Below is a copy of a letter (one of two) criminal solicitor Paul Graney wrote to my late father on February 12 1988. It was part of the proof that Graney had sworn perjury in the statutory declaration he had sworn on April 26 1988. Probably Graney believed that my father had not retained these letters at the time he swore his perjury on April 26 1988? This evidence was also placed before criminal Spedding who again claimed he had not looked at it. It has also been provided to Northumbria Police headed by mason Chief Constable Strachan. Instead of doing their duty, and arresting the criminals, Strachan and his loyal band of senior mason police officers have persecuted and tortured me.

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The whole of this evidence was produced to Detective Sergeant McGann and Detective Constable Storey at Houghton-le-Spring Police Station. McGann claimed that perjury was not a police matter. My wife was also in attendance when he made this statement. All of this evidence was also supplied to the office of the Legal Services Ombudsman AnnAbraham. Her office has ignored it. Previously the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors were also supplied with it. It seem that it had gone missing from their offices. See the Ombudsman's report. It is clear that that her office, just like the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors is not working in the public interest but in the interest of the many criminal solicitors. Graney has now been struck from the Register of Solicitors though it seems not because of the perjury he swore in his statutory declaration that was used against me.