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Sunday 24 September 2000.

I had previously decided not to publish a comment made by Judge Taylor at the Durham Crown Court on the 5th of September 2000. In the public interest I have now decided to do it. Judge Taylor said that the prosecution case against me was a waste of public money. At that hearing he had asked counsel representing me, Mr Neil Addison, what the situation was regarding my appeal against the earlier conviction for alleged harassment of Carr. Counsel made contact with the London Appeal Court. There was no record of it. It is not yet known who is responsible for this "error?". Mr Addison told Judge Taylor that in any event the matter of my appeal and Carr's new allegation of harassment were not connected. In truth I am the victim of Carr's harassment. Carr had unlawfully entered onto my property. She was damaging shrubs, and then she struck me with a stick. There was little point in reporting this matter to Masonic Mafia controlled/influenced Northumbria Police anymore than the matter of holes having been put through the roof of one of my property's outbuildings, clearly from close range and in a direction from Carr's property. Carr had also alleged that I had moved a part of a brick pillar onto what she says is her driveway.  Her resident boyfriend/servant had left the pillar propped against my property's front fence thus causing damage to it. The driveway is in fact a joint driveway intended to be shared by both my property and that owned by Carr. Carr is unlawfully depriving me of  its use. Its a situation which will be remedied in due course. At the time my wife and I purchased our property in 1976 that driveway was the only way onto the frontage of our property. My rights under Section 62 of the Law of Property Act 1925, totally ignored by the criminal, former recorder John Fryer-Spedding, are being breached. The vendors of our property had agreed in any event that the driveway was to be shared. That agreement is confirmed in an affidavit sworn by one of the vendors. Land which Carr presently unlawfully occupies will also eventually be returned to me. 

While at the Durham Crown Court on 5th September I was told of a possible deal on offer. It was that if I removed references to Carr on this website, the Crown would consider dropping their case against me. After little thought, and of course being under duress, I agreed to it. My solicitor Mr Charles D. Hughes contacted the Crown Prosecution Service and informed them that I was prepared to agree the deal on offer. After further consideration, I was aware that removing Carr's name from this website would mean removing a large amount of it. The remaining would have made little sense. The hearing of 5th September was adjourned to Teeside Crown Court for the eighteenth of September. My solicitor wrote informing me that I was not required to attend.

Below is a copy of the contents of the Teeside Crown Court attendance notes of my solicitor Mr Charles D. Hughes:

"Attended upon at Teeside Crown Court before Judge Taylor. Mr Kellett was unable to attend due to ill health. However I had spoken to him and he confirmed that he was no longer willing to remove references to Miss Carr on his website. The position is that the Crown Prosecution Service in response to my letter of 11th September and the discussions that took place between prosecuting and defending counsel on 5th September had written to the police. They had responded in an unfavorable manner. The judge was concerned about this because he was of the opinion that it was the opinion of Miss Carr that was appropriate and not the police officer. There was also discussion regarding our client agreeing previously to give an undertaking to remove references to Miss Carr on his website and for the charge to remain on the court file. The judge was not particularly impressed by this and was of the opinion that upon the basis that no further alleged incidents had taken place since the previous allegations have been made, and any reference to Miss Carr on the Website could be dealt with in the normal manner if they were libellous or indeed criminal, that this was not appropriate. ie the prosecution should make a decision to discontinue proceedings without any conditions attached. In any event the case is further listed for 9th October @ 10.30 a.m. to enable the prosecution to have obtained the opinion of Miss Carr and make a decision regarding discontinuing the proceedings. Mr Kellett is required to attend."


With reference to the above court attendance notes, the facts are now very clear. Nothing in the false allegations Carr has made against me, subject of the prosecution case, which relate only to the incidences mentioned in the first paragraph above, concern what was published on this site before today. So why is the Crown using its trumped up prosecution case against me as a means of removing Carr's name from this site?  This amounts to nothing less than attempted blackmail. I will never give way it. Judge James correctly says that if what is published here is libellous or criminal it could be dealt with in what he describes as the normal way. I have no fear of this because it will  allow me to put before a court and the public the full extent of the corruption of which I am subject. Is the opinion of a criminal protected by the Masonic Mafia relevant anyway? What I have published here was done because of need. Nothing else. The need arose because of bent judges, policemen, and solicitors who have carried out what amounts to no less than very serious criminal activities in order to harm me. This is the normal way these Masonic Mafia led/influenced bodies normally react to anyone who is a known anti-mason. These are only some of the matters presently lodged with the European Court of Human Rights. More are being added. Readers can draw their own conclusions from the Teeside Crown Court attendance notes. Any conclusion should bear in mind that the Crown prosecution case against me does not mention in any way that which is published here. A letter is being sent to HM Queen. Opinion is that it wont receive a reply. Nonetheless it will serve a purpose. 

As a further consideration, there is verification again that Northumbria Police are monitoring this website. Durham Police have also confirmed that they too are monitoring it. PC Davison of Durham Police who was responsible for acts which placed my life in danger in March of this year told me that he had downloaded material from this site. Had he not noticed the evidence that is published here relative to gross misconduct in public office of some of those employed as judges at the Durham County Court and on the North East Court Circuit? Misconduct by those holding public office in connection with their employment is a crime and therefore a criminal matter. The Durham County Court is little more than a stones throw away from where Davison had locked me up and had deprived me of essential medication and medical attention. It ended with my admission to the Cardiac Care ward at Dryburn Hospital, Durham. Other elements influenced or controlled by the extensive Masonic Mafia then took over. They failed miserably in their attempts to cause me further harm. The power which now influences my life is a far greater one than all of  the Masonic Mafia put together. I know now why in recent years there has been a large increase in the number of deaths of people in police custody.

It does not surprise me when the court attendance notes, copied above, read that Northumbria Police had responded in an unfavorable manner! They have amongst them many criminals. I think that they may believe that membership of Freemasonry will help them. I can assure them that it will not.Why did their Detective Chief Superintendent Atkinson tell me that just previous to my visit to see him at Washington Police Headquarters shortly before Christmas of 1998 that he had telephoned the Home Office who instructed him not to act on the evidence I took for his examination. Was that true, had he really telephoned the Home Office? Did they really tell him not to act? Why did he then, like detective sergeant McGann, and detective constable Storey tell me in 1996 that perjury was not a police matter? Why did acting detective Inspector Steven Coxon deliberately try to lead me to believe that he was to carry out a full investigation into all matters I reported to him. Northumbria Police informed me that he had been appointed for that purpose. I reported matters to D.I. Coxon in a more than two hour meeting which took place at the office of my solicitors Harding Swinburne Jackson & Co on the 30th June last year? My solicitor Mr Hughes and a female police officer were also in attendance at that meeting. At the end of it, Coxon asked me if I knew how serious the allegations I was making to him were. I replied that I was glad that he too saw them that way. He said he would start his investigations from 1986. It was then that I was battered and struck by a car that was deliberately driven at me following my having discovered corrupt activities being carried out by (then) British Coal Estates employees. The man who carried out the attack against me delivered fruit and vegetables to at least one local Masonic Hall. He was a former employee of British Coal with attachments to their Estates Department. Some medical opinions are that the battering I received then may be responsible for some of my present health problems. His pal, Mr William Moseley, a mason, sat on the magistrates bench on the day the matter was to be tried. Moseley later claimed he had stood down because he was acquainted with both my assailant and me. The remaining magistrate was not qualified to act alone. Those court proceedings were illegal and both the Lord Chancellors Department along with the courts Chief Clerk, Mr Bavidge, were instrument in the attempted cover up. Despite it being well over a year now since my meeting with acting (and I think this would be a more apt profession for him to follow) detective Steve Coxon, no investigation has been carried out. In early August of 1999 I delivered to Houghton-le-Spring Police Station considerable evidence to back up the allegations I had made to D.I. Coxon at the office of my solicitor on 30th June 1999. This has not been acted upon. Police have a duty and that is to act upon evidence of any criminal activities supplied to them. Those who have ignored the evidence automatically become criminals. Case law under Regina -v- Dytham says that they are.

There are many other facts I would have liked to have published  here but some are being left in reserve. The evidence that I have of criminal activities being used against me has been distributed to others in case of my possible untimely death. I rule nothing out. I am angered that the Crown have found it necessary to stoop to such low levels in an attempt to stop me publishing facts about what has and is being carried out against me by criminals, many of whom hold public office. Matters are taking on new dimensions because of it. I am not alone in this. This website would not be here were there no need for it. The European Court of Human Rights have and  will continue to be kept fully informed of  the tyranny now being used against me by English authorities. The cess pit called the English justice system continues to be shown for what it really is.

Wednesday 6 September 2000.

I appeared at the Durham Crown Court yesterday for trial by jury. The trial never took place. It was again taken out of listing for the third time. At around 11.00am the only other case to be tried by jury had finished. A member of the court staff told me that there were no other cases to be tried yesterday?

I appeared before his honour judge Taylor in the matter of  trying to arrange another trial date. During that appearance the judge made a short simple statement which summed up the Crown Prosecution case against me. I could not have described it better. Though  the judges statement was no secret at the court, out of respect for him, I will not repeat it here. He decided that he wanted the conduct of the case.

There were other developments yesterday which I will not make known here. They were I think constructive. I was also advised to get the matter of  what amounted to the unlawful trial before former recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding in 1996 back into the courts. That advice will now be acted upon. Matters concerning Spedding's action against me, which did amount to the perversion of the course of justice, are already to be subject of examination by one of the European Court judges. I was again represented yesterday by Council Mr Neil Addison. He is said to be a leading authority in the law of harassment and has written two books on the subject. My respect for him has only increased with time.

Also at court with me yesterday was a man who is very well known in the fight against corruption. He is also the author of a book on the latter subject. I give my sincere thanks to him for making the long journey to be with me. At the moment I prefer not to name him pending his agreement that I can.

Wednesday 30 August 2000.

I wish to thank all those who sent me e-mails in response to the material I published on the worlds leading political, legal, and Christian newsgroups over the last weekend. They made me realise that there are many others who appear to have similar views to myself and are concerned that the power game now being played is in fact being played out by very evil people. Throughout time evil people have held the reigns of power and one day this age will also be part of history. The evil people ruling it will then be seen to be what they really are.

To those who saw my publications I have named more solicitors who are corrupt people. One in particular being  Mr Mellors of Barber Titley Solicitors, Harrogate, who was used by my wife. Its clear that she still does not know that she has stepped into a minefield. The question of how all of the marriage joint assets came into her sole name is one which I will hold in reserve if needed. Sooner or later this matter will be addressed. Mellors claims she has handed over to him several thousand pounds. He clammed up when I  asked why it had been handed over to him. He is in fact held to be in contempt of court. He will know the reason for this. I have also formally declared that the decrees nisi granted by a Mr Grills at the Harrogate County Court is invalid. He breached his judicial oath by failing to allow me to reply to the false allegations being made by my wife during proceedings before him. I wrote to the Harrogate County Court  that even a man with limited intelligence would have known that my wife was lying. Is Grills, employed as a judge by part of the  Masonic Mafia Headquarters, The Lord Chancellors Department, (See evidence of this on this site)  a man of limited intelligence? I think not.

I still await word from the European Court. I was informed that I may be required to appear before it. I would welcome this. The seat of European Justice is also on trial here as well as the United Kingdom.

Masonic Mafia led police and judiciary still protect the criminals I have named on these pages. One, Miss Shirley Carr, a woman who was happy to use perjury as a means to a defence in the civil actions between us continues to be used by them as a weapon against me. Part of the evidence of her perjury is published on this site. Police are also in receipt of it, but are failing in the duty required of them to take action on it. Masonic Mafia led police will never action anything which will benefit anti-masons. Things are beginning to change. I am sure that all those concerned, who are guilty of the crime of misconduct in public office, will eventually stand trial presided over by non mason judges.

Monday 21 August 2000.

Solicitor John Paul Graney who practiced at Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne-Wear, named in these pages along with evidence of his perjury that was used against me, has now been struck from the Register of Solicitors. A report by the Sunderland Echo newspaper crime reporter John Corney dated 9 August 2000 is headed " Solicitor who used clients money is struck off". John and the newspapers senior reporter spent two days with me in 1999. My evidence of Graney's perjury, published on this site, was shown to detective sergeant McGann at Houghton-le-Spring Police Station. Detective Constable Storey was with him along with my wife in attendance. D.S. McGann claimed that perjury was not a police matter. The Legal  Services Ombudsmans report says that it is. I knew that it was as well but with corruption within the police now probably running at an all time high, what can one expect? Civil servants at Northumbria Police Authority remain guilty of the crime of misconduct in public office. They have failed to submit my complaints about officers in Northumbria Police to an outside police force for investigation. They have agreed that my complaints also relate to Northumbria's Chief Constable Mr Strachan. The authority remains in breach of law under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act. Other Police Authorities are now known to be adopting the same tactics. Tony Blair promised us all a fairer Britain. By making this statement he agreed that Britain was already unfair before he came to power. Evidence suggests that Britain is more unfair than ever and the evidence I have published on this site is only the tip of a very large iceberg showing this.

My friend Tony Gosling is now publishing the names of members of the world elitist secret society the Bilderberg Council. For those interested in the list which includes in it Tony Blair, William Haig, Lord Healey, Lord Peter Carrington, Peter Mandelson. Lord Prior, Giles Radice, Malcolm Rifkind, George Robertson, William Waldergrave, Kenneth Clarke (Steering Group), Sir John Sainsbury (Sainsbury PLC) and many others. More information can be viewed at   and

From my understanding the Bilderberg Council have as part of their policy, a single world government, a single world currency and a huge reduction in the world human population. Tony Blair has been asked in the House of Commons about his membership of the Bilderbergs. He has failed to give a direct answer to those questions. I advise all to visit the above sites. Tony visited the latest Bilderberg Council meeting in Brussels and took lots of photographs which have now been circulated. The CIA it seems did not like him taking photographs. What was the CIA doing at the meeting anyway?

My new trial of alleged harassment of Miss Shirley Carr, employed as a National Insurance Inspector, and my civil opponent for over five years is due to take place shortly. I have elected to be tried by jury at the Durham Crown Court. I have published on this site considerable evidence of the fact that Carr used significant perjury against me in the civil proceedings between us. Northumbria Police are also in receipt of this evidence which they have duly signed for. Despite being in receipt of it, Northumbria Police have failed in the duty required of them to investigate it. They seem to be claiming that as there are court proceedings pending in the matter of Carr's allegation that I have harassed her, they cannot therefore carry out an investigation into the evidence I have supplied to them. I think the simple fact is that they need Carr as a weapon against me. The Crown Prosecution Service are clearly also well up to their armpits in this action to cause me further harm. I never expected any other. There is no truth whatsoever in the allegations made against me by perjurer Carr. More about this later. Of further significance, I have also provided Northumbria police with evidence more than a year ago that former recorder John Fryer-Spedding since retired, and named extensively on these pages, carried out action against me to pervert the course of justice. They have also failed in their duty to investigate that evidence and take appropriate action on it. Spedding is not presently involved in the proceedings between Carr and I or rather Regina  -v- Maurice Kellett. This would seem to be proof that mason Chief Constable of Northumbria Police Mr Strachan  is determined to protect criminals such as former recorder John Fryer-Spedding who have caused me so much harm and damage. The old saying, the higher they climb the harder they fall applies here.

Mason Chief Constables it seems will always do everything they can to harm anti-masons. After all, they have sworn an oath (in conflict with their public duty) to protect and uphold the Brotherhood of Freemasonry. It might interest other to know that former Chief Constable of Northumbria Mr J.Stevens, now Commissioner for the London Metropolitan Police, is also said to be a mason by a reliable source.

Another friend of mine Paul Talbot Jenkins and also a victim of the Masonic Mafia has published a book on CD ROM. He has established a web site at

A newletter published by Paul is presently under national distribution. Paul's father, a pilot, was killed during the Battle of Britain. Look out for his newsletter. failing this, I can copy it and e-mail it those who are interested. In any event, its probable that Paul can forward a copy of it by e-mail as well for those who visit his site.

Dr Adoko's book published under the title "The Most Corrupt British Judges" has been taken from the shelves at the Bookware bookshop in London. It would appear the bookshop owners have been subject of intimidation.  I spoke with Dr Adoko last week and he informed me that his book is now available from-  London Truth Publishers, 10 Soane House, Roland Way, London SE17 2JT.  Tele. 0171 640 0583. It costs nine pounds and ninety nine pence plus postage. Dr Adoko is a barrister and was former head of the Law Society in Uganda. He is a man with a conscience and I recommend to all those who value the true principles of justice to read his book. Mr Irvine the Lord Chancellor, has been provided with  a copy of his book. Dr Adoko is now blowing the whistle on corruption within the UK justice system. His book states that what he is publishing is only the tip of the iceberg. Corruption of  which he is now publishing has been well known to me and many others for some considerable time now. Evidence of it is provided on this web site and many others now as well thanks to the internet.

My friend Norman Scarth is presently recovering from injuries received at the hands or rather feet of Leeds Police. Norman aged 74 is secretary of the Litigants in Person Society. He was also a veteran of world war two. You cant keep good men down and Norman is living proof of this.

Tuesday  July 18 2000

The European Court of Human Rights have agreed to examine a file of papers I have supplied to them relative to matters concerning Carr. In accordance with the Rules of the Court, one of the judges, acting as rapporteur, will carry out a preliminary examination of my application and report to the Court on the question of its admissibility.

The file of papers has raised some very serious issues concerning the UK judiciary. Should it become necessary the file of papers supplied to the Court will be subject of publication. This application is likely to be the first of at least three unless the Judicial Masonic Mafia decide to put their house in order and let justice take its course. Former recorder John Fryer-Spedding, Carr, and others should by now have been subject of arrest. The Masonic Mafia are still protecting them. By doing this they are digging a rather large pit for themselves. They should be aware that right will always prevail.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the reports I have received that the Legal Services Ombudsman, Ann Abraham, is not working in the interests of the public but the corrupt legal profession may be true. I will be publishing her report in my own case along with my correspondence with a member of her staff, a Mr Enwisle. I think there is now sufficient evidence in my case alone to show Ann Abraham is indeed working for the benefit of corrupt solicitors. You can make up your own mind about this when I publish all correspondence with her. I still await a letter from Mr Enwisle before I publish it. I can assure all that this will be a real eye opener. I believe the question of the legal profession investigating themselves is now under review. I think it true to say that all self governing bodies such as the police, judiciary, medical profession etc., should never be allowed to investigate complaints against themselves. Common sense and facts suggest that this scenario invites corruption.

Wednesday June 28 2000.

There are a number of reasons it has not been possible to update this site until now. It has been necessary to spend a lot of time away from my home. In the course of it I have met many people from various parts of the world, most of whom have similar concerns to my own. Tony Gosling's report on the latest meeting of the Bilderberg Council which I have published today on and other news groups is part of the real sinister world in which we live. There is a link to his web site on my links page. Photographs of some of those who attended the meeting have been taken despite attempts to stop it. It is believed that Tony Blair may have attended it. Tony Gosling too obviously lives in the real world. If anyone cannot obtain Tony Gosling's Bilderberg Council meeting report, then please e-mail me and I will forward it on. I may have to suffer probably a further very severe backlash for doing this, but someone has to make known what is taking place in this pollution riddled dangerous corrupt old world. I think I already have one foot in the grave anyway so it matters little. The Masonic Lucifer worshippers of this world, including prominent USA masons Ed King, Many Blanco and others who are attempting to pull me down simply wont succeed. The web page they have set up with misinformation about me will only be believed by fools. The information I give here is the truth. I have no cause other than to publish the truth. To those who think they can make me go away, think again. To those who give me encouragement to carry on I give my sincere thanks. I will not let you down. To the lady in South America who asked me to marry her, I also give my thanks. May God protect you always. Meeting you and some of your people was an experience I shall always treasure. We may yet meet again.

The Masonic Mafia within the police and judiciary still continue to protect Miss Shirley Carr's perjury which she used against me during the civil litigation between us. Masonic Mafia led police still want to use her as a weapon against me under her false allegations despite having been furnished with hard evidence of her use of perjury she used in civil proceedings between us.. John Fryer-Spedding the former recorder, shown by evidence published here to be a criminal, continues to be protected by the same Masonic, judicial and police Mafia. His approved transcript of judgment in my case is published on this web site along with my replies to it. His corrupt judgment was both deliberate and calculated and I believe I have shown that by my publication of it and in my replies to it. The rest of the Masonic mob operating within the judicial establishment then went into action to back up his corruption. This is now known to be normal practice. I have declared his perverse judgment as invalid. Woolf, Bingham. Irvine and others who were also provided with evidence of my allegations would not do it so I had to. Tyranny is being practised within the UK on a very large scale and by very high authority. We now have a very serious problem. The way to right these wrongs may be even more serious. MP Fraser Kemp was supplied with hard evidence of my allegations detailed on this site. He passed the buck to former Euro-MP Alan Donnely. He too wanted nothing to do with it. Mr Kemp has been spending a lot of time on the Kilroy morning TV program. What is a man without conscience? What is his worth?

The man responsible for exposing corruption within the European Commission, his name evades me for now, has written a book where he claims that Freemasonry has been responsible for corruption within the Commission highlighted quite recently. He claims that the Mafia also have a finger in the European Commission corruption pie. I do not doubt the substance of his allegations. The Mafia is not only of Italian origin. The meaning of the word Mafia is published in the Oxford English Dictionary as being a group regarded as exerting a hidden sinister influence. The Masonic Mafia fit that description exactly. This is a lesson I and many others have learned the hard way.

I will shortly be publishing the report I received from the Legal Services Ombudsman Ann Abraham along with my response to it and the further replies received from her Service Manager Mr Simon D C Enwisle. Though Abraham found in my favour it is clear from Enwisle's letters that she does not want the hard evidence against solicitor Alison Stott and others which she says in her report was required. A couple of months or so ago I supplied her with that hard evidence. I had been warned that her office would look for any way to protect corrupt solicitors. Judge for yourself when I publish her report and my subsequent letters to Enwisle. Abraham agrees that files belonging to me went missing from the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors. At no time did she contact me to see if I had duplicates of that missing documentation before she made her report. Her investigation without that could not be considered as being a serious attempt to get at the truth.

On Friday 14 April I went to the New Elvet Police Station at Durham City. I was then told by the officer on desk duty that no police action was to be taken on the allegation made by Dr. Wylie of the West Rainton Surgery, Co. Durham. He said I should have received a letter from Durham Police verifying it. I had received no such letter and no one had informed me not to attend the Police Station on that day as bail conditions had required of me. Since that time no such letter has been received by me. PC Davison, who I was told was stationed at Sherburn Road Police Station, Durham never had any evidence of Wylie's false allegation. He agreed that at a previous meeting. Despite that, he had placed me in a situation which had threatened my life where I ended in a cardiac care ward at Dryburn Hospital, Co. Durham. He had also deprived me access to essential medication I required while he and others carried out a search of my home. There has also been theft of documentation. Davison told me that he had downloaded material from this my web site. It seems he had very conveniently ignored the evidence I have published showing corruption being practised by the Durham County Court which is only a stones throw away from New Elvet Police Station. Davison has helped prove again that corrupt police will turn a blind eye to corruption when it benefits masons. Both Durham and Northumbria police are monitoring this site so they cannot claim they have not seen the evidence I have published here. In the case of Northumbria Police they have signed agreeing the receipt of the evidence to back up some of my allegations.. Those who hold public office and fail in their duty to carry out the work required of them are guilty of the crime of misconduct while holding that office. It is a crime conveniently being ignored by the corrupt authorities whose paid duty it is to protect the public.

On the day I was detained by Durham police under the false allegations made by Dr. Wylie, I had been due to meet a former policeman outside of Boyes shop in Darlington County Durham. He said he had been interviewed on the matter of Inspector Ray Mallin of Cleveland police. I was led to believe that part of our planned meeting concerned Ray Mallin. Mallin is presently in the news headlines following an enquiry which has cost the taxpayer around three million pounds. He is now demanding his job back with Cleveland police. An internal enquiry into him is now said to be taking place. I wonder if that boiler involved in the matter of the two detectives who made allegations about Mallin could be the same one which was stolen from my property a couple of years ago? Should I ask to see it? Will the Chief Constable of Cleveland allow me to look at it?

Dr. Wylie's false allegation against me may be linked to other matters I had raised questions with the West Rainton Surgery in 1999. I had enquired as to whether my wife had been told to inform me that she had commenced with a course of hormone replacement therapy. After my wife parted company with me I found evidence that such treatment can cause depression and other serious psychological changes. I only learned that my wife was undergoing such treatment after she had obviously been on it for some length of time. The West Rainton Surgery have failed to answer my letter

of enquiry concerning that along with my enquiry as to why I had not been given what I regard as essential information regarding my own medical condition. Wylie had claimed that my letter to the West Rainton Surgery contained remarks which were menacing. He had not produced it to Davison to help back up his false allegation. Wylie relied on the non disclosure aspect to avoid showing that letter to Davison. I gave permission for Wylie to release it to him. There were no such alleged menacing remarks contained within it. Wylie had lied. Davison told me that a recording had been made of the alleged death threat made by someone in a telephone call to Wylie. I told him that expert examination would show that I had not made that alleged telephone call. Davison then told me the recording had been erased. How very convenient. More on this matter later. As a matter of possible interest the senior practitioner at the West Rainton Surgery, Dr Sartoris, had told me that I was wasting my time going to London to seek leave to appeal the judgment of criminal former recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding. As it turned out he was right. Are doctors Wylie and Sartoris masons? Circumstances seem to suggest that they are.

The result of my visit to the Masonic Mafia Headquarters at the London Court of Appeal might have been a waste of time in one sense, but it had shown me that the court is a hotbed of Masonic corruption. It was not a wasted journey. Men, I would suggest wrongly holding the title of Lords Justices Auld and Pill are shown by evidence to have assisted Spedding's corruption and high treason. They had duties when in receipt of that evidence. They failed in that duty to act and went further by denying my right to appeal this criminals judgment. I had supplied them with hard evidence of my allegations against him. Both Auld and Pill have still failed to declare any membership of Freemasonry as I demand of them by the rules which require that the courts must be impartial. The declarations I demand follows as a result of my contribution to the Lord Nolan Enquiry into Freemasonry within the Police and Judiciary. I am now satisfied that the Enquiry was nothing short of a whitewash job which has helped protect the corrupt and very substantial involvement of masons operating within the police and judiciary.

None of the judges involved in the litigation between Carr and I have made the formal declaration I demand of them regarding membership of Freemasonry. I was quite recently given information from an employee of the Lord Chancellor Irvine's Department that they have a special department which deals only with matters where the question of Freemasonry is involved. Circumstances that I can show suggest none other than that department is being used to cover Masonic corruption being practised by many of the English courts when such needs arise to help bring about the downfall of anti-masons.

Matters will be raised in due course with the Harrogate County Court again regarding the way a Degrees Nisi was granted to my wife Joyce by a man named Grills. Grills has denied being a mason but has stopped short of declaring whether or not has or is visiting Masonic Halls. Grills had never even asked if I wanted to reply to the false allegations made against me by my wife. By failing to do that he is in breach of his judicial oath. She was not asked to supply any evidence of those false allegations. Grills was more akin to a mouse receiving a piece of cheese when I was at the court. I am satisfied that he knew then of my involvement to expose the Masonic corruption now so rife within the Police and Judiciary and other public establishments.

My wife's mason solicitor named Mellors of Barber Titley Solicitors, 6 North Park Road, Harrogate, may even attend the same Masonic establishment as may be used by Grills. Mellors clamed up like a shell fish when I enquired of him why my wife had handed to him five thousand pounds in cash which in the circumstances was also my money. My daughter Dawn told me that Mellors had advised my wife to lie in her petition for divorce because it would have a better effect. Mellors denied that when I questioned him about it. I am satisfied that Dawn had not lied to me about that as it was obviously my wife who had detailed that matter to her. My wife had falsely alleged in her petition that I had agreed she could purchase a house in Grange Road, Dacre Banks, North Yorkshire, to allow her to live there alone. The degree nisi was obtained by use of fraud and deception. Grills was in breach of his judicial oath. The marriage remains valid even though I have no wish to have any serious relationship with my wife. She has been made aware that I now have very significant evidence of her fraud, deception and use of forgery intended to deprive me of what is rightly mine. Harrogate County Court were informed of my stand and said they would file my letter declaring it. Like any other court ruling obtained by the use of fraud, under the ruling in Regina -v- Dytham, the order is invalid.

Matters between my wife Joyce Kellett and I are to be published in full. For those who think that it could not happen to them, let my story be a warning to them. It is still my wish that my wife turns from the extreme evil she has used against me to obtain my possessions. She will not be allowed to keep that which she is attempting to steal from me. I thank Mr Martin Phillips for his letter which concerns my wife. The information within it was mostly known to me anyway. I also thank a man named Speight for information he gave me about my wife last year. That information will also be published as might become necessary in the course of time.

My wife obtained another order from a mason employed as a judge at the Leeds County Court. The way in which that order was made raise further very serious concerns about the way courts deal with anti-masons. In late 1999 my wife attempted to use blackmail against me in a letter she sent to my solicitor Mr Hughes. I never thought it possible that a woman I had loved and trusted during our thirty years of marriage could stoop to such levels. The vows we made together on August 31 1968 remain valid. No man especially a mason who must have known my wife was lying will change this. God will ultimately be my wife's judge. When her father lay dying at Sunderland Rotyal Hospital, I had asked her if I could have the hospital Chaplain say prayers for him. Her reply was that it would only upset her. I had the Chaplain attend anyway. Her father had been in a coma for two days and had not even opened his eyes. What happened when the Chaplain drew the sign of a cross on my father in laws forehead with oil blessed at Durham Cathedral will be remembered by me till the end of my days. He opened his eyes for around thirty seconds. He never reopened them ever again. He died around one hour later. My wife did not get the message that I received then. Or did she? Both God and the Devil are real Joyce. Have you not realised this yet?

Britain has the highest divorce rate in western Europe. With judges such as Grills, and solicitors such as Mellors it is not difficult to see why this situation exists. Divorce is big business and is a way of converting the assets of the couple into legal costs. Many of today's judges come from the stables of the many parasite solicitors of yesterday. They know the rules of the divorce game. I would suggest that there may be many of our corrupt judges who benefit financially from freely granting divorce in a way which Grills used against me. I am still astonished at just how easy it was for him to allow that divorce petition without any evidence being required of the allegations and his not having gave me the opportunity to answer my wife's false allegations.

My wife also took action which resulted in several hours of cruelty to one of our pet Alsation dogs named Monty. A sick minded police officer of North Yorkshire police was forefront in carrying out that cruelty. Monty is now dead but he remained as a faithful and trustworthy friend right up to the end. Following my collapse at Harrogate County Court after Grills had enacted the farce I detail here in 1998 and my admission to the Harrogate District Hospital, my wife refused to return home to see to our two dogs. It was necessary for someone to break the door lock of my home to obtain access to feed our dogs. Later I told the hospital authority that someone was going to collect me and take me home. That was the only way they would agree to my discharge. I made my own one hundred mile journey back to my home. Prior to that farce court staff had positioned a chair for me next to the main court entrance to allow me more air. I had just previously suffered a very heavy nose bleed. I am now aware of what had caused that collapse.

A man linked with the medical profession has urged me by letter me to take up the matter of what amounts to the falsification of my medical records. He agrees in his letter to me that he and a consultant psychiatrist have discussed me and have concluded there is nothing that they can do to assist me. An attempt to have me committed to a mental hospital in what would have been unlawful circumstances was made on March 2 of this year.. It failed when I became aware of what was being planned for me. I discharged myself from the cardiac care ward at Dryburn Hospital, Durham City, when I became aware those plans. I removed the cardiac probes attached to me and did not allow the attempts that were made to stop me from leaving the hospital. I was told by a nurse that if I removed a tube inserted into an artery in my arm I would bleed to death. I bled very little.. I got away from the hospital in circumstances which were astonishing. God does indeed work in mysterious ways. I think that was shown to me that day. I was then able to blow the whistle to others about what a corrupt hospital doctor had planned for me. Whether PC Davison had a hand in that or not I cannot say with all certainty. It was police action against me where he was involved which ended in my admission to the cardiac care ward at the Dryburn Hospital on March 1 of this year.

I am now well aware that psychiatric establishments are being used to house whistle blowers who expose authoritarian corruption. I am also now satisfied that the medical profession is riddled with membership of Freemasonry and that there are many Dr Harold Shipman's A man who has been active in exposing police corruption is presently being held against his will in a mental hospital in London. An application has been made to the European Court relative to his detention. These facts are mostly hidden from the general public by the Press. The reasons for this must be obvious.

As an example to show what has been carried out against me by use of corrupt authorities is also being carried out to others take a look at web site: This site is managed by a Mrs R. Kellett who names those involved in the corruption of which she too is subject. She is not related to me.

There now seems to be an attempt to block what will be the first of my applications to the European Court. I had also been warned that this was likely to happen. I am not so naive as not to believe that the European Court might be influenced by masons. The snare I am using in this matter is a large one and will gradually close if and when circumstances require it. All will be published about this if and when circumstances require it.

I have also recently had the privilege of hosting a two day visit to northern England by someone who was responsible for showing, and indeed proving to me that God is real. That visit was a further education for me and one which I will remember to the end of my days.

The recent publication of a book written by barrister and Papal Knight Of St. Gregory, Dr. Adoko has raised many an eyebrow in legal circles. He was at one time the Secretary of the Law Society in Uganda. Among other things he names corrupt judges. He has now disbarred himself while he exposes corruption within the judicial circles and the Law Society. In he book he say that what he has published is only the tip of the iceberg. Lord Chancellor Irvine has been sent a copy of the book which has been sworn in the form of an affidavit.. I recently spoke with Dr. Adoko and I have commenced to publish parts from his book which is titled "The Most Corrupt British Judges. It can be obtained from Bookware, Bookware House, 120 Southampton Row, London WC1B 5AA at a price of nine pounds ninety nine pence plus postage. If anyone doubts the extent of corruption within the justice system, this book will remove them.

I have also came into contact with a Spanish lady named Marisa Sarda. Marisa lives in the UK and has been actively involved in drawing to the public attention the injustices suffered by many women in this country. Marisa had a meeting with Jack Straw and came out of it more depressed than when she went into it. She has lost her family because of gross injustice used against her by the judiciary. Marisa had a fifty per cent share in a business which her former husband sold over her head. It presently has an annual turnover of around five million pounds. Marisa now lives on the poverty line. She is afraid that she too may go missing as has been the case with another Spanish lady living in London, also an activist, named Susana Andries Pujol. I hope I have the spelling of her Christian name correct. Susana had been made subject of an order under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act. This is further evidence of the fact that mental establishments are being used to imprison those who dare question corrupt authority in the UK. Anyone who has any information as to the possible whereabouts of Susana please e-mail me with it.

I will be publishing some of Marisa's work shortly. Newspapers and authorities in Spain have now been alerted to her plight.

Sunday 2 April 2000

I have received the findings of the Ombudsman in the matter of my complaints regarding the conduct of the Solicitors Compalints Burea/Office for the Supervision of Solicitors. The Ombudsman is Ann Abraham.  She has found in my favour but her report is flawed. The compensation offered would not even cover the cost of the copying of the files that I sent to the SCB/OFSOS. I am still in contact with the Legal Ombudsmans office so will not publish the Ombudsmans full report at this time. I guarantee that it will make everyone think again who believes that justice still prevails in the UK. I copy some the ombudsmans statements contained in her report below:

Para. 16 " That leaves the complaints Against Alison Stott, which include complaints of collusion with Nancy Bone, and giving the papers to Mr Kellett's opponent in litigation to paginate. These are very serious allegations, and the OSS could only take action on them if they were backed up by hard evidence. It was of course an unfortunate coincidence that the solicitor's acting for Mr Kellett's opponent were chosen by the Law Society to take over the practice of Nancy Bone. However I have seen no real evidence to contradict the solicitors statement that they did not examine Mr Kellett's file, but sent it on to another firm as soon as possible. Without such evidence, I accept that the OSS did not have grounds for taking action against Alison Stott."

Para. 19. " There had, however, been a series of delays from the beginning of the investigation, and things began to go badly wrong after Mr Kellett wrote to the OSS in October 1997. In establishing exactly what took place, I have had to rely on the detailed account that Mr Kellett provided, because much of the correspondence is missing from the OSS files. It is of course possible that the files were damaged when the offices of the OSS were flooded over the weekend of Easter 1998, but the files show no evidence of this. In this case, that would not excuse the failure to reply to a succession of letters from Mr Kellett."

At the outset the Ombudsmans Office made it known that my files were missing from the offices of the OSS. At no time during Ann Abraham's investigation was I requested to supply backups of the missing files. Ann Abraham agrees that the matter of Alison Stott having passed on papers to my opponent in litigation, Miss Shirley Carr, are "very serious allegations ". But she says she has no hard evidence of this. In fact it now seems that all of the evidence to back up my allegations of gross misconduct by solicitors Nancy Bone (since struck off the Roll of Solicitors), Alison Stott and Mr Paul Graney which had gone missing from the offices of the OSS, surprise,surprise!  There are also affidavits to back up the fact that at the time solicitor Alison Stott accepted the work of paginating the papers referred to above, she had later declared (January 17 1996) that she had not at that time been acting for Carr but had only been assisting her. Stott had secretly passed on that work for Carr to carry out. Carr then excluded documents from the bundles she had paginated which were to be used in the trials.

I still have backups of the evidence, some of which has been published on this site, and it now remains to be seen what Ann Abraham intends to do about that evidence. I am now beginning to accept that possibly both the OSS and the Legal Services Ombudsman are not in office to protect the victims of criminal solicitors, but to protect those criminal solicitors. Judge for yourselves when I publish the full reports and correspondence when this matter is concluded.

There are other matters on which I will later  report in full relative to Dr Wylie and the false allegation which he has made. I have allowed police access to records which will assist in showing the truth of this matter. 

Following another recent stay in Dryburn Hospital, Durham City,  after which I again found it necessary to discharge myself,  it was learned that Doctor Cook had released medical details about me to a third party without my authority. The matter has been referred to the hospital and contact has been made with the British Medical association in regard to it. It was also found that my hospital admission records had also been falsified. Part of the records said that on admission I had no difficulty in breathing. After I had collapsed at Durham , ambulancemen had immediately gave me oxygen. I remained on it for half a day until I could breath without it. After a number of days a tube which had been inserted into an artery was removed. The area where it had been inserted went septic within hours. Despite severe swelling around the area, no treatment was given for it. This too is part of my complaints against what took place at the hospital. I must add here that in the matter of this last complaint, only one individual staff nurse was concerned. I have nothing but praise for all of the other nurses involved in my treatment. They were a fantastic bunch of  ladies and clearly worked for every penny they earned.

On Thursday 30 March, opposition leader William Haig stood behind me while he was being interviewed by the Press at the Newcastle Courts.  He was there giving evidence in a trial. I had a copy of "Public Interest" leaflet  to hand to him but before I could do that he had made an exit. I  handed a copy of "Public Interest" to all the reporters who were present. The leaflet is being distributed by volunteers nationwide. Copies can be e-mailed to those who request it from

My appeal against alleged harassment of my opponent in litigation Miss S. Carr has now been lodged in the London High Court. Six points of law are called into question. One of them is the refusal of the bench at my appeal heard at Newcastle to declare any membership of Freemasonry. I am being represented by barrister Mr Neil Addison who has written two books on the subject of harassment and is a leading authority on the subject.. I am happy to include his web site on the links page of this site.

There are other matters of considerable importance ongoing but I will not publish details of these at the present time. Certain documents have now been forwarded on to the European Court. Corruption within UK authority is far greater than I had ever antiscipated. 

 Wednesday March 8 2000

I arrived at the Durham Crown Court at 9.40am on Thursday March 2 2000 for my trial for alleged harassment of Miss Shirley Carr. Carr has been my civil law opponent for more than five years and some of the evidence of the perjury she used in that action is published on this site. She had conspired against me with solicitor Alison Stott of Durham City. Evidence of Carr's perjury has been supplied to Northumbria Police but they have failed to act on it. Mason Chief Constables such as Northumbria Chief constable Mr C. Strachan will never favour anti-masons. Even though I thought I was late in arriving at the court (Time stated for the trial was 10am) neither my barrister or solicitor were present. Shortly afterwards I collapsed and an ambulance was called. As I was being taken to the ambulance my barrister arrived. He told me that my appeal against the other conviction of alleged harassment of Carr had in fact not failed and that the letter I received from my solicitor Mr Hughes stating that it had was a misunderstanding. Strangely, the Durham Crown Court had previously agreed that my trial could not go ahead until the appeal process in the earlier case had ran its  course?

I was given oxygen in the ambulance as I had trouble breathing and was placed on a cardiac monitoring machine. A tube was inserted into an artery in my right arm. On admission to the hospital ward 18 of Dryburn Hospital, Durham, I was placed on another cardiograph machine. I was given medication for a heart condition. The following day I was transferred to ward 11. A huge swelling had appeared above my right knee. I was subject of further cardiac monitoring. On Monday 6 March I was visited by hospital consultant Mr Cook and three junior doctors. He agreed that it was almost certain that I had a heart condition and quoted to the junior doctors that a cardiac monitor had suggested this. I gave him the reason that I had walked out of the cardiac care ward (4) of Dryburn hospital a month earlier was by reason that what was being planned for me there would have been illegal. I went on to say that I believed it was a course of action under which masons were probably involved. I said that I had became aware that many doctors were also masons. I raised the fact that I had evidence that my medical records had been falsified (in 1998) Mr Cook made no reply to that. I told him that I would be referring the matter of the falsification of information on my medical records to the British Medical Authorities. I had became aware that my medical records had ben falsified in 1998 after a visit to one of my doctors, a Mr Sartoris of the West Rainton Surgery, Co. Durham. Recently another doctor at that surgery, a Mr Wylie, made fasle allegations about me which is also to be subject of formal complaint to the Medical Council. I did not agree with Mr Cook's explanation for the swelling that had taken place on my right leg. That swelling had taken place only within a matter of hours and was not fluid leaking from some other inflamed joint, of that I am certain.

Yesterday afternoon Mr Cook came to me and asked if he might speak to me in private. He took me to the Sisters office where she too sat in on our conversation. What he said left me in little doubt that an attempt to section me under the Mental Health Act was to take place today (Wednesday 8 March). He said police would also attend the hospital. That did not surprise at all and I told Mr Cook that it was a known Masonic ploy to try to discredit an anti-mason by calling into question his or her sanity. What was surprising though was that Mr Cook then told me that there was no problem with my heart which was a complete reversal of the statement he had made the previous day while he was accompanied by three junior doctors. Later yesterday I examined the hospital addmission record. I saw that it too contained false information. I showed the evidence of that to others at the hospital just before I walked out of it again last night. Whether that untrue information had been by error or intent I dont know, but those who saw the proof of that untrue information agreed that what was written on the hospital notes was not true. Shortly before leaving the hospital I had a meeting with the ward Sister and expressed my concern over the fact that Mr Cook had given two differing statements about my medical condition in less than twenty four hours. I had earlier discussed the matter with Mr Cook of my course of action in exposing Masonic corruption. He said he did not wish to become involved in that subject.

On Monday 6 March a staff nurse removed the tube that had been inserted into one of my arteries. Shortly afterwards where it had been inserted became inflamed and started to swell. I told the staff nurse about it and she placed a clear polythene dressing over the area but applied no antiseptic. Later another staff nurse examined the inflamed area when my wrist and hand began to swell. She applied a new dressing after squeezing some of the inflamation out of the wound.. Yesterday my wrist and hand became even worse. Yesterday morning I asked the same staff nurse who had removed the tube from my artery to give me treatment for the infection. By six thirty last night she had not taken any action on that matter. Two days ago another nurse had taken a swab of the infected area so that the correct antibiotic might be administered. That too did not appear to have been actioned. I left the hospital in a worse state than when I entered it. It was necessary for my brother to dress the wound late last night. Before leaving the hospital, I distributed a "Public Interest" leaflet on the ward. The leaflet regarding the Masonic Mafia has been under general national distribution for the past few months. I had contributed to its contents. I dont know what the corrupt authorities will attempt now, but once again they have proved to me that at least some of those concerned in these latest events are indeed corrupt and that their action against me does concern my expose of corrupt Freemasonry.

Tuesday  February 29, 2000

I was with my solicitor Mr Hughes, of Harding Swinburne & Jackson, 58 Frederick Street, Sunderland, on the evening of Thursday 24 February from 5.30pm to 6.50pm. He told me that he did not know when my latest appeal against my alleged harassment of Miss Shirley Carr was to be heard. Carr is the National Insurance Inspector who used very material perjury against me in the civil action between us. Northumbria Police have been in receipt of the evidence since August 1999 that Carr had used that material perjury. They have not acted on it but instead have played out a game of deception. with me, (click on blue print below in para. dated Feb.27 for some of the evidence to show this). Carr conspired against me with solicitor Alison Stott of Durham City. Evidence of this is also published on this site. Another criminal, former recorder John H.Fryer-Spedding is also being protected by Masonic Mafia Northumbria Policemen.

Today I received by post a judgment made by a judge Moir refusing my appeal of my alleged harassment of Carr. It was stamped as having been received by my solicitor on Friday 25 February 2000 i.e. the day after Mr Hughes had told me he did not know when my appeal was to be heard. It would now appear that not only was I not made aware of the date of the appeal but that it seems I was not represented by my barrister at it either. Judge Moir has failed to answer part of the case put forward by my barrister that the bench at my previous appeal should have declared any interest in Freemasonry. They had refused to do that despite being told that I had taken part in the Nolan Enquiry into Freemasonry within the Police and Judiciary. When Lord Hoffman had failed to declare that he was a member of Amnesty International in the matter of General Pinochet, that was deemed to have been a conflict of interests thus upholding the age old tradition that a court must be impartial to the proceedings before it. To correct that situation it cost the British taxpayer somewhere between one and two million pounds. My own case involves non declaration of interests of Freemasonry by judges involved both in the civil and now in the criminal litigation that has been commenced against me by the Masonic Mafia who without any doubt whatsoever rule or influence the British police and judiciary. What is of even more concern is that Freemasory is also known as the Brotherhood. In fact they refer to one another as brothers. This sets it above the normal category of possible conflict of interests.

No man may rule in his own cause but daily masons rule in our courts often against their own pre selected victims. Lord Irvine, Woolf, and Bingham have failed to reply to my requirement that they too should declare any interest in Freemasonry. They made rulings in the civil proceedings between Carr and I. I cannot accept their rulings until they too can show that they were impartial to matters I placed before them.Woolf and Bingham ruled that it should be left to the individual judge whether or not to declare membership of freemasonry. They placed no conditions whatsoever on that ruling. In the light of this, they set freemasonry above the normal accepted principles where possible conflicts of interests are concerned. All had been supplied with substantial evidence of Carr's perjury but failed in their public duty to act on it. By doing this, they can be adjudged as being guilty of the crime of misconduct in public office (Regina -v- Dytham) which can carry with it a prison sentence of up to seven years.They are not outside of the law and they are employed in the service of the public whether they like to accept this fact or not. A title added to their names is not an escape route from justice and law. Visit  to see the present actions of the International League For Human Rights in the matter of  their concern into corruption and Freemasonry. You might then see just how serious the situation is. Their President has expressed an interest in the Masonic Mafia operations against me and wishes to appear in court to give evidence on my behalf.

It had been agreed by the Durham Crown Court that until my appeal process against Carr's allegations that I had harassed her had been completed,  then I would not be tried under a new and false allegation made by Carr that I had harassed her. Because of the ruling made by Moir in the circumstances I detail above, my trial has quickly been listed to commence at the Durham Crown Court on 2 March. Neither my barrister ar Mr Hughes were available for comment today. The death of my barrister's mother has made him unavailable and I respect this fact. My barrister and I have not even had a meeting to discuss the case due for trial on Thursday. None of the evidence which was to have been prepared by my solicitor has been carried out.

I contacted the Durham Crown Court by telephone to report some of the facts I have detailed above. I was told that they would be relayed to Judge Ord. I have also made clear to the court that following the Masonic Mafia instigated action against me of a month ago detailed in these pages, I am without any General Practitioner or very essential medication. While I am now in very serious danger of a heart attack or stroke without the further stress of the latest events, I have been warned by the Crown Court that unless I attend there on Thursday a warrant for my arrest will be issued. The improper circumstances of  my appeal now dictates that a new appeal will be lodged in regard to it. Therefore as previously agreed by the Durham Crown Court my trial cannot proceed until the appeal process has been exhausted. It remains to be seen whether the Crown Court will honour its agreement. I have requested that the trial be put back.

It has now been confirmed that we do have female mason judges. In a recent national newspaper article, three female judges have admitted to being masons. Thirty two female magistrates have now also admitted to being masons. They are only the thin edge of the massive Masonic wedge. At my appeal heard on December 21 1999 the female judge laughed and said something like,  "Of course I cannot be a Freemason".  Freemasonry is now using many women to do their dirty work  By doing so they seek to avoid any suspicion of their involvement into corruption, conspiracy, and fraud. I add that after the present government were elected, they threatened to force judges and magistrates to say whether they were masons. This was criticised by senior judges. Britain is living under a lie that the judiciary are independent of Government. In fact Lord Irvine, who heads the courts, is a an unelected government cabinet minister. Its time he declared whether or not he is a masin. circumstances suggest that he is and is therefore duty bound to appoint only mason judges wherever possible.

If  nothing else, my life has been worthwhile by defying in giving way to the Masonic Mafia corruption used against me. Likened to rats coming out of their holes, masons have exposed  just how corrupt an organisation they are. The evidence of this has been circulated to others in the event of my death. Some of it has been published on this site. The author of a  death threat made against me on New Years day has been tracked down to a police officer residing in North Yorkshire. He had signed it under the name of The Great Architect which is of course a Masonic term. The Masonic cess pit is seemingly bottomless. Only death will prevent me from continuing with my expose of freemasonry and I think they know this now. 

Sunday February 27, 2000

Click here to go to latest evidence published showing evidence that the Northumbria Police Authority are not telling the truth when they say that an investigation into my allegations/complaints made to Northumbria Police is underway.

Sunday 20 February 2000

On Sunday January 29 January I found a note placed through my letterbox asking me to contact a PC Davidson at New Elvet Police Station, Durham City. When I spoke by telephone to him he said that there was an allegation that I had harassed someone. He would give me no further details. I attended at the Police Station the following day. I was then arrested by Davidson. He alleged that I had made a threat against a doctor. I will name the doctor in due course. He has already been named to others along with details of the false allegation. One of these people has already published those details. Even though I made a short statement to Davidson while we walked up the public footpath of New Elvet, he did not write any of it down. My solicitor Mr Hughes, of 58 Frederick Street, Sunderland, joined us as we entered the police cells. I had made contact with him earlier that morning. I told Davidson that there was not a single element of truth in the allegation that had been made. It was then made clear to me by the allegation that the Masonic cess pit was even deeper than I had first thought. Around a year or so ago, James Todd who publishes VOMIT (Victims of Masonic Ill Treatment) and is also a mason, had warned me that the medical profession too are riddled with masons. That became very clear to me last January 30. The doctor who has made the allegation is nothing but a liar and I can only think in the circumstances now that he is also a mason. I neither telephoned him or made any threat whatsoever against him at any time. In these circumstances I dont consider that he is fit to practice medicine.

I was locked up for three hours and though I required some very essential medication I was denied access to it. Throughout the whole of my detention I had been told by police that a doctor had been summoned. I believe that they had lied. At the outset police said they wanted to search my home and unless I told them where the key to it was they threatened to break the door of it down. Mr Hughes said they were allowed to do that but said he would go with police while they carried out the search. I was not told then and dont know now what police were allegedly searching for. An order signed by a senior police officer was required before the search could be made. I saw no such order. The affair was beginning to show all the hallmarks of the Masonic Mafia controlled police with the assistance this time of a doctor who has now committed a criminal act against me by making the utterly false allegation of which I refer. Just how many doctors are out there like Harold Shipman? The doctor concerned had been taking an unheathy interest in my legal affairs when I last met and spoke with him last year at his surgery for a normal examination. If the man is not a mason then its certain he is doing their bidding which is not an unusual situation.

When Mr Hughes arrived back from the police search of my home he said he was pleased to tell me that there had been no damage caused to it. I think its now very apparent that police had some other motive for wanting to carry out the search. Masonic policemen will always have an interest in what anti-masons have in their homes.

Very shortly afterwards an ambulance arrived and I was taken to Dryburn Hospital, Durham City. By that time I was in a state of collapse. No doctor had seen me while I was in police custody. Following my unlawful arrest by Northumbria Police in March of 1999 where my life also came under considerable  threat as a result of it, here again was even more proof to show why in recent years so many have been found dead while being held in police custody. People will say this sort of thing does not happen. I know by my own personal experience that it does and that Masonic Mafia controlled police dont give a damn about whether a mans life is placed in danger or not. The ultimate corruption can only be the corruption of the police and judiciary. We in the UK have this situation right now.

On Monday January 31 2000 I had been due to meet a former policeman at Darlington, Co. Durham at around 3pm. In the circumstances Durham police prevented my being able to keep that appointment. The former policemen said he wanted to have a talk with me and that he had been interviewed after he had left the police force on the matter of the Cleveland police officer Ray Mallen. Ray had been making a huge impact into exposing crime within the Cleveland Police Force area. It seems he made too many enemies within Cleveland Police while doing that which had ended in his suspension. Facts sometimes have a habit of speaking for themselves. A few days ago I spoke with the former policeman by telephone. He does not now want to talk about whatever it was he had previously wanted to talk to me about. He had been aware that I was to attend New Elvet police station earlier on January 31.

At Dryburn Hospital I was placed on a cardiograph machine and was then transferred to the cardiac care ward. Something was spayed beneath my tongue. Later I  was given other medication. Davidson and another police officer had accompanied the ambulance to the hospital but left after waiting two hours or so. Davidson warned me not to publicise anything about the matter. Ordinarily I might have accepted such a warning, but not when it would help cover the tracks of criminals who are clearly masons taking action to try to silence me. The only way they will succeed in doing this is to kill me. Constuctive murder in selected cases is also a weapon used by the Masonic Mafia. I dont doubt for one moment that this is their present plan for me. If I am to accept the apparent findings at Dryburn Hospital, then my life expectancy may in fact be even shorter than a doctor Sartoris suggested to me some months ago. Another death threat was made against me by e-mail some weeks ago. It was signed by The Great Architect, a Masonic term. Some of my friends suggested that I report the matter to police but whats the point of referring to police matters of a criminal nature when so many of the Masonic Mafia controlled police are shown to be criminals themselves?

On Tuesday February 1 it had became clear that I had a very serious health problem which had been brought about by Durham Police action the previous day. I saw several doctors during my two days in the hospital. Later on that Tuesday afternoon I overheard a telephone conversation a staff nurse was having with someone. The treatment that was being planned for me from what I overheard would have been unlawful, but as James Todd of Victims of Masonic Ill Treatment publications has told me many times, once you become an anti-mason there is no law to protect you. I heard the evidence of it in that telephone conversation. Despite being told that there were serious risks in discharging myself from hospital, and that I was required to carry out some formalities before doing so, I removed all of the probes that were attached to me. A nurse at first refused to remove a tube that had been inserted into one of my veins. She said that if I removed it I would bleed to death. When she saw that I was about to do that anyway she eventually removed it. Moves were made in an attempt to stop me leaving the hospital. Something took place outside of it which had never happened to me before. Because of it, I was able to get a long distance away without trying to walk it.

I left the area shortly afterwards and did not return home until over a week later. On my arrival back I found a number of my files that I held on other victims of Freemasonry and some of my personal property had been taken. It had not been taken by police but by a mason. All of my personal effects had also been sifted through. I had made a big mistake when I trusted him and his wife, but just as James Todd had also told me, a mason will shake you with one hand while sticking a knife into your back with the other. That has never been made more clear to me than that which has taken place recently. This matter is to be pursued.

In the meanwhile, Northumbria Police Authority are still failing in their duty to refer my complaints and allegations relative to mason Chief Constable Strachan and senior police officers of Northumbria Police to another police force for investigation. It may be a matter of pure coincidence, but one day before this false allegation was made by the doctor, I had again sent a fax to the Northumbria Police Authority warning them of the duty I required of it under Section 86 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984. I will shortly  be publishing photographic proof of the fact that the Police Authority are not telling me the truth. Criminals I have named herein, along with some evidence supporting this,  such as Miss Shirley Carr, solicitor Alison Stott, former recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding and others still walk free while organised criminal acts are carried out against me by authority. By showing me what they are capable of, they have also bared their flanks. If I am unable to take advantage of this situation to show that the Masonic Mafia are very active within our police and judiciary, I know that others will with whom I am in contact. Its another situation where unless you come face to face with the Masonic Mafia, you neither know or will accept  the  probably that this situation exists. Britain is under the jackboot and that has never been made more clear to me than now.

The names of all those involved in this latest matter have been circulated to others just in case of my death. Matters relative to both my wife and I have also been made fully known to others in the event of such a situation. There was no divorce when she had used massive fraud etc. to obtain it before a judge who will not admit or deny that he attends Masonic Halls. When she decided to use the Masonic scum as a means to rob and defraud me, it was she who breached our marriage contract not I. The marriage oath that I made before God on August 31 1968 still stands. It was not a contract made before men and no man, especially a bent judge, can alter this fact. The divorce was granted as if giving away a cheap plastic novelty from a christmas cracker. I was not even asked by the judge to reply to my wifes case for divorce. A solicitor named Brian Morton had suggested that it was not even worth my while going to Harrogate Counrty Court to contest the action. He too was eventually to prove to me his real nature as well.  The judge, named Grills and Mellors were well acquainted. Grills and Mellors were also well aware of my action to expose the Masonic Mafia now ruling both our courts and police. My wife had even discussed the matter with Mellors even though she too had assisted me in the logging of the registration details of vehicles used by masons during their visits to Masonic Halls. She was very aware that most judges are in fact masons. Grills and Mellors were also aware that I had taken part in the Nolan Enquiry into Freemasonry within the Police and Judiciary. That Enquiry was I now consider nothing short of a white wash job. Is it likely that a mason judge and solicitor would be swayed by a thing called justice when they saw the means to cause me harm?

Divorce is often widely advised by parasite solicitors because its a situation where cash and assets of the couple can then be easily converted into legal costs. I became even more aware of this situation during a recent visit to a meeting in London of Litigants in Person. It might be an old fashioned idea now, but the courts must be impartial to the proceedings before them. This is now shown as being totally ignored by the Masonic Mafia now ruling them. My wife's other acts of forgery etc. are also supported by documentary  evidence which as things stand will in all probability be published.. My death or otherwise will not prevent legal action from being taken against her though I will take no pleasure whatsoever from it. Both she and I went through a lot in our thirty years together but she eventually made the mistake of believing that the Masonic scum could not be beaten and saw an opportunity to take advantage of  what was in fact our situation. She should have carefully considered what took place an hour before her father died in November of 1997 after I had asked the hospital Chaplain to pray for him. She might then have learned a huge lesson from it. I wondere if she remebers how long she cried for in our bedroom after criminal Spedding had gave judgment in favour of criminal Carr? Another strange incident similar to that prior to the death of my father in law regarding a member of my family took place while I attended a Christian revival meeting at the Docklands London Arena. I was one of probably less than a dozen white faces in a sea of thousands of coloured people. We even got a special mention because  we had attended that meeting. I saw something there which will remain with me for the rest of my days. My wife I am sure will eventually be called to account for her actions before the greatest power of all. Those too residing in Dacre Banks, North Yorkshire, will also eventually become aware of the acts which my wife has carried out against me in her ride to hell. I never would have believed possible that a woman with whom I had spent thirty four years with, could become the person evidence will show that she had became. She was to  totally betray the trust I placed in her. I have been advised to publish all the facts of this as an example to those who like me believed that such a thing would not be possible.

A lady named Linda who I met while I was recently away from home showed me that not all women are like my wife. We shared what we had together and she went a long way to changing my point of view following my wife's betrayal. If you might be reading this Linda, I still await your phone call. I truly hope that you were able to resolve your own dire situation. I missed you a lot after you headed off and I looked for you in the village afterwards. I am sorry that I was reluctant to take a walk around the village with you on that last day and regretted my decision. If there is a next time that we both brave the elements of bad weather in the mountains together again, and I hope there will be, I will be equipped for it. If I dont hear from you Linda, my sincere thanks for the beautiful memory of my having met you. It was necessary in both of our circumstances that we both fully trusted one another. You got full marks for having done that. Your future hopes you told me about Linda will I am certain come true. Never let them leave you. You know God and showed me that in more ways than one. He will not let you down. You helped me more than you may ever know and that was not only in the meals you made for us. It was my priviledge to have met and shared what  I had with you. Whenever I see a prawn sandwich, I will remember the one you shared with me and the occasion surrounding it. God Bless you my dear friend as I am sure he will.

Solicitor Mellors, of Barber Titley Solicitors, North Park Road in Harrogate, still fails to give me a reason of why the huge sum of my and my wife's money was handed over to him by my wife. The Masonic parasites are of course very active within the legal profession. From them come tomorrows judges. You now have an insight into the background to many of our corrupt judges. They also went through the same process as legal profession parasites. Maybe this could be a further reason why more than one in three marriages fail? Divorce is a massive business and often has little to do with the situation between man and his wife. Its a great opportunity for the legal parasites to go to work to carry out what might be regarded as legalised robbery. The wife of one of my friends, a Mr Jenkins, was also advised to divorce him when another fabricated bankruptcy case had also been rigged against him. She did not take that advice. Another victim, a Mr Brian Hudson, whom I met in London some months ago, was defrauded of millions of pounds in similar circumstances. Even his house in Rome was robbed from him. His wife divorced him and was made to feel secure. Then the Legal Mafia parasites struck and took her for everything she had as well. I understand that she had also been having an affair with a solicitor involved in the defrauding of Mr Hudson. Legal parasites will stoop to any depths just so long as the money keeps rolling in. I wonder just how much of that money finds its way back to the corrupt Masonic Mafia judges now operating within the UK courts?

Saturday 22 January 2000.

Letter received from my solicitor Mr Hughes. Again he has failed to answer any of the urgent questions I have asked of him in my previous letters to him. (Still true as of February 20 2000)

The security services interfered with my telephone after I had a long call from a friend in London who is also subject of Masonic Judicial Mafia operations. To them I would say this. One day you may yourselves become the victims of the criminals you assist today. If that does not happen, then maybe that same situation might arise with your offspring? We are not the ones who are a threat to the security of this country, we are only a threat to the exposure of corruption that is rife within high authority. Much of that corruption arises from the evil roots of the Masonic Mafia who now play a major part in ruling the UK. I cannot think that what you did today was by accident but rather as a way of amusing yourselves by showing to me just how powerful you are. Its because of this, that the likes of I and many others are now prepared to fight a system of power that is corrupt to the core. You will have heard during my phone conversation this afternoon that my friend in London has some more evidence of Masonic Mafia operations. That evidence will be made available to the public no matter what measures you try to carry out. Right will always prevail and asseholes like you are two a penny.

Friday 21 January 21 2000.

Still no reply has been received from my solicitor Mr Hughes to the letter I delivered to him this week. There has also not been any reply received from the Clerk to the Northumbria Police Authority, Mr L. N. Elton to my letter which I  sent to him last week. 

Tuesday 17 January 2000.

At last, documents and forms that were urgent at the start of this year have been received from solicitor Mr CD  Hughes of Harding Swinburne Jackson  58 Frederick Street, Sunderland. He has made it clear that he does not intend to reply to my letter to him of December 28 1999 which was also marked urgent. He has not therefore told me why I was not required to sign against the allegations/statements that I made to Detective Inspector Steven Coxon and another police officer on June 30 1999 at the office of Mr Hughes with him in attendance throughout. Today I delivered another letter to him along with the forms I received from him this morning which I completed upon receipt. I have included again the above question and included again the matter of my unlawful arrest in March of 1999. The fact that Mr Hughes is not willing to reply to my letter to him of December 28 1999 raises some very serious issues.

It has been decided to go ahead with an appeal on the refusal to allow my appeal against my alleged harassment of my six year civil law opponent Miss Shirley Carr. This has been advised by my barrister in whom I have the greatest confidence. I have now published on these pages some of the available evidence to show that Carr was happy to use perjury in my civil proceedings against her. More is available and will published in due course.

Latest Information as of  Monday 16 January 2000.

Still no reply from solicitor  Mr Hughes to my Urgent letter to him of December 28 1999 or subsequent letters I have sent to him. In addition, he has still not sent me the forms to complete which he said he required urgently.

My solicitor Mr Hughes of, Harding Swinburne Jackson & Co, 58 Frederick Street, Sunderland, Tyne-Wear, has still failed to answer a letter which I sent to him via fax on December 28. The letter was marked URGENT and required answers to very important questions. One question that requires an urgent answer from Mr Hughes was why when I had a meeting with acting Detective Inspector Steven Coxon and another police offficer at his office on June 30 1999, with Mr Hughes present throughout the more than two hour meeting, I had not been required to place my signature against the various allegations and complaints I then made to the DI Coxon. The other officer appeared as if she was noting my statements. Its now clear that DI Coxon had not carried out any investigation as he said he would. The matter was nothing short of a deception excercise designed to play for time to allow ongoing events to overtake me.

I sent Mr Hughes a further fax letter asking him why he had not replied to the questions I placed in my letter to him of December 28. Still he failed to give reason for his failure to reply. Shortly afterwards I received a letter from Mr Hughes saying that by now I would have received the documents he sent to me along with a form for me to comlete which he said was required urgently. I had received no such documentation or form

I contacted his office by telephone and was told that Mr Hughes was not in. The man who answered the telephone took details which included the fact that Mr Hughes had failed to reply to my letter of 28 December. I also told him that I had still not received the form Mr Hughes had referred to. He said he would have Mr Hughes contact me. At the present time of Sunday 15 January 2000 Mr Hughes has still failed to contact me or provide me with the form. Also in my letter to Mr Hughes was a matter concerning another solicitor who it has came to light has carried out what amounts to a criminal act against me and the state. I think Mr Hughes should have reported that matter to the Law Society when I made him aware of the facts regarding it. Instead, he will not discuss it. Failing a proper resolution to these matters, I will have little choice but to publish my letters to him. Its clear that the whole object of  my meeting with DI Coxon on June 30, 1999 was a means into deceiving me that a formal police enquiry was to take place in regard to my allegations/complaints I then made. Those allegations and complaints included the fact that Miss Shirley Carr, my civil litigation opponent for five years, and solicitor Alison Stott of Durham City had taken action amounting to fraud, and conspiracy to defraud. Carr had also been allowed to use very material perjury in the actions between us. The evidence of these facts has been provided to Northumbria Police who have failed to take action on it. Some of it now published on these web pages. By doing this, those officers involved, are shown by their none action to be guilty of the crime of misconduct in public office. It can carry a prison sentence with it of up to seven years. These people obviously think that they are above the law. They may be about to be proved wrong. Also included in matters detailed to DI  Coxon was the unlawful proceedings at Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court in 1986. I had been battered  and then struck by a car that was driven at me. The magistrate who heard the case was not qualified to act alone. The Clerk to the Justices at the court, Mr Bavidge, who still holds that position, was involved in an attempted cover up of those unlawful proceedings. The Lord Chancellors Department did the rest of the job by saying that as the information I required might be used for mischevious purposes, it was not to be provided to me. All I had requested was whether the magistrate concerned was or was not qualified to act alone. No doubt the Lord Chancellor of that time was also a mason. Certainly if Lord Mackay held that position  at that time, then it is known that he is indeed a mason so there is no point in saying anything else about that matter right now.

I also detailed to DI Coxon the unlawful arrest of me in March 1999. I made a statement, none of which was written by the two police officers who carried out that unlawful arrest. They would not allow it to be known where I had been taken and detained. They refused my access to both a doctor and a solicitor. Both officers have committed perjury in a statement they have sworn regarding that matter. Though that matter was a very serious one, and I have made it known to Mr Hughes several times that I wish to sue Northumbria Police regarding it, the cycles both he and DI Coxon seem to be riding are ones with reverse gears only.

Mr L.N. Elton of Northumbria Police Authority finally decided this week to reply to a letter I sent to him in early December 1999. I had then advised him that he was committing mens-rea  by his deliberate action  by deliberately failing to refer my allegations to an outside police force for investigation. In his letter of this week he wrote that my allegations were being investigated by Northumbria Police. In my reply to him I again made it known that he was duty bound to refer the matter to another police force for investigation, and that by failing in that, he is under consideration as being guilty of the crime of misconduct in public office. I also advised him that Northumbria Police have agreed to me that at this time they are not carrying out an investigation. The Masonic Pigs trough is a very deep one. It could not be clearer now that Northumbria Police and their Authority are probably both feeding from it.

On Friday evening, Mr Myers of the Official Receivers Office at Stockton telephoned me. I informed him that his head of department, Mr Inglis had not replied to a letter I delivered to him regarding part of the criminal acts carried out against me by my wife who now resides at our property in Dacre Banks, North Yorkshire. Mr Inglis had also not replied to my questionare relative to the evidence I supplied for his use of substantial perjury that Miss Shirley Carr had used against me in the civil proceedings which criminal former Recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding had used as the means to engineer my alleged bankruptcy. I was ordered to cooperate with Mr Inglis of suffer imprisonment. Cooperation is a two way affair but it seems that Mr Inglis has not looked in the dictionary to verify this fact. If he fails to answer the questions I have placed in writing to him, then I will report the matter to the court to see what the Masonic Mafia decide is to be their next course of action against me. In the meantime, Miss Shirley   Carr, solicitor Alison Stott and the criminal judges involved in perverting the course of justice still walk free. Chief Constable and mason Mr Strachan is still protecting these criminals. The Masonic oath of which he  swore demands that he does this to protect the Masonic Brotherhood. This is only one reason why no member of any secret society should ever be allowed to hold public office, let alone the position of Chief Constable.

Divorce proceedings that my wife commenced against me were heard before a man, if I can be excused for calling him that, who could none other than have been aware that my wife was lying. I wrote to the Court that even a man with limited intelligence would have known that she was. He denied he was a mason, but would not confirm or deny that he had visited Masonic Halls. I was ill before that hearing, and was admitted to Harrogate District Hospital immediately after that charade. The judge had not even asked if I wished to reply to the false allegations that my wife had made. Her solicitor, a Mr Mellors, had obviously advised her that as a way of preserving what she had stolen from me, divorce would be necessary. Mellors is going to be in some trouble because he was required to answer my questions which included the reason my wife had handed over to him several thousand pounds of our money. Many others with whom I am in touch have been subject of similar treatment involving other solicitors or rather, to give them their true title, Legal Masonic Mafia Parasites.

Last year I met with a Mr Brian Hudson in London who was defrauded by similar means of 13 million pounds worth of cash and assets. Mr Hudson was a well known industrialist who had employed at one time, I believe something like thirty five thousand  people. His wife too had been given assurances, but once she divorced Mr Hudson, the legal profession parasites converted everything she too had into legal costs. This is the way the Masonic Judicial and Legal Mafia work. It is all part of a massive business. The divorce in my instance was obtained by my fraud and there is proof of this. Under a ruling by the late Lord Denning, which is still valid, no order of any court or government minister can stand if fraud has been used to obtain it. This matter will eventually be fully addressed. It was nothing short of a further horror story to learn that a woman with whom I had been married for thirty years could carry out that which she did. All of her acts are to be subject of full publication for the reason I am told she is a fine example of what other women are carrying out against their husbands, especially when they want a toy boy to satisfy their requirements. Yes, I do admit that the hell our neighbour Miss Shirley Carr and the Masonic Mafia helping her created for us both was substantial. However, what my wife then decided was that if I could not beat them, then she would join them. She did it in a most evil manner. She had even taken part in my tour of Masonic Halls and had logged registration details of cars being driven by masons, for use in my own investigations. When I collapsed in Harrogate and was hospitalised, she even refused to return back to was our home to see that our two dogs were fed. A family member had to break the door to gain entry to see to them. She had always maintained that she loved our dogs, but that was put to the test and she also failed that one as well. The antedote for the poison she used against me will shortly be put to the test. Some say that the occult practices used by some senior masons could responsible for my wife's actions.

We had sat with her father as he died in November of 1997. In the summer of 1997 he and I had talked a lot about God, Christ and what this life was all about. One hour before he died he did something, even though he was in a deep coma, which convinced me that what I had told him about the great beyond was true. Even the hospital chaplain who I asked to attend was astonished at what took place then. My wife did not want me to call for the chaplain because she said it would upset her. Her statement at the time her father was stuggling for every breath, was like a knife to my chest. I am glad that I ignored her and called the chaplain. I do believe her father made the required grade and that in his last act, he had told me without words, more than he had ever told me in all the thirty four years I had known him. An incident in the London Arena in October of last year was equally astonishing. It related to my daughter Dawn. My meeting with a former barrister and a true Christian employed at the London Court of Appeal was something I shall treasure until my death. My wife should have heeded the signs of the strange things that happened when and after this barrister asked me to read Ephesians Chaper six after my files went missing at the London Court of Appeal. This person remains as a true personal Christian friend. I truly thank God for our meeting.

It seems ever increasing more likely that I will now have to finish matters with a physical defence of my property. I will do this to the best of my means and ability. I accept that I will be no match for the force the Masonic Judicial and Police Mafia may use against me. I do believe that heaven and hell also exist on earth. Life has proved this to me. I am not afraid of doing now what I must should the situation arise. I still hope that God Almighty will forgive those who have delivered me to this hell, especially my wife. Vengeance I am very sure will ultimately be the Lords as is written in the Holy Bible. No one has ever walked away from acts of evil such as those being used against me.



On Monday November 15 1999 the Masonic Judicial Mafia operating from the Durham County Court issued a warrant for my arrest. I had failed to appear for a public examination of an alleged bankruptcy engineered by Deputy District Judge Baird, District judges Scott-Phillips, Cuthbertson and former recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding. Other judges assisted with the engineering of it. Probable reason? I had investigated Freemasonry and had taken part in the Nolan Enquiry into Freemasonry within the Police and Judiciary. Both of these authorities are infested with masons.Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord but Lucifer worshipping masons with their own fabricated God, know little of the real spirit of our real creator, the one  true Lord God.

On Wednesday November, 17  I received a letter from the Northumberland Police Authority which indicated they were committing means-rea and were operating outside of the Police and Criminal evidence Act (Pace). Below follows a copy of the contents of the letter sent to the Northumbria Police Authority which at this time has not received a reply. In view of the fact that the British Justice system is so infested with masons, it would come as no great surprise if Northumbria Police Authority are also infested or influenced by it. early signs are that they are.


1 of 4.

Sent via fax Wednesday November, 17 1999.

Mr L.N. Elton,

Northumbria Police Authority                          16A The Lyons,

Civic Centre,                                                     Hetton-le-Hole,

Regent Street,                                                      Tyne-Wear DH5 0HT.

Gateshead NE8 1HH

Fax 0191 4782755

Your Ref: MMc/MA

November, 17 1999.

Dear Mr Elton

I am in receipt of you letter of November, 16 1999.

I do not accept the statements that you have made in it by reason of the following:

The complaints that I make against the Chief Constable and Officers under him amount to the crime of misconduct in public office ( Regina -v- Dytham, a copy of the ruling in that case accompanies this letter). Any police officer who fails to carry out a duty required of him is guilty of the crime of misconduct in public office. As a Police Authority surely you are fully aware of this fact?

The complaints which I have made to you, and I would add only in brief detail, do amount to misconduct in public office. Section 86 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 states:

(1) Where a complaint about the conduct of a senior officer is submitted to the appropriate authority it shall be the authority's duty to record it and, (subject to subsection 2 below), to investigate it.

(2) The appropriate authority may deal with the complaint according to the appropriate authority's discretion, if satisfied that the conduct complained of, even if proved, would not justify a criminal or disciplinary charge.

(3) In any other case the appropriate authority shall appoint an officer from the appropriate authority's force or from some other force to investigate the complaint.

(5) No officer may be appointed unless he is of at least the rank of the officer whom the complaint is made.

With reference to paragraph (2) of the Act above, the allegations which I make do amount to the criminal act of misconduct in public office under the ruling in Regina -v- Dytham. As such the Northumbria Police Authority do not have the power of discretion in these circumstances.

I am very concerned that they may now be an additional factor of your having demonstrated means-rea. As an Authority you will I believe be aware that misconduct while holding public office does amount to a criminal offence under the ruling in Regina -v- Dytham and therefore under paragraph (3) of the said Act this matter must be investigated by another police force as my complaint of misconduct does extend to the Chief Constable of Northumbria which you have agreed.

Yours sincerely

Mr M. Kellett

Enc. Copy of the ruling under Regina V Dytham.

Copy of relevant sections of the 1984 Police and Criminal evidence Act 1984.

(No reply has been made to me by the Northumbria Police Authority as of November 27 1999)


The following morning these events took place:

On Thursday November, 18 1999 at approximately nine thirty in the morning a number of men, some of them policemen, estimated at between six to nine attempted to enter my home. At least two of them were dressed in body armour and were probably armed marksmen. Parked next to police vehicles was a large black car with tainted black windows which resembled the type of vehicle sometimes used by an undertaker. Following my having been taken from my home in March of this year by police under false pretences, where all of my rights were denied me, I would not open the door to the mob who were assembled outside. Mr Strachan, the Chief Constable of Northumbria has failed to answer a letter I sent to him in which I had included my request that he admit or deny he is a mason. Information I was given suggests that he is. As a mason would the Chief Constable not be biased against me knowing that I have been exposing the Brotherhood of Freemasonry?

Two further visits were made to my home by police officers on Friday November, 26 1999. On the second visit, Carr, who has used very material perjury in the civil proceedings between us, and is being both protected  and used against me by Northumbria Police, was observed crouching behind an adjoining fence and was looking into my property. As is the usual conduct of Mason Chief constables, they will always protect the criminal against anti-masons and this is again being shown in my situation. Police were provided months ago with the evidence of Carr's perjury. Solicitor Alison Stott of Durham City and Carr have admitted fraud during the civil proceedings in which masons have used to engineer my alleged bankruptcy. Stott should also have been arrested by now had Northumbria police done their duty. The civil proceedings were unlawful and John H. Fryer-Spedding agreed in his approved transcript of judgment that he was depriving me of my rights. These are the true fact of a police and justice system which is being shown to be rotten to the core.

Acting detective Inspecter Steven Coxon has informed my solicitor, Mr Hughes, of Harding Swinburne and Jackson of 58 Frederick Street, Sunderland that he will now prepare a progress report but will have to wait until Detective Superintendent Atkinson based at Washington Police Headquarters returns from leave in December. Until very recently D.I. Coxon had failed to reply to my solicitor and myself. My meeting with DI Coxon took place at the office of my solicitor on June, 30, 1999. It is now becoming clear why there has been very apparent delaying tactics by police. Carr and judges at the Durham County should have been arrested by now for their criminal acts. Evidence of these acts has been provided to Northumbria Police and Peter Leaver QC. They have failed to do their duty and act on that evidence. By reason of this, they become guilty of the crime of misconduct in public office (Regina -v- Dytham). This crime can carry with it a prison sentence of up to seven years.

I had a two hour meeting with detective Superintendent last December. When I arrived at Washington he immediately told me that he had just telephoned the Home Office. He said they had told him not act on my allegations because they related to civil proceedings. He also told me that perjury was not a police matter. When I asked him if he was a mason, he replied that as he was not duty bound to give that information, then he would not give it. My allegations under PACE also extend to Detective Superintendent Atkinson as well as the Chief Constable Mr Strachan. 

On Friday November, 26, I reported ongoing matters to the National Criminal Intelligence Service. Staff officer Mr Nigel Dewing noted and recorded the information which I gave to him. He also took a note of this web site.

Tony Benn said on national TV two weeks ago that under Tony Blair we are heading for a dictatorship. This would seem to be borne out by his backing of a reversal of past principles that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty to one of being presumed guilty until proven innocent. Under the Queens spech the right to be tried by jury is being removed. These are not signs of a fairer Britain as promised by Blair. The " Big Issue" has now published Blairs membership of the Bilderberg Council. The Bilderbergs are another secret society whose policies involve a single world government with a single world currency. They also want a substantial decrease in the world human population. Lord Carrington leads the UK Bilderbergers.

Information has been received that MI13 have set up a department to attack selected  web sites.

On Friday November, 26 I had a telephone discussion with a member of the Court Service Staff in London. I had just received a letter which verifies that Lord Chief Justice Bingham , Lord Chancellor Irvine, and Master of the Rolls Woolf have excluded membership of Freemasonry as a possible interest in court proceedings. The right to a fair trial under Article 6 of the European Convention of Human Rights is thus being seriously violated in favour of Freemasonry. We are now subject of European Law. These people are openly defying that law and the rights of people who seek justice from the British courts. The recent ruling under Lord Hoffman/Pinoche case which cost the taxpayer to put right also applies to my case.I had contributed to the Nolan Enquiry into Freemasonry within the Police and Judiciary. Masons informed me that they would not allow me to continue with my investigations into their organisation. As none of the judges I have required to declare or deny membership of Freemasonry have done so. Its a foregone conclusion that they are in fact masons and that the courts I have appeared before have not been impartial as is required under our justice system. They are also obviously being protected by the people in high authority I have mentioned earlier. In the circumstances it is shown that double standards are being excercised by the British Judiciary. The Courts are operating outside of  law and rules which is now bringing to light a very serious situation. They cannot be allowed to continue this fuedal system of justice. The evidence to show the use of the courts to defraud litigants is being collated by others and in due course will be subject of  publication.


On October, 15 1999 I appeared before Mr Peter Leaver QC in the matter of my appeal against alleged bankruptcy. He had previously been supplied with substantial evidence that the proceedings under which the bankruptcy had been engineered was unlawful and that former Recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding had in fact committed substantial High Treason. He indicated he had no interest in how the alleged bankruptcy came about. He said all he was interested in was the actual bankruptcy order itself. I argued with him that it was material that the proceedings before Spedding were illegal and that judges had lied to bring the situation about. He would not allow my appeal and awared further costs of two thousand pounds. I told him as he had failed to act on the evidence of fraud, conspiracy to defraud, and perjury used to engineer my alleged bankruptcy, then in turn I would not accept his ruling or his order for further costs. Peter Leaver QC had in fact breached his judicial oath by failing to act in a fair manner. He too is therefore considered as being party to High Treason. I failed to ask him if Master of the Rolls Woolf had briefed him prior to my appearance there. It is likely that he had. Tony Blair and the Attorney General have been informed that it is now my intension to protect both myself and my property by all and every possible means. There is more than a little evidence that Woolf, Master of the Rolls, Bingham, Lord Chief Justice, and Irvine, Lord Chancellor, have ignored the considerable evidence that I have sent to them which shows beyond all doubt that proceedings before Spedding was illegal. Home Secretary Straw has also been supplied with the same evidence but he too has failed in his duty to take action on it. Blair is too busy trying to make himself a world figure, but he too has been sent evidence of my allegations. I do not think any of these people are fit to rule anyone and none of them are above the law though perhaps they may believe they are.Wolf, Bingham, Irvine, Auld, Pill, and all of the other judges involved have still failed in my lawful requirement that they admit or deny any membership of Freemasonry. This requirement was made in view of the fact that I did contribute to the Standards in Public Life Committee Enquiry into Freemasonry within the Police and Justiciary. Any mason judges presiding over my cases could not therefore be considered as being impartial.

Because Lord Justice Hoffman failed to make a declaration in regard to Amnesty International in the Pinochet matter, it cost the tax payer one million pounds to have that situation corrected. Here we have a similar situation in relation to Freemasonry but its clear there are indeed different rules for different people. I will never swallow this. Tyranny is at work against me and I shall now defend myself against it by every means at my disposal. Those involved in it must be brought to trial. I have no intension whatsoever in recognising courts which have been presided over by very corrupt men protecred by high authority. I can now understand why the British Judicial system is said to be the laughing stock of the world.

I have now officially lodged a complaint to the Northumbria Police Authority under Section 86 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984. Detective Steven Coxon has still failed to reply to the numerous requests by myself and my solicitor for a progress report on his alleged investigations into what I reported to him on June, 30 1999. Part of the evidence that I supplied for his use was considerable evidence of the perjury used by Miss Shirley Carr during the civil proceedings between us. Two actions regarding Carr's allegations that I had harassed her are still waiting. One is my appeal against conviction for alleged harassment of her that was made by a court that was not impartial. DI Coxon said he would investigate that matter as well but seven weeks on from him allegedly carrying out investigations, he had still not  commenced any such alleged investigation. The next allegation is to be tried before a jury at my request. Carr is of course is the chief prosecution witness. I allege that the police do not want to act on Carr's perjury because of the Masonic influence within Northumbria Police Force. It would not of course look very good for them if it is shown to a criminal court that the chief prosecution witness is a woman who was more than happy to use perjury (assisted by former recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding and other corrupt judges) in the civil proceedings between us. It would seem that certain policemen, no doubt masons, would hope that by not carrying out their duty to investigate my complaints and evidence I have supplied to them that events will overtake me. I have asked that the Chief Constable of Northumbria, Mr Strachan, now admits or denies membership of Freemasonry. He has not replied. It is my understanding that he is a mason and many of his senior officers are also masons. There is a catalogue of incidences regarding Northumbria Police none action in matters that I have reported to them. These too are to be included in my complaint to the Police Authority. The Masonic Mafia are without doubt now operating against me and are also most certainly being assisted by high authority.


Acting Inspector Steve Coxon has still not contacted me following my many telephone calls to Northumbria Police. The Inspector has been appointed to look into my allegations of corruption starting from some thirteen years ago. Obviously this is of concern to me but  any failure to carry out duties expected of them by anyone holding public office is held to be a crime under misconduct in public office.

I have only recently realised that the first judge who I went before in my civil proceedings with Miss Carr is a corrupt man and that others at the Durham County Court are also shown to be corrupt by means of the evidence that I now have at hand. On November 10 1992 Deputy District Judge Baird heard my appeal against the judgment of District Judge Scott-Phillips. When I questioned the then Clerk to the Court, Mr. I. Cuthbertson, he replied that he had placed my letter that I had sent to him before the District Judge. The District Judge had said that as my appeal had been concluded then the court would not enter into any correspondence with me. An appeal against an order of a District Judge cannot be heard by a Deputy District Judge. Such an appeal has to be heard by a Circuit Judge. Now does anyone seriously believe that Baird, the District Judge and the Court Clerk were not aware then that the appeal was unlawful? This is the situation being carried on within our courts up and down the country. These people are openly committing the crime of Misconduct in Public Office because they are, I believe, aware that they are being protected by corrupt higher authority.

My wife has still to learn the lessons now being published on the UK human rights site. The publication on the human rights web site, GREED and LAWYERS, is I think something she should take notice of.  There is massive evidence of a legal system which is presently acting outside of the law to generate funds for the many parasites who infest both the UK legal and Judicial systems( Cowboy Lawyers) (Solicitors). Injustice, and the funds it generates, is more widespread than most would believe. The more court cases that can be generated, the more the parasites have to feed on. This is about to be brought to an end by the use of LAW and those who continue to act outside of it will have to take the consequences for their actions.

This week I received verification that The Durham County Court is prepared to stop me from carrying out my lawful right to carry out an arrest of at least one corrupt judge, should the police fail in their duty to do that. This matter may yet have to put to the test despite a warning from someone that if I try to carry out the arrest, I might end up being shot by police.

Britain is now ranked second in the abuse of The European Human Rights Charter.

I now actively support the CAMILA Project  and the Alternative Press (TAP) as a way forward to achieving a better UK justice system. If the government won't act to reform the judicial system, then there is clearly little option left but to expose what is and has been going on in it for years.  


Over the past two weeks I have tried on numerous occasions to contact acting detective Steven Coxon who was appointed to look into my allegations in regard to corruption, etc. Each time I have contacted police I have been told that they would leave a message for the acting Inspector to contact me. He has not returned any of my telephone calls to him. I am informed that he is involved in the matter of a young girl who was found murdered at Murton, Co. Durham. A man has now been charged with that murder. While I do accept that murder should always have priority over other matters, I think it also correct to say that it was principle that at least one of my telephone calls to the acting D.I should have been returned. Though my solicitor Mr Hughes said three weeks ago that he would ask for a progress report from Acting D.I Coxon. I now understand from Mr Hughes secretary that none has been forthcoming.

Today I appeared at the Durham Crown Court. I have elected to be tried by jury in regard to harassment allegations, the second in succession made by my civil opponent Miss Shirley Carr my civil court  opponent of five years. On 23 August I provided acting D.I. with indisputable evidence of perjury used by Miss Carr during civil proceedings between us. I also provided evidence of former Recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding having not only assisted that perjury, but the fact that he had carried out other very serious acts which amounted to a perversion of the course of justice. This morning a heated argument took place between myself,  counsel who was to represent me,and my solicitor. This morning  I produced to my solicitor Mr Hughes part of the available evidence that Miss Carr had used perjury during the civil proceedings between us. I also asked counsel who was to represent me this morning if he was a mason. At first he said he was not required to give that information so would not give it, but when I  pressed the matter he said he was not a mason but did play golf. I asked him if he played golf with masons which was the cause of bemuse between him and Mr Hughes. He did not answer that question. He did say that I had no way of finding out whether or not he or anyone else was a mason anyway. I replied that there were ways of finding out whether a man was a mason or not. Mr Hughes left the court before I appeared before Judge Wood. I have indicated that as police do appear to be dragging their heels, and there may be a good reason for doing that, then it may be necessary for me to assemble a media circus for me to carry out citizens arrests on those I have named in regard to corruption to police. I have provided evidence to them to back up my allegations of the corruption that has been used against me in the civil court proceedings. Those proceedings allowed the engineering of a bankruptcy order against me. Counsel and Mr Hughes advised against me against carrying out any arrests. Despite promptings by Counsel representing me this morning not to say anything in court other than "not guilty", I did protest to judge Woods that he had made an order which prevented me from having any contact with Carr. I told the judge that on past experience Carr would use that order to best advantage to try to make me breach it. I also told the judge that there was the matter of  Carr's use of perjury which she used during the civil proceedings. Counsel representing me appeared less than happy that I had made those statements to judge Wood and turned around and was shaking his head at me. I demanded that all evidence to show that Carr and Spedding had used perjury against me has to be shown to the jury and the court.

I raised the matter with counsel and Mr Hughes of the fact that my original conviction for alleged harassment of Miss Carr may have been a mistrial. That was due to the fact that proceedings at Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court in November of last year may have been influenced by reason of my allegations of illegal proceedings having taken place there some thirteen years ago. The Clerk to the Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court, Mr Bavidge, was involved in that matter and a Mr William Moseley ( a mason) was also involved in it as well.  Both are still practicing at that court. I have already published some facts surrounding those illegal proceedings here on my web pages. Counsel representing me said that the appeal against the conviction would in effect be a new trial anyway. I pointed out to him and Mr Hughes that if it was a mistrial then things would have to go back to the first stage again which would be of assistance to me. There was no reply to that.

This afternoon (13-09-99) I made a further two telephone calls in an attempt to contact acting D.I. Steve Coxon. again with the same assurances that police would have him contact me which he has failed to do.. I made two visits to the Houghton-le-Spring Police Station this afternoon as well, but acting D.I. Coxon has still failed to contact me. What am I to think? Misconduct in Public Office by reason of nonfeasance ( none action) still remains a criminal offence. No one holding public office is exempt from that law. I had expressed my concern to Mr Hughes and counsel this morning that during my interview with D.I Coxon and another police officer on June 30 1999, in which Mr Hughes was in attendance, I had not been required to place my signature to any of the statements that I made. It has been said by some that by failing to do this, it may be that my allegations cannot be regarded as being formal. I too have concerns regarding this, especially in the light that no action has yet been taken on the allegations I made to acting DI Coxon, despite very substantial evidence having now been made available for his use.

I have also been subject within these past two weeks of a failed attempt to blackmail me. The person who has attempted that is now in very  much more serious trouble than previous to this attempt, and had already  been held to be in contempt of court. More on this matter later as and when the need might arise to give further details regarding it.


(Latest information as of  September 13 is at the end of this page.)

On Monday August 23 1999 I supplied substantial evidence of the use of perjury, fraud, and actions to pervert the course of justice to Houghton-le-Spring Police for the use of the acting Detective Inspector who is leading the investigations into my allegations. All of the evidence, which was fully listed, was duly signed for by the officer who took receipt of it. Also contained in the pack was a letter to the Detective Inspector requesting that in the light of the evidence of which I have supplied to him, I now expect some early arrests to be made. I  also included in my letter to the Inspector, the date of when unlawful proceedings took place at Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court in 1986. The Inspector had earlier said he would start his investigation from that time. I was concerned though when I telephoned him two weeks ago to learn that he had not been able to find the date of those proceedings. Had he contacted me sometime after June 30, when we had our meeting, with my solicitor in attendance, I would have been able to supply that information to him which would have allowed his investigations to have proceeded further than they are at the present time. On information which I have just received, I do believe that there is now a case for possible high treason against at least one of the persons who has acted corruptly. I briefly discussed that with the Inspector.

My appeal at the Durham Crown Court for alleged harassment of my civil opponent has been taken out of the listing. The Crown Prosecution Service had applied for that after they said some of their witnesses could not appear on that day. It seems that the court say they had previously been made aware of that but had made an error when the case came up for listing? I will be happy to see the prosecution witnesses again because there is now more considerable evidence available to show that they do require a more thorough cross examination than barrister Harle subjected them to at Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court last November. I saw Mr Harle two weeks ago at Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court and he then made a very hasty retreat down the corridor. Maybe the man has a conscience after all?

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