Below is a copy  of the second of two letters dated February 16 1988 that criminal solicitor Paul Graney sent to my late father William Kellett. In reply to this letter my father sent Graney a copy of  his statutory declaration he had sworn in 1987 relative to the alleyway land. It is further evidence of  the perjury he swore in the Statutory Declaration he swore on April 26 1988 saying that since 10th December 1982 no one had questioned the Green's alleged occupation of the alleyway land.  By reason that on February 8 1988 criminal Carr became the applicant for drainage proposals to No 16 The Lyons even though Green's were not to sell that property to her until August 26 1988. Criminal Carr's subsequent deception that followed, suggest that she was orchestrating things right from at least as far back from  before February 8 1988.

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