Friday 11th January 2000


Northumbria Police intelligence seems to have been well informed that I was subject of a trumped up harassment allegation again by Miss Shirley Carr. On the 11th December 2000, following my refusal to give way to attempted blackmail by the Crown Prosecution Service to remove material from this web site they formally dropped their alleged case against me. Though Northumbria Police had used this womans allegation as the basis of not carrying out investigations into the evidence I had supplied to them, it seems as if their intelligence service has not learned that such reason is no longer valid. One month on and still no police investigation into perjury used by Miss Carr and other matters. This is the normal type of situation where masons control or influence UK police forces. Its just another reason why all employed in the public sector, especially those within the police and judiciary, must now be required to declare any membership of Freemasonry. Their public duty, and the oaths they swear upon becoming masons conflict. No mason can serve two masters. This is surely common sense? Those in positions to correct this situation, who I assume have some common sense, are often afraid of masons or are simply part of Lucifers Masonic Mafia themselves. I am aware of serious concern among police officers who have decided not to become masons. I am also aware that the tide is beginning to turn in these matters.


More evidence has became available to show the extent of the judicial corruption of which I have been subject. At the present time I am not able to publish that evidence or details of it as it may interfere with the course of true justice. What are we to do with a Lord Chancellor who ignores what is taking place within the English justice system? What are we to do with judges who are no less than criminals? What are we to do with judges who continually breach their judicial oath?

Friday 22nd December 2000.

I have just returned from a trip to a South American country. I visited there some time ago. I was greeted on my return with a situation in which I now have no choice but to refer matters to police of fraud, conspiracy to defraud and perjury that has been used against me in recent years. This matter does not relate to similar acts carried out against me by Miss Shirley Carr who is named on this web site.There is sufficient evidence to back up my allegations. I have made contact with police in regard to this matter. A full sworn statement which is to be forwarded on to police is at present in course of preparation. I have already made a statement to police regarding this situation. I had no wish to do what perhaps I should have done earlier. I can truly say that having to inform police regarding this matter will probably cause me more distress than to the person who has carried it out against me. May God forgive that persons acts against me.

Masons Again.

While I was in South America, a mason by the name of Maughan, who lived in the London area, boasted about what seemed to have been his arranged bankruptcy. He told me that celebrations following his bankruptcy had been organised prior to the court hearing in which he was declared bankrupt. At that time Maughan did not know who I was and its clear that he believed that I was a brother mason. When he learned I not a mason and who I was, he returned to me and said that I was well known to masons. He went on to say that I had been photographed, presumably for identification purposes, and that I would not be allowed to return to England. Maughan is yet another fine example of  an "honourable" brother of Freemasonry. Contrary to the threat he made against me, I have been able to return here. Had any attempt been made to prevent me returning to England, in whatever way, it was likely there would have been very serious repercussions following it.

South America.

I have decided that I wish to live out whatever is left of my life in South America. I have met a people who generally have very little in the way of material possessions but who are much more happy than the average european. I have never before said that I loved a race of people until now. That love is a two way thing and I would be proud to live and die among them. I was advised not to venture out on my own to an area which was regarded as a high risk. I went there and was greeted with great warmth by the local people. On another later visit to the area I was accompanied by two other English people, one male named Jim and one female named Jasmine, who expressed a wish to go with me. We were invited into homes and given water and fruit. Most of those homes were very primitive with earth floors. Afterwards Jim and Jasmine said that the experience was extremely rewarding and that they would never forget it. I have promised that I will return back to South America as soon as possible. Several months ago a statement was made to me that I was now a member of their family. They have again showed this by facts. Its probable that when matters between my wife and I are lawfully settled without use of deception, fraud, conspiracy to defraud, forgery, and adultery and corrupt judges etc., then I will be able to settle permanently in South America. I have adopted at least one family there. I will assist their situation in whatever way I am able. In my latest visit to that country I have made many new friends and have met and forged links not only with the local people there, but with many other people from various countries. I am privileged that God has allowed me to meet those people. They have been a considerable education to me. There is not one of them for whom I would not lay my life on the line.

Alleged Case of Harassment Dropped by Crown Prosecution Service.

At a hearing in the Teeside Crown Court on December 11, of which I was not present due to my being in South America, the Crown Prosecution Service formally dropped the alleged case against me of harassment of Miss Shirley Carr who is named throughout this web site. There was never any substance in the Crown Prosecution case or of the allegations made against me by Shirley Carr and I am aware that they too knew that. Their attempt to blackmail me into removing material from this web site failed. The Crown Prosecution Service said that they might be willing to drop their case against me if I agreed to remove ceryain material from this web site. I would not agree to that as I wanted their case to proceed to allow me to produce evidence that their case was nothing short of  a malicious prosecution.They have provided yet more evidence of corrupt authority within the UK. The evidence will not be wasted.

Complaint against a Durham Police Force Officer

I posted my letter to the Durham Constabulary Complaints Department detailing acts carried out against me by a Durham police officer earlier this year. That was one month ago. This morning I contacted Aykley Heads Police Headquarters at Durham. They informed me that they had never received that letter of complaint. In my letter, I made it known that it would not be in my interests if any mason police officer was appointed to investigate the allegations I made in my letter to them. I am to deliver my letter of complaint to them by hand and obtain a signature of its receipt. Strange things often happen when mention is made of Freemasonry. Still, I prefer to call a spade a spade.  

More on Northumbria Police.

As the Crown Prosecution Service have decided to drop their alleged case against me, there is now no excuse for for Northumbria Police failing to act upon the evidence I provided to them in August of 1999. That evidence showed that former Recorder John Fryer-Spedding had carried out a very serious acts which were clearly intended to pervert the course of justice. The evidence also showed that Miss Shirley Carr had used perjury in defence of my civil court action against her, but then Recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding had not only allowed that, but had himself lied and assisted Miss Carr's perjury. Further evidence I provided to Northumbria Police shows that Miss Shirley Carr, and solicitor Alison Stott of Durham City had conspired to defraud me. A request to Newcastle County Court to allow me access to the tape recordings made of the hearing before former Recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding was denied to me. There is more to add to these matters later. Britains justice system remains out of control.

Police Corruption, who planned it?

Solicitor Charles David Hughes of Harding Swinburne Jackson and Co., 58 Frederick Street continues to fail to reply to my letter sent to him in mid October asking why I was never asked to place my signature against the various allegations I made to acting detective Inspector Steven Coxon and another police officer. The meeting with D.I. Coxon took place during a more than two hour meeting at the office of solicitor  Mr C.D. Hughes on June 30th 1999 with him in attendance. D.I. Coxon had been appointed by Northumbria Police to investigate my various allegations of corruption used against me. Circumstances make it clear that there had never been any intent to investigate my allegations and that the purpose of the Northumbria Police exercise was to play for time so that certain things, of which were themselves were acts of corruption, would overtake me. This attempt failed. As usual, I have been furnished with yet more evidence of just how far corruption within UK authority has now reached new heights. My publication on this web site of a statement given to me by former Northumbria Police Warrants Officer Jim Richardson assists in backing up the fact that the ultimate corruption, which is the corruption of justice, has already well and truly taken place.  

Saturday 2nd December 2000.


I have submitted a formal complaint to Durham Constabulary about the conduct of  one of its police officers. Past experience tells me that my complaint will not be upheld. If this becomes the situation then by failing to uphold my complaint on the available evidence will allow me to take the matter to higher authority. I will publish more about the background and reason for my complaint once Durham Constabulary have acknowledged receipt of it. Other complaints regarding police conduct in another police authority area are to follow.


Investigations are continuing into fraud, conspiracy to defraud which have been used against me. I am unable at this time to detail what or who the investigations involve.


A Decrees Nisi obtained by my estranged wife Joyce Kellett is invalid. It was granted by a District Judge Grills at the Harrogate County Court. Mr Grills breached his judicial oath of fairness by failing to allow me to reply to the false allegations made by my wife in her application. The documentation supplied to the court by my wife helps in showing that Mr Grills could none other than have been aware that she was not telling the truth. My daugher Dawn made known to me that my wife's solicitor Mr Mellors had advised that she should place certain lies within her petition for divorce because, according to Dawn, he said it would carry more weight. The house in which my estranged wife now resides at Dacre Banks, North Yorkshire was purchased for cash in May of 1998. Barber Titley Solicitors of 6 North Park Road acted in that sale. Mr Mellors is employed by that firm. There was a considerable sum of money remaining after the house purchase which is still currently being held by my estranged wife. The Official Receiver had been in contact with Mellors. The question is, did Mellors give the full facts to the Official Receiver? Circumstances suggest that he did not. Considerable fraud, conspiracy to defraud and perjury were used in obtaining the false bankruptcy order made against me. Evidence of that was supplied to both the Official Receivers Office and Peter Lever QC. It is part of the evidence which I have supplied to the European Court of Human Rights where one of its judges is to investigate my allegations.

Mellors failed to reply to any of my letters after I asked the reason my estranged wife and he had alleged that she had handed over to him five thousand pounds. There were a number of known motives why my wife wanted to divorce me. Theft by means of fraud, deception and forgery were not the least of them. Adultery is now shown to be among the other motives. Attempted blackmail was also used against me. Proof of these things is now available and I may give way to pressure in publishing it during the coming year on the internet. My wife should have heeded the sentence contained within the Lords Prayer, " Lead us not into temptation". How a woman could carry out these acts, and more which I have not mentioned here, after thirty years of marriage still defies any logical explanation other than one. Its now more than clear that at least within the last few years of her being with me I had been living a lie. The full story is to be included within a book which hopefully will be published sometime during the coming year. I take absolutely no satisfaction in making public facts about the relationship between what is now my estranged wife and I. It is my hope that others can benefit from my experiences which I think is a sufficient reason for their publication.


On the 30th June 1999 I had a more than two hour meeting with acting detective Inspector Steven Coxon and another police officer of Northumbria Police. Coxon had been appointed to look into allegations that I have made against corrupt police officers, courts, and others. The meeting which  lasted well over two hours took place at the offices of solicitors Harding Swinburn Jackson & Co, 58 Frederick Street, City Of Sunderland.

Solicitor Charles David Hughes was in attendance throughout the meeting. Following the facts now shown by circumstances that Coxon had never carried out any investigation and was never intended to, I asked Mr Hughes the reason why I was never asked to place my signature against the various allegations I made during that meeting. Had the interview been formal, which I was made to undersatnd that it was, I would have been required to do that. Despite numerous requests by letter for him to explain this matter he has failed to reply to any of them. He has also failed to reply to other very important questions I have put to him. What am I to think?  If you have not already done so take a look at my Stop Press page where a statement from a former employee of Northumbria Police, Jim Richardson, is published. For those who might think the police are above reproach, please think again. Mason Chief Constable of Northumbria Cripin Strachan should resign immediately in the interests of the public. The ultimate act of corruption is the corruption of justice. It should take little thought to suggest a reason for this.


I have accepted an invite from members of the clergy to attend a special church service in Yorkshire. Churches everywhere must speak out against the corruption being used by various authorities within the UK. Some members of the various churches are beginning to wake up to this. Are you interested in joining a new political party named the Christian Peoples Alliance? Details of where it can be contacted are published on this web site at my Stop Press page.. Bringing Christian values into politics can only benefit us all. I doubt if there ever have been any real Christian values within the UK political system. Power and what it can bring is I think the main motivation of many, if not most of our politicians.


Saturday 25th November.

The Crown Prosecution Service situated at Washington, Tyne and Wear have decided to drop their alleged case against me. The reason they have decided to do this is because of remarks made by His Honour Judge Taylor. The judge made it clear that their action against me was not in the public interest and was a waste of public money. He was also not happy that The Crown Prosecution Service had attempted to do a deal with me. The possible deal they put on offer was that if I removed certain material from this web site they would consider dropping their action against me. I refused the deal. Others too have tried to blackmail me but have also failed. What will they try next?  There is a saying that the truth hurts. I would add to it by saying that it hurts those most who decide to trample on it. More will be added about this matter later.


Fraud and Conspiracy to Defraud.

Private investigations are continuing into the fraud and conspiracy to defraud which has been used against me. I have made a request to an official holding public office to involve police in the matter. Should police decide not to investigate, then again they will become criminals by virtue of the ruling made under Regina -v- Dytham. Should police fail to do their duty, then a criminal action will be commenced against those held to be responsible. If justice is not done here, then matters will be referred to the European Court of Human Rights for judgment.


Derbyshire Constabulary 

Inspector Vallis of Derbyshire Police has stated the following in relation to another victim of authoritarian corruption: "If the European Court Of Human Rights takes up this matter, there are mechanisms in place for the police service to be made aware of progress. Further communication from you is therefore unnecessary."  This would appear to be a possible breach of Article 3 of  the European Court of Human Rights. The implications of this "mechanism" suggests far reaching implications for the possible cover up of the breach of the protocols which can only be harmful to those applicants to The European Court of Human Rights.

Inspector Vallis has also said that Derbyshire Police undertake an audit to ensure compliance with the Human Rights Act. It appears he has agreed the superior jurisdiction of the European Court.

I will be publishing shortly a copy of a petition that is to be sent to the European Court which details very significant facts about the shortcomings of the UK Justice System. Britain is not only failing to comply with European Court of Human Rights law, but does not have a system of justice which can be regarded as being impartial for the true purposes of justice.


Just A Rumour ?

I have heard what may be just a rumour that Mr Derry Irvine, head of the judiciary is to take up a new post which may mean him working outside of this country. If  what I have heard is true, would justice not be better served by declaring him an undesirable alien and measures be taken to prevent him coming back into the country? What do we want with a man who is supplied with evidence of corruption within the judiciary and then fails in his paid public duty to have the necessary investigations carried out?  The ruling made under Regina -v- Dytham equally applies to Mr Irvine.

Not So Much Freedom Of Information

A Sunderland solicitor is continually failing to answer a letter I sent to him on the 18th  of October 2000 asking very important questions for which he has the answers. The questions are part of an investigation underway into the corruption of which I am subject. He will be aware of this fact which in all probability is the reason that he does not want to answer them. My close associates have been supplied with copies of my letters to the solicitor concerned. Failing an answer to the questions raised in my letter, I will have little option but to publish the solicitors name along with my letter to him of the 18th October. More about this later.


In March of this year Dr. Cook, a medical consultant at Dryburn Hospital, Durham City divulged medical information about me to a third party. The third party was not a member of the medical profession. The third party also did not have my authorisation to request any medical information about me from Dr. Cook. The matter was reported to the General Medical Council. The Council has not heard my complaint. It has been blocked by parties who I am told are appointed to decide whether they should take forward complaints or information about the conduct or performance of doctors. I wonder who appointed them?

The letter I have received from John Barnard of the Fitness to Practise Directorate states:

"The Medical Act 1983 (as amended) gives the GMC powers to take formal action in response to a complaint/information about a doctors conduct or performance only where there is evidence that what the doctor is alleged to have done is so serious that it could justify restricting or removing the doctors registration. The Act describes behaviour of this sort as 'serious professional misconduct' or 'seriously deficient'. Those who have blocked my access to the British Medical Council have expressed the view that by Dr Cook having divulged medical information about me to a third party without my consent, " does not raise any issue which would justify disciplinary proceedings by the GMC".  This of course raises very serious questions about the safeguards which patients are entitled to in relation to medical privacy. This matter is far from being concluded. The reply I have received is yet another reason why all public bodies who are self policing should be brought under a system of public examination/investigation and be made fully accountable to the public for whom they are supposed to serve. I wonder just how many Dr. Harold Shipman's there really are out there and what protection they are given?  This matter is far from being concluded. All those employed in the public service must be made to declare any membership of Freemasonry or any secret societies. Perhaps the best way ahead is to have Members of Parliament make such declaration first, then and only then, will there likely to be legislation under the proposals made in MP Chris Mullin's failed Secret Societies Declaration Bill. Chris Mullin is said to have assisted Sunderland masons this year in obtaining a thirty five thousand pound public grant for the restoration of one of its Masonic Halls. I wonder, did he decide that if you cannot beat them then why not join them? He now sits on the front benches in Parliament.

Saturday 11th November 2000

Investigations into the Masonic corruption of which I have and remain subject are underway. Evidence of further corruption has now been unearthed. I will name those party to it when I am satisfied that evidence to condemn them is substantial enough to warrant its publication. One answer that is continually being denied to me is why acting detective Inspector Steven Coxon of Northumbria Police never required me to place my signature against the various allegations that I made to him when I was interviewed by him at the office of solicitor Charles Hughes of Harding, Swinburne and Jackson, Sunderland, Tyne-Wear on the 30th June 1999. Coxon never investigated my allegations and the considerable evidence of my allegations which I supplied to Northumbria Police in August of 1999 has never been actioned. Policemen are not above the law they are there only to uphold it. When they decide otherwise then they must take the consequences. The higher they climb the further they will fall.

The European Court of Human Rights remain seized in my cases. More evidence of the corruption of which I am subject is being supplied to it.

I also await the findings of the British Medical Council in the matter of the Consultant employed at Dryburn Hospital who allowed  a third party to access my medical records without my consent. A further approach to the Medical Council on another matter is under preparation. Last year I was advised by someone attached to Public Welfare to raise the matter of the falsification of my medical records along with at least one exclusion of important information from them. Membership of Freemasonry is also considerable within the medical profession. Its just another reason why those employed in the public service must be made to declare any membership of Secret Societies. The problem is that legislation to have them make such a declaration will be very difficult given the fact that there are so many mason Members of Parliament. The pack of dirty Masonic cards is beginning to fall whether they agree to it or not. 

Affairs relative to my wife and I draw nearer to court action. That court will not be presided over by a mason. Judge Grills of the Harrogate County Court breached his judicial oath of fairness by not allowing me to reply to the false allegations my wife made in her divorce application heard before him. This is in fact an act of treason which is still a criminal offence. Those in high office ignore matters of treason because so many of them are shown to be guilty of it. Grills Order relative to those proceedings  is therefore invalid. Fraud also invalidates an Order of any court where it has been used to obtain such Order. Some of  my wife's lies were confirmed in the various written statements she submitted in the proceedings before Grills. If Grills did not see the evidence of which I refer then he should not be employed as a judge. I  informed the Harrogate County Court by letter than even a person with limited intelligence would have been aware that my wife was not telling the truth. I do not imply that Grills is a man with limited intelligence. I am presently being asked to release the full facts for publication relative to my wife and I as evidence of the true situation existing here regarding the divorce/fleecing system of which many are subject. The evidence of my wife's motives, and there were a number of them, for her action against me is substantial. Solicitor Mellors, of Barber Titley Solicitors, Harrogate, whom she employed has still never replied to my letter to him asking why my wife had paid over to him several thousand pounds of what in the circumstances was part of our joint finances. Like many of the parasites working in the legal profession, he has apparently fleeced my wife of that money for which she alone will be the looser of it. There is now evidence of a possible conspiracy in this matter. I have previously written that the reason Britain has the highest divorce rate in Western Europe is because it has been made so easy to obtain a divorce here. Divorce is a means of converting the couples assets into legal costs. The many parasites infesting the British legal profession are masters in the art of doing this. The services of a solicitor in the UK costs three times more than in any other European Community country. Irvine continues to allow this situation which makes him and others party to it unfit to hold public office. The tide is beginning to turn. What goes around comes around.  

Wednesday 11th October 2000.

Teesside Crown Court Hearing 9th October 2000.

The hearing was before Judge Taylor. I did not attend. I copy below  part of the contents of a letter received from my solicitor Mr C.D. Hughes .

" Before the hearing before the judge proceeded, both Mr Addison on your behalf and prosecuting counsel discussed the merits of the prosecution continuing. Prosecution counsel was instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service that the prosecution case against you should continue due to discussions with Shirley Carr, as I understand it."  Mr Addison, counsel representing me made some statements, one of which was that the case against me was not in the public interest and he felt that there was no case to answer. I am not prepared to publish here the full text of Mr Hughes letter regarding statements made by Mr Addison. The letter goes on:

"Judge Taylor stressed his dissatisfaction about the matter. He also stressed that it was not in the public interest to pursue this prosecution. He expressed the opinion that this would be a pen pushing exercise and should not be entertained by the Court."

Carr, proved by evidence on this site to be a criminal all bar a formal prosecution, made further false allegations against me which Masonic Mafia controlled/influenced Northumbria Police immediately actioned. In their haste to set me up they took the most unusual step of not even questioning me about Carr's allegation of my harassment of her. In fact it was I who was subject of harassment and assault by Carr. She struck me with a stick at the same time as trespassing and causing damage to my property. There is more to add but it will be left until the appropriate time. I elected to be tried by jury. Carr has obviously gained confidence over the years by knowing that Masonic Mafia controlled/influenced courts and police will always assist her. Anti-masons are always treated this way by police forces headed by masons. This is only one of a number of reasons why those holding public office should be required to declare any membership of Freemasonry. Both common sense and justice demand this.

The Crown Prosecution Service had previously offered a deal which was that if I agreed to remove material from this website, then they would in return consider dropping their case against me. After full consideration, I refused the deal on offer. Nothing in the Crown Prosecution case against me of alleged harassment of Carr mentions the contents of what is published on this site. To have agreed to the deal on offer would have amounted to accepting Crown blackmail. As Judge Taylor had previously indicated, if what is published here can be shown to be lies, then there is the normal procedure for dealing with such instances. I would welcome any further court action which will allow further public exposure of the facts published on this site.

Appeal By Way of Case Stated.

After Judge Taylor asked on the 5th of September 2000 what was happening about my London Crown Court Appeal of my conviction of Carr in November of 1998 it was found that there was no record of my appeal having been lodged in the London Appeal Court. Here follows part of the contents of a letter just now received from my solicitor Mr C.D. Hughes:

"In relation to your Appeal by Way of Case Stated, the position is that, although the claim form and supporting documentation was submitted to the Judge in Chambers Office on the 7th March 2000, no action was taken by that Office to issue the appeal. A reminder letter was submitted on the 31st March 2000, again, no response was received. A further reminder was sent on the 15th May 2000 and again no response was received. Telephone enquiries took place on the 12th June 2000 and duplicate documentation was submitted  to the Crown Office on the 22nd June 2000.

A response was received from the Crown Office returning the papers. Because the 10 day was not complied with, the Crown Office suggested that I obtained the consent of the Crown Prosecution Service and Her Honour Judge Moir agreeing to the appeal being lodged out of time. Alternatively, an application for an extension of time.

I wrote to the Crown Prosecution Service and Her Honour Judge Moir. The Crown Prosecution Service have responded confirming that they will not consent. I have not received a response from Her Honour Judge Moir. Therefore, a formal application for an extension of time has been submitted."

Mr Hughes letter is vague in relation to what he writes, "Because the 10 day was not complied with."

My appeal contains very important issues which are likely to influence many court decisions. Could it be that the Crown do not wish to rule on these issues for this reason? For various reasons I cannot yet publish the text of my appeal. Reporting restriction were imposed on my trial at Houghton-le Spring Magistrates  Court in November of 1998. When these restrictions are lifted I will publish the full events of what took place at the Court. They should be of concern to many.

I also wish to add here that the European Court of Human Rights are already seized in matters relative to Carr and the corruption of which I am subject. Current events are providing yet more evidence for use by the Court of this organised Masonic Mafia corruption.

For the information of those who still contact me for what amounts to a reference for Barrister Mr Neil Addison, I repeat what I have previously written. I believe him to be an honest and caring person. He has never given me any reason to believe otherwise. He is Britain's leading authority on the law of harassment and I do recommend his services to anyone in matters of harassment. He has written two books on the subject and he is not a mason.

I can now add that my conviction for alleged harassment of Carr was obtained at Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court in November of 1998. Unfortunately I was represented by a barrister named Harle. Video equipment was set up in the court for my trial listed to be heard over two days. At the end of day one Harle almost pleaded with me to agree to the removal of the video equipment. He said he did not think it was needed. I would not agree to that. My wife appeared as a witness. She later agreed the fact that questions Harle then asked her had no relevance to the case. That was abundantly clear to me and most probably to the three sitting magistrates. The video equipment was never put to use. Video film showing further evidence of Carr's use of perjury and also proving further evidence of the perversion of the course of justice by Spedding was never seen by the magistrates. This act was both deliberate and itself a perversion of the course of justice. It was clear that Harle was not acting in my best interests and was assisting his Masonic solicitor brother who was also supposed to be representing me. Facts regarding this are also to be pursued. Time will not weary me.

The Clerk to the Justices at Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court is a Mr Bavidge. He was instrumental along with the Lord Chancellors Department in the cover up of illegal proceedings at that court in 1986. Following my having been battered and struck by a car deliberately driven at me by a Mr Robert Willis Gardner Pringle, then supplier to Masonic Halls of fruit and vegetables, Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates proceedings were illegal by reason that the single magistrate who sat in the case was not qualified to act alone. Another magistrate, a mason named Mr William Moseley and close acquaintance of Pringle also sat on the bench that day. He later alleged that he had stood down even though he had remained on the bench. A stipendairy magistrate was the only one who could hear or chair the case. He held no such qualification and Bavidge knew that. Detective Superintendent Atkinson, also named on these pages, told me just before Christmas of 1998 that despite being a police officer at the time the case went before Houghton Magistrates he was aware that there were no stipendairy magistrates ruling at that court or anywhere in the immediate area. Other police officers had already confirmed that to me. That matter was the reason that I started to investigate Freemasonry. Former MP Roland Boyes warned me shortly after those illegal court proceedings in 1986, "If you have tangled with Freemasons you have bitten off more than you can chew." Well Mr Boyes, I am still chewing. Bavidge is still the Clerk to the justices at Houghton Magistrates Court. I believe that it was possible that he could have influenced proceedings against me in November of 1998. He has been long aware of my allegations against him. The three magistrates who heard the case of my alleged harassment of Carr said they were, "not members of the Craft."  One of them had been seen entering a local Masonic Hall. Barrister Harle was keen for me to point him out after the case was concluded. I did not give him that information. I had already concluded what his game was.

There is no little doubt that both Masonic Mafia controlled/influenced Northumbria Police are currently being fully assisted by the Crown Prosecution Service situated at Washington, Tyne-Wear. The Crown Prosecution case against me is nothing short of malicious. Had Carr been brought to trial for her use of perjury during the civil proceedings between us, then Northumbria Police would have had to look for some other means to shut me up. Carr obviously fits their purpose. Former recorder and criminal, John Fryer-Spedding continues to be protected by Northumbria Police. They still fail to do their public duty by acting on the evidence that I have provided to them. Mason Chief Constable Mr Strachan should resign as part of his public duty. Those police officers named on this site who have failed to act on evidence of criminal activities I have provided to them, are now shown to be guilty of the criminal offence of misconduct in public office. Though they would seem to believe that they are above the law, time and circumstances will prove that they are not.

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