When criminal solicitor Paul Graney was shown evidence of the material perjury he had sworn on April 26 1988 he agreed to swear the affidavit copied below. Criminal Spedding also had four copies of this placed before him as well. But true to Masonic Judicial Mafia tactics, he would again seem to suggest that he had not seen it either. Notice that criminal Graney alleged the information had been given to him by the Green's but it was he who was acting for the Green's in the dispute over the alleyway land only shortly before he swore his perjury contained within his statutory declaration of April 26 1988. Graney still remains under the protection of the mason lead Nortnumbria Police Force and Judicial Masonic Mafia. I and my wife had approached detective Sergeant McGann and Detective constable Storey at Houghton-le-Spring Police Station before we made an approach to Graney with the evidence we had to show his perjury. McGann and Storey told us that perjury was not a police matter. In December 1998, Chief Dectective Superintendent Atkinson also told me that perjury was not a police matter. When I asked Atkinson if he was a mason , he replied that as he was not required to give that information so would not answer that question.

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