The area had experienced some bad problems two days before we arrived there. There was a news blackout in force at that time so I prefer not to detail what the problems were there. The Shri Lanka Cabinet Minister said that he hoped I would return to their country. I now have many friends there who I came to love and it is my intention to return.

On a number of occasions while I was alone in the more northerly part of the country fairly close to the war zone I had to submit to being searched while sub machine guns were pointed at me. I was prevented from going fully into the war zone by army road blocks. I also had meetings with senior Nuns who were doing valuable relief work in various parts of the country. I am to assist them wherever possible and links have been forged. I attended at Catholic churches and saw first hand the hope they had given to the many who otherwise would have had no hope at all. Churches were nearly always full to the point that many stood outside and took part in the services. I have never witnessed the like of that before in a foreign country.

On arrival back home I was greeted with an e-mail message saying welcome back to hell. It is a sad reflection in the decline of the UK that others can now describe it as hell. Despite having a number of narrow escapes from situations which could have resulted in my death, I never felt as threatened in Shri Lanka as I do in England. On one occasion foreign journalists warned me that I was in danger. In fact they said that they had met that afternoon people who might be the ones to kill me. I donít think that I have ever placed my trust more in God than I did while I was there. Some of the people I met were in any event worth taking risks for.

I hope to be publishing contact details shortly for those who wish to contribute to help in the welfare of the poor people etc., of Shri Lanka. I met many of them and they are amongst the best people that I have ever met.

Sunday 15th April 2001.

Barrister Neil Addison

Following my having supplied him with a copy of the material evidence which had been suppressed both in my trial and appeal for alleged harassment of National Insurance Carr the woman who used considerable perjury during the civil actions between us, some of which is published on this web site, Mr Neil Addison decided to part company with me. He says that my case should go to the European Court but also wrongly says that all court action in the UK is at an end. It is a criminal offence to deliberately suppress material evidence in any criminal court proceedings. Why Mr Addison has decided to part company at this late stage is not entirely clear. He claims that he is embarrassed by my having contacted him about the evidence that was suppressed. Mr Addison had in fact been e-mailing and telephoning me when it seemed to suit his purpose but it would seem did not like it the other way around. The suppressed evidence proved that Carr had again lied when she falsely claimed that I had approached and threatened her at the Sunderland County Court. That was part of my conviction. An officer of the court was in attendance and had told Northumbria Police that nothing of note had occurred there. So why did Northumbria Police and the Crown Prosecution Service prosecute me for something an officer of the court said had not happened? This is a typical evil act of authorities influenced or controlled by masons. Just for good measure, Washington Crown Prosecution Service attempted to blackmail me following another false allegation by Carr for alleged harassment. Barrister Mr Addison told me that he was disappointed that the action was dropped following the judge having said that my trial was a waste of public money and not in the public interest. There was evidence to show that Carr had again lied in that matter as well. Mr Addison will be asked to supply some answers to questions I will put to him. A Petition to the House of Lords is being planned and it has already been decided that the case will be subject of an application to the European Court. The matter of the suppressed evidence should also have a bearing on what action is next required. Solicitor Hughes who had the evidence which was suppressed on file continues to fail to answer my letters or return files belonging to me.


Northumbria Police have finally agreed to investigate the allegation/evidence I have supplied to them along with more recent matters. This was agreed in a recent telephone conversation with one of the forces senior officers. I have raised the question however as to whether in the circumstances Northumbria Police could be regarded as being impartial as I am a well known anti-mason and it is my understanding that the Chief Constable of Northumbria Police is a mason. The question of why Northumbria Police backed a prosecution of me in regard to Carr's false allegations of harassment at the Sunderland County Court suggests that my allegations/evidence should be investigated by another police force by officers who are not masons. All I require is justice but this is shown by evidence to have been deliberately denied to me.


It is now almost a year since the European Court agreed to appoint one of its judges to investigate the civil litigation between Carr and I. I have been caused considerable damage following Carr's criminal acts relative to it, aided and abetted by solicitor Alison Stott of Durham, former Recorder John Fryer-Spedding, and other judges named on this web site. It is hoped that the investigations by the European Court will commence sometime this year. There is now more available evidence and this will be forwarded on to the Court.


There are ongoing matters with two other police forces following my approach to them. I still cannot at this time publish any details about these matters. Close friends continue to be kept updated.

I have been contacted by a TV program producer and hope that part of what has been carried out against me will become subject of a television documentary. Several months ago another TV company producing the Kilroy TV program told me that they had examined this web site and might consider its contents as material for one of their programs.

Sunday 25th March

There are ongoing matters with reported crime to three police forces. Due to possible interference with any investigations, at the moment I cannot publish details of these matters. I will do so as soon as possible. Close friends are being kept updated.

Tuesday 20th March 2001.


I am awaiting a reply from Mr Kenworthy the Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police. The matter concerns fraud and conspiracy to defraud. A senior detective from that force has attempted to pass this matter on to another police force for investigation despite the crimes having been committed within the North Yorkshire Police area. Two letters regarding this matter have been sent to Mr Kenworthy in the past one and a half weeks. At the present time none of these has received a reply. Full facts regarding this matter have been relayed to my trusted friends.


Almost two weeks ago I collected some files from solicitor C.D. Hughes of 58 Frederick Street, Sunderland. On examination the files were found to be incomplete. I also found a document which should have been used in my defence of a false allegation of harassment at the Sunderland County Court made by Miss Shirley Carr who is employed as a National Insurance Inspector. That document should also have been used in my trial. See details on my Stop Press page. Evidence of Carr's perjury which she used as part of her defence in the civil litigation between us is published on this website. Carr is being used by mason led Northumbria Police as an instrument against me. Despite Northumbria Police being in possession of substantial evidence which confirm my allegations against her, they continue to fail in their public duty to act on it. By failing in that duty, those police officers responsible are deemed to be criminals by virtue of the crime of misconduct while holding public office. They are are also in breach of European Human Rights Law of which we are all now subject as of October 2nd 2000. They are not outside of the law which it would seem they consider themselves to be. I believe that solicitor Mr C.D. Hughes is a member of the duty solicitor scheme for Northumbria Police.

Despite solicitor Hughes having been made aware that certain of the documentation missing from my files is urgently required, still he has neither sent that documentaion to me or replied to my recent letters to him. This is a situation which I will not allow to continue. Mr Hughes did hold material evidence on my files which ought to have been used in my appeal against Carr's false allegations. I had not even been made aware of  the existence of it. He, like solictor A.N. Jackson of Malcolm Smith & Co. Hartlepool suppressed that evidence. Carr had falsely alleged that I had approached  and threatened her in the Sunderland County Court in 1997. The document which has been supressed was a letter from the Crown Prosecution Service at Washington, Tyne-Wear to solicitor A.N. Jackson who is also a mason. That letter confirmed that Northumbria Police had spoken to a security officer who was in the courtroom on the day of Carr's allegation against me. In fact he had been asked to enter the courtroom as a precaution. I have yet to ascertain whether this is normal practice. The security officer had confirmed that "nothing of note occurred." Despite this very material fact, Carr's allegation regarding the Sunderland County Court formed part of the prosecution case against me. The case was instigated by mason led Northumbria Police and its partner in misconduct, Washington Crown Prosecution Service. Later Washington CPS attempted to blackmail me in attempts to have me remove material from this website. Why did solicitors A.N. Jackson and C.D. Hughes supress that that evidence?  Certainly supressing it did me harm, so were these people really working for me? The only answer can be, NO. I have published many times that the British Justice System is out of control. There is more and more evidence becoming available to show this.


So many masons are becoming disillusioned with the Brotherhood that it appears the Grand Lodge has launched a recruitment campaign. In a recent visit to another part of the county I confronted  a group of  masons trying to sell to others the idea that Freemasonry was an honourable organisation. They were handing out literature and showing Masonic video films in attempts to recruit new members to their unholy and corruption ridden organisation. I listened to all of the very familiar arguments they used and it was clear that such arguments had been planted in their heads by their Masonic Masters. None of their arguments held water. One of them agreed that they believed they knew who I was so I identified myself and confirmed the address of this webite to them. I would say this to them, by joining Freemasonry you have given up your souls to evil. By trying to invite others to do so you become part of that evil. Why not join a worthy organisation such as the Salvation Army. To join that Army, they would never ask you to roll up your trouser leg, bear your chest, have a rope placed around your neck, a bag over your head, and a knife pointed to your heart and then be threatened with having your throat cut from ear to ear and your tongue torn out should you divulge any information to outsiders gained while being a mason. It is strange, but when I think of so many people in public service having undergone this ritual to become masons, what is their state of sanity? Children would be condemned if they enacted this ritual, but full grown men who have undergone it,  sit as judges, police officers, solicitors, MP's  ect., etc. When the public accept, which it seems they are,  that everything is in order when men such as these can rule, we surely all have something to be concerned about.


I would like to thank those responsible for the hospitality and meal I received at a pub when I visited an area close to the midlands. A Human Rights self help group has been set up there and their meetings form part of a social evening at a local pub. I was impressed by the content of discussion concerning law and police corruption. I would recommend to others setting up similar local groups where justice, corruption etc., could become part of the discussion forum with self  and mutual help being part of the agenda. There are many who are deprived of justice and have to rely on bent solicitors and equally bent courts for justice. Believe me when I say that comparing notes with other victims has many rewards.


I have been asked to take part in a survey of her services by Legal Services Ombudsman Ann Abraham. She writes that she hopes that I will take part in the survey. I will indeed take part and make clear that her alleged investigation into matters I reported to her was to say the least, flawed and should be a matter for concern to all.

Saturday 10th March 2001.

Supression Of Material Evidence.

See my Stop Press page for details of the latest new evidence I have obtained to show supression of material evidence in my prosecution for alleged harassment of Carr.

Other updates should follow over the next forty eight hours.

Thursday 7th March.

An application has now been lodged for leave to appeal the House of Lords in the matter of my alleged harassment of Carr. The application now includes whether in cases such as my own, judges should declare any membership of Freemasonry. There is little question that my rights under Article 6(1) of the European Convention of Human Rights have been breached by appeal court judges refusing to declare any membership of Freemasonry. Failing a just resolution the matter of Freemasonry will be subject of an application to the European Court of Human Rights. There is also another ongoing case in Scotland relative to judges failing to declare membership of Freemasonry. Masons can no longer be allowed to be exempt from the normal rules governing impartiality.

Saturday 3rd March


Northumbria Police and its Authority situated at the Civic Centre Gateshead, continue to defy the law and rules of which they too are subject. The local media has published a report about a local businessman who is alleged to have been beaten up by two of its police officers. The case has apparently been left lying for so long that one of the officers has been reinstated. Under European Human Rights Law, if a case is not brought before the courts in reasonable time, then there are grounds to dismiss the case. Did Northumbria Police deliberately delay the case? I understand that the businessman is to take the matter further. 

Viv and the Geordie Mafia.

This is a book by author Steve Richards. It is a highly controversial book and relates to further allegations into corruption within Northumbria Police. The source to obtain this book can be obtained via the latest link to Charles Bronson's web site. That web site also contains the source information for other books that are difficult to obtain.


There are other ongoing matters relative to another two police forces. I will publish details as soon as publication cannot cause any problems.


I have sent a letter giving an ultimatum to solicitor Charles David Hughes of Sunderland. Despite many requests and visits to his office at 58 Frederick Street, City of Sunderland, he continues to withhold files belonging to me. He has been aware for numerous weeks that those files were urgently required by me. An official meeting with acting detective inspector Steven Coxon and another police officer of Northumbria Police took place at the office of C.D.Hughes on 30th June 1999. Mr Hughes was in attendance throughout. During that meeting I made serious allegations about police officers, judges and others. I was never required to place my signature against those allegations. After numerous requests to Mr Hughes to explain why I was never required to sign against those complaints, he finally replied that there was no requirement that I do that. I am now aware that in any official complaints against any police officer, the complainant is required to place his or her signature against such complaints. It is now clear that acting detective inspector Steven Coxon was doing exactly that, ACTING. Nothing has been heard from him since that meeting. The full story relative to this will be published in due course.


Masons Took over the Gateshead Leisure Centre on Wednesday March 18 1998. A member of staff told a friend of mine,  "No one is supposed to know, but its a meeting of the Durham Grand Lodge. In addition,  the Army Barracks grounds which are opposite the Centre was being used by the masons for parking. Two masons manned the gates to the Barracks. The Leisure Centre had a note posted on its doors: FITNESS SUITE CLOSED ALL DAY, APOLOGIES FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE.  My friend  wrote the following  to the Director of Leisure Services, Mr. M. Newton : "Naturally I am most concerned that the Gateshead Borough Council Tax-payers are pushed aside when such booking are taken, this is most unfair, and I must reiterate these Services are paid-for yearly in advance by the Council Tax-payers, and should not be re-let for any private function, least of all to a "secret society". There were concerns expressed that Mr Newton may have attended that Masonic meeting.


District Judge Scott-Phillips declined to answer questions I asked the Durham County Court Manager to put to him in my letter of 10th January 2001. Scott-Phillips asked that the manager forward my letter to the Courts Service at Newcastle. Following my reply to thier letter they passed to matter to the Court Service in London. There is now more than sufficient evidence to show that the Court Service operating from the Lord Chancellors Department is there not as a service to the public, but as a service to help cover up judicial corruption. One of the simple questions I had put to D.J. Scott-Phillips was, would he normally give the work of preparing judges bundles to a litigant when that litigant was allegedly represented by a solicitor? The man has declined to reply to this question and the others included with it. In 1995 he had granted me an Order to be allowed to go to the offices of former Solicitor Nancy Bone of Gilesgate, Durham, to take copies from my files which she held my lien. Bone breached that Order and was held to be guilty of contempt of court. When I referred the matter back to the Durham County Court its then Manager, Mr I. Cuthbertson, informed me that District Judge Scott-Phillips had said that my visit to Bone's office had not been by his order but had only been done with her permission. When Bone was eventually struck from the register of solicitors my files that she had held were returned to me. In those files Bone referred to my visit to her office as being by Order of the Court. More on the matter of D.J. Scott-Phillips and the Court Service's attempts to cover up corruption at the Durham County Court later. In my recent examination of the Durham County Court files I found a note from then manager I. Cuthertson to District Judge Cuthbertson referring to me as, "The infamous Mr Kellett". What does that make him and the judges who have carried out corrupt acts there to pervert the course of justice?  Masons will use any method to try to cover up corruption of which they have been involved. D J Scott-Phillips, D J Cuthbertson, D J Jones all presiding over the North East Court Circuit are among those who have formally refused to admit any membership of Freemasonry. In my own case I am entitled to have access to that information uner the principle that our courts are required to be impartial. These matters too are far from being concluded.

Tuesday February 20.

Durham Constabulary

Another meeting took place today, which lasted for around two and a half hours,  between myself and two senior officers of Durham Constabulary Headquarters. The meeting was friendly and direct to the point. I hope it will result in a just outcome. More on this matter later as and when publication will not interfere with any ongoing investigations.

What Goes On Here?

Solicitor Charles David Hughes of Harding Swinburn Jackson & Co, Sunderland  has finally written to say that following my meeting at his office with acting Detective Steven Coxon and another police officer on 30th June 1999  it was not a requirement that the allegations I made then required my signature. Unless different police forces have different procedures regarding this, which is extrmely doubtful, then Mr Hughes is incorrect in the statement he has made to me regarding this matter. I have now made a number of visits to Harding Swinburn Jackson & Co to obtain urgently required files from him. Though Mr Hughes was made aware many weeks ago that they were urgently required, I have still been unable to obtain them from him.

House of Lords

An application for leave to appeal my alleged harassment of Miss Shirley Carr to the House of Lords has been lodged by counsel representing me. I have requested that the application be amended following an item having been excluded from it. The matter is also to be subject to a further application to the European Court of Human Rights. Freemasonry is being deliberately excluded when it comes to the rule that no judge may rule in his own cause. I will not allow this situation to continue. When the London High Court decides to operate double standards then they must be called to account for their actions. See my Editorial Page for full details.

Northumbria Police

Northumbria Police are still failing in their duty to investigate the evidence I supplied to them. It is now accepted beyond reasonable doubt that my meeting with acting detective Steven Coxon and another police officer on 30th June 1999 at the office of Charles David Hughes of Harding Swinburne Jackson & Co was an act of deception. That meeting was arranged for me to detail my allegations against what are none other than bent police officers, judges and others. It was to have formed part of official enquiries into my allegations. A meeting at Durham Constabulary Headquarters today has left me in no doubt whatsoever that my signature would in any official investigation have been required at the end of that meeting. Is there no limit to the extent of corruption within Northumbria Police?  The present situation regarding them will not be allowed to continue.

Thursday February 15 2001.

The third in a series of meetings is due totake place at Durham Constabulary Headquarters at Aykley Heads, Durham. The meetings are taking place following my approach to that police force. I am not able to divulge the matter regarding these meetings as it may interfere with any police investigations.

I await contact from another Police force relative to information that I have found it necessary to supply to them. Again, I cannot give details of this matter, but I am seriously concerned at the length of time that it is taking for a reply to be received from the crime division of that force. Their headquarters have acknowledged receipt of the document that I sent to them.


Monday February 12 2001.

A ruling was made today in the London Appeal Court which does without doubt show that double standards are being exercised by the English Courts when it relates to litigants who are apposed to Secret Societies such as Freemasonry. Todays ruling was made in my own case by Mr Justice Davis and Lord Justice Rose. A ruling in the General Pinochet case was overturned because Lord Hoffman had failed to declare membership of Amnesty International. When judges fail to declare any interest in Freemasonry, even when a litigant before the court is a very active anti-mason such as myself, the same rule as was applied under the Pinochet case is disregarded. Freemasonry also refers to itself as the Brotherhood. This makes it even more vital that when matters of Freemasonry are involved in any capacity of any court case,  judges must be made to declare any membership of Freemasonry. Mason judges are without doubt being protected by Messrs Irvine, Woolf and Bingham. In the circumstances, I find it difficult to refer to these people as Lords.

Following my approach to Woolf and Bingham in 1996 they ruled that it should be left to the individual judge whether or not to declare any membership of Freemasonry. They placed no conditions on that ruling. I wrote to them stating that under the accepted principles of impartiality required of our courts, unless they too were prepared to declare any membership of Freemasonry, then their ruling must be void. They both failed to make such declaration. That I think was the first evidence that top members of the English Judiciary are excluding matters of Freemasonry from the normal accepted principles required for an impartial justice system. The two Appeal Court Judges named above in todays ruling, said that Freemasonry was of no relevance in my appeal. How wrong can a judge be? Or could it just be a question of how bent are our judges prepared to be when it comes to matters of Freemasonry? It is not known by me yet whether Davis or Rose are masons. Had any "secret briefings" within the Appeal Court been carried out prior to todays hearing? Secret briefings I understand are normally carried out by the London Appeal Court as a matter of routine in the case of litigants in person. I was today represented by Counsel Mr Neil Addison.

My application for leave to appeal the judgment of criminal former Recorder John Fryer-Spedding in the civil litigation between Carr and I was refused by Messrs Auld and Pill. Both are members of the House of Lords. Auld and Pill too were aware that I had taken part in the Nolan Enquiry into Freemasonry within the Police and Judiciary but like Davis and Rose today, said it was of no relevance. They were also fully aware that proceedings before criminal Recorder John Fryer-Spedding in October of 1996 were illegal. They refused my application for leave to appeal criminal former Recorder Spedding's judgment. Later,  I wrote to Auld and Pill asking if they were prepared to declare any membership of Freemasonry. Both failed to make that declaration and thus deprived me of my right to information so that I might decide whether or not they had been impartial to my appeal application hearing before them. Such is the situation now existing in the English Courts regarding issues of Freemasonry. It is in fact a very serious situation which is being igored by both the judiciary and politicians. Any court who is not impartial to the proceedings before it is an illegal court. Irvine should and must either take immediate steps to remedy the current situation, or do the honorable thing and resign his position as Lord Chancellor. Britain remains in second place within the European Community for the abuse of human rights.

Todays London Appeal Court hearing was relative to my conviction for alleged harassment of Miss Shirley Carr in November of 1998. She is employed as a Civil Servant. What was my crime? I had reported to her employer, the National Contributions Agency at Longbenton, Newcastle, my concern at her spending so much time at home and with other activities, while she had alleged in the civil proceedings between us that she was a full time employee of the Agency. The Houghton Magistrates Court ruled that my act of reporting my concerns to her employer was harassment. Miss Carr is the person named on this site along with published evidence of her use of substantial perjury in civil litigation between us. Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court is the very same court which attempted to conceal an unlawful hearing in 1986 following my having been battered and then struck by a car that was driven at me. The Magistrate who heard that case was not qualified to act alone. The Clerk to the Magistrates, a Mr Bavidge, was party to an attempted cover up of those illegal proceedings along with a Mr J.J. Death of the Lord Chancellors Department. Bavidge was still the Clerk to the Justices at Houghton-le-Spring in November of 1997. Could he have influenced the outcome? I think he could have. It was well known that I had given those illegal proceedings in 1986 along with the involvement of Bavidge and Death,  some considerable publicity. At my trial in November of 1998 the magistrates at Houghton were asked to declare any membership of Freemasonry. They had been told that I had contributed to the Nolan Enquiry into Freemasonry within the Police and Judiciary. They replied, "No we are not members of the craft". The use of the word "craft"  in this context is itself a Masonic term. Evidence to show that Carr was prepared to use perjury as a means of her defence in the civil actions between us was excluded from my trial in November of 1998.

I was then represented by a barrister named Harle. He went to some lengths to ensure that the video evidence I had insisted should be shown to the court was not shown. He even tried to persuade me to have video equipment removed from the court room on day one of the two day hearing. The following day he said that he thought things were going so well that he did not think it was necessary to show that video film evidence. I foolishly took his advice. That same video film not only further showed that Carr had used perjury as a means of defence in the civil litigation between us, but that former Recorder John Fryer-Spedding had allowed and added to that perjury. My wife, Joyce Kellett was called as a witness. She too agreed that the questions Harle had asked her had no relevance. The solicitor who represented me, a Mr Jackson, with offices in Hartlepool, County Cleveland and Horden, County Durham, was a mason and also a member of what he referred to as a Judicial Masonic Lodge. Harle appeared  to flee from me when I later saw him at the Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court.

The illegal proceedings at Houghton Magistrates Court in 1986 and Carr's use of perjury and the criminal conduct of former Recorder John Fryer-Spedding, and other matters, were alleged to have been subject of investigation by acting detective Steven Coxon of Northumbria Police. There is little doubt now that there had been no prior intent by Coxon to carry out any investigations. My meeting with him and another police officer at the office of solicitor Charles David Hughes of Harding Swinburne Jackson and Co, of Sunderland on June 30 1999, I am now satisfied, was all part of  deception to make me believe that an official investigation was to take place. That meeting lasted for more than two hours. At the end of it I was never required to sign against the various allegations I made then. On October 18 2000, among other questions I placed in a letter to C D Hughes, I asked why I had not been required to place my signature to the allegations I made to Coxon. Hughes was in attendance throughout that meeting of June 30th. He failed to reply to that question despite my many requests for him to do so. A few days ago, following further pressure from me, he wrote me a letter saying that it was not a requirement that I should place my signature against the various allegations I had made to Coxon. The June 30th hearing was I was made to understand the first formal meeting for me to detail my various allegations to Coxon. It is my understanding that in the circumstances I would,  in any official investigation, have been required to place my signature aginst the allegations I made to acting detective Steven Coxon.

For possible further interest. It was District Judge Scott-Phillips sitting at the Durham County Court, who allowed solicitor Alison Stott of Durham to prepare the bundles ready for trial in the civil cases between Carr and I. Stott then secretly passed on that work to Carr. Carr's application for consolidation of the three civil actions between us was refused by D.J. Scott-Phillips on 1st June 1994. I was the Plaintiff in two out of those three actions. Later I was to be referred to as being the Defendant in my own actions. When preparing the papers ready for trial (the bundles) Carr deliberately left out documents from them. One such document was the order made by D.J. Scott-Phillips on 1st June 1994 refusing her application for consolidation of the three actions underway between us. Criminal former Recorder John Fryer-Spedding tried the three actions as a consolidated action. He lied when he said that the cases had been subject of consolidation. Spedding could not have seen any order of consolidation. There was of course no such order. In these circumstances he is held to be in breach of Supreme Court rules. That was only one of a number of lies used by Spedding. Solicitor Alison Stott declared to the Newcastle County Court in January of 1996 that up until that time she had not been acting for Carr but had only been assisting her. At the time Stott accepted the work of preparing the bundles ready for trial from D.J. Scott-Phillips, she had therefore no legal standing to allow her to do that work. As Carr's assistant, which she had agreed that she was, it follows that she would pass on that work to Carr without making it known to the Court. Both Stott and Carr knew that the proceedings before criminal  Recorder John Fryer-Spedding had been illegal. As an officer of the court Stott should not have accepted the work of preparing the bundles and have made the declararion which she was later to make in January 1996. She should also have made it known that Spedding had falsely alleged the actions between Carr and I had been unlawfully tried as a consolidated action. Instead both Stott and Carr conspired in what was an unlawful bankruptcy ruling made against me when the costs awarded by criminal Recorder Spedding became the basis of my alleged bankruptcy. Northumbria Police are fully aware of these facts along with others. I have provided them with evidence to back up these facts. They have failed to act. I expect that they will eventually carry out the duty required of them. Failing this, I will do what is necessary to right the situation. Freemasonry is an evil blight on the English Judiciary and Police. All masons employed within the public sector  must and will eventually be made to declare such membership on a public register. Voluntary registration is and always was a non starter. Authorities throughout Britain are riddled with masons. Did this come about by pure chance? No, its all part of self preservation by Freemasonry. How many Members of Parliament are masons? Facts suggest that there are many of them which is probably why MP Chris Mullin's Secret Societies Declaration Bill failed a few years ago. 

My appeal against conviction at Houghton-le-Spring for alleged harassment  of Carr in November 1998  was heard in December of 1999 at the Newcastle Crown Court. Two lay magistrates and a Judge by the name of Moir heard my appeal. They rufused it. I was represented by Counsel Mr Neil Addison. He had made the court aware that I had contributed to the Nolan Enquiry into Freemasonry within the Police and Judiciary. He also made them aware that I was very active in publicly voicing my concerns regarding Freemasonry. The Court retired for around half an hour. They decided to refuse my requirement that under the principles of impartiality they were required to declare any membership of Freemasonry. Judge Moir later had to agree that there were points of law involved and that the matter should be subject of appeal in the London Appeal Court.

The matter will now proceed to an application to the House of Lords. The European Court have already agreed to appoint one of its judges to investigate other information and evidence I have provided to them in matters concerning the civil litigation between Carr and I. Failing in my application to the House of Lords, it will then be subject of a a further application to the European Court of Human Rights. The matter will be pursued to a full and just outcome. There is in any event further evidence which must this time be used in any subsequent application. Any evidence of perjury, as used by Miss Carr in the civil proceedings between us, some of which has been published on this site, must be taken into consideration.


Following my approach to Durham Constabulary, a second meeting took place on January 31 with an Inspector at their Aykley Heads Police Heaquarters, Durham City. Matters regarding this are now being referred to one of Durham Constabulary's superintendants. At the moment I cannot publish the subject of this matter in case it should interfere with any investigations.


Following my further recent examination of the Durham County Court files, I placed a number of questions in a letter to be answered by District Judge Scott-Phillips. The Court Manager, Mr K. Hunt, who has been fully cooperative, placed my letter before Distict Judge Scott-Phillips who said it should be passed to the Court Service at Newcastle. Phillips had declined to answer any of the questions I had put to him in that letter. None of those questions were complex but would have clarified some of his involvement in the injustice that I had suffered at the hands of the Durham County Court in the civil litigation between Carr and I. Information which should have been placed on those court files was missing. The answer the Court Service for the Newcastle Group of Courts gave was totally unacceptible. They then referred the matter to the Court Service in London. Their answer to my letter which Phillips should have answered is also unnaceptible. The Court Service at the Lord Chancellors Department are known to be active in trying to protect corrupt judges. I learned some time ago that the Lord Chancellors Department have a special department dealing only with matters concerning Freemasonry.  The matter is far from being concluded. The more the courts try to hide the truth, the more evidence becomes available to show their deliberate attempts to cover up corruption within their ranks. Most of that corruption is, I am certain, being carried out by the Masonic Mafia who undoubtedly either control our justice system or at the very least exercise considerable influence over it. There is a general belief among victims of Freemasonry, and there are many of them, that much of British justice is decided in the many Masonic Halls up and down our country. Jesus Christ said, "For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?". To those masons who still have their own soul, think again about the movement you have joined. I know that many are now doing that.

In 1996 District Judge Scott-Phillips, sitting at the Durham County Court, following my application for it, made an Order allowing me to visit the office of former solicitor Nancy Bone of Durham to take copies from my files which she withheld from me. Bone breached that Order and was held to be in contempt of court. On my approach on the matter to the Durham County Court, I was informed that Phillips had claimed that my visit to Bone's office had only been allowed by her agreement and was not an Order of the court. When Bone was struck from the register of solicitors in around 1997 the files she had withheld from me were returned. In those files were letters and documents written by Bone where she referred to my visit to her office as being by Order of the Court. Phillips, among other judges involved in the civil litigation between Carr and I, would not declare or deny any membership of Freemasory despite knowing that I was well known as being an "anti-mason" and had contributed to the Lord Nolan Equiry into Freemasonry within the Police and Judiciary. There is little doubt from evidence available in my own case alone, that the English Courts can be corrupt when needs require it. All anti-masons suffer at the hands of the English Judiciary. I have heard from too many victims not to be aware of this fact.


Northumbria Police had used the later allegations of harassment  by Carr against me as an excuse for not carrying out any investigations into my various allegations that I made to acting detective Steven Coxon on June 30th 1999. In fact it is clear that the reason they did this was to protect Carr, their primary and indeed only witness against me in their attempted prosecution. Mason Chief Constables will always pull out all the stops to hit back at any anti-mason activity. The oaths made on joining Freemasonry require it. Such oaths are not compatible to the public interest. Following the Crown Prosecution Service attempt to blackmail me, details of which are published on this site, their alleged case against me was dropped. There offer of a possible deal that I refused, was that if I removed certain material from this web site, then they in turn would be prepared to consider dropping their action against me. Their action against me had nothing whatsoever to do with the material published on this site. Carr had again lied in the allegation she made against me. In the circumstances, proof was made available showing that the Crown Prosecution Service, similar to the situation existing in many of our courts, could exercise corruption when called upon to do so. Is it likely that the CPS will be influenced by Freemasonry? For what other  reason would they stoop to such low life tactics which they have used against me? For what reason would a police force, headed by a mason, allow such tactics as have been used against me? Why would a Police Authority also fail in its duty to act?

The alleged Northumbria Police harassment case against me was dropped on 11th December 2000. That was more than two months ago. There is now absolutely no excuse as to why Northumbria Police should not act on evidence I provided to them in August of 1999.  They have still not acted. There are serious crimes of misfeasance and nonfeasance. A recent High Court ruling on these crimes backs up the seriousness of these crimes. Many of those I have named on this site are  at the very least, guilty of misfeasance and malfeasance. If the police will not do the duty required of them, then by virtue of that they become guilty of the crime of misfeasance. There are steps which can be taken to remedy these situations. Do we really wish to have a justice system where criminal acts used by those holding public office are being continually disregarded by those whose duty it is to take action on such crimes?

I had a further meeting last week with former Northumbria Police Warrants Officer Jim Richardson. I heard other details of corruption within that police force. Mr Richardson is to set up his own web site which will deal with matters of what he says were corrupt acts carried out against him following his having raised concerns about none collection of fines. He says that selected persons were being allowed to get away with non payment of fines.

I am not deterred by recent events. In fact I am spurred on by them. I am all too used to corruption used against me by bent police and judges. There is no doubt that such corrupt acts are being orchestrated by the UK Masonic Mafia freely operating within most authorities in the UK.. It never was going to be an easy job to fight them. Foreign Secretary Robin Cook should stop criticising the abuse of human rights in other countries. He should consider first the abuse of human rights within this country. People living in glasshouses should never throw stones. 


Jesus Christ said, "When ye shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified for these things must first come to pass but the end is not by and by. Nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. Great earthquakes shall be in divers places and famines, pestilences and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven. But before all these they shall lay their hands on you and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues, and into prisons, being brought before kings and rulers for my name sake. It shall turn to you for a testimony. Settle it therefore in your hearts, not to meditate before what ye shall answer. For I will give you a mouth and wisdom which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist. And ye shall be betrayed both by parents and bretheren and kinsfolks and friends and some of you shall they cause to be put to death. And ye shall be hated of all men for my names sake. But there shall not an hair of your head perish. In your patience possess ye your souls. And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation is nigh."


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