Below is a copy of the statutory declaration sworn by solicitor Paul Graney on April 26 1988.. The very material perjury is his statement, " since the 10th December 1982 no one has questioned their occupation thereof."  Between February and March of 1988 Graney had been responsible for the preparation of stututory declarations sworn by Robert William Green and Frederick Seadon. Both of these were for use in the application for a caution against first registration on the alleyway land subject of dispute between Carr and I. I point out here that Graney had written my late father William Kellett two letters dated February 12 1988 and February 16 1988. Both letters were in regard to the dispute relative to the alleyway land. My father had supplied a statutory declaration sworn in 1987 which was the basis of his title. Had it not been for criminal judges who I have named herein, and Graney's criminal acts, the statutory declaration my father suplied to criminal Graney should have been the end of that matter. Instead there commenced a clear conspiracy to defraud both my late father and I out of the alleyway land of which was lawfully ours. On February 8 1988 Carr became the applicant to the Sunderland Civic Centre for drainage proposals to Green's property 16 The Lyons (evidence copied herein). She spent over two thousand pounds for the work to be carried out under those proposals despite the fact she and a former resident partner Mr T. McCabe, were not to purchase No. 16 until August 26 1988. Shortly after that there then came a string of statutory declarations relative to lodging a caution on the alleyway land of which my father and I had lawful title. Criminal  solicitor Graney's was the last of the three to be sworn and was the most material of the three by his swearing of  a perjured statement  that no one had questioned Green's occupation of our land. Facts suggest no other than it was Carr who was the driving force behind this corruption. Why would the Green's want to lodge a caution on the alleyway land when it was clear at that time they were selling No. 16 to criminal Carr? On 26 August 1988 Green' did not convey any alleged interest they might have claimed they had, to criminal Carr when she then purchased No, 16 The Lyons with her former man friend Mr T. McCabe.

Criminal Carr and Graney, have and continue to be protected by Masonic Mafia Northumbria Policemen and judges who had included criminal former recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding. This statutory declaration along with the evidence to show that criminal Graney had committed perjury was placed before Spedding in quadruple. He alleged that he had not seen it. The Masonic Judicilal Mafia and those they influence will do anything to see that their victim suffers.

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